Character assassination of "nccg_concern" as written by NCCG's leader, Christopher C. Warren


I'm the creator of this "nccg_concern" web site, and have researched the NCCG group in depth. I first started this web site in December of 2005, after 6 months of research had already been done. At that time, even though my research had not yet been completed, I knew enough to be able to reasonably conclude that NCCG was was "potentially unsafe". My web site at the time reflected this perspective. Around the middle of 2006, this view changed to from "potentially unsafe" to "destructive" because of this cult's use of paranoia, and the use of mind-altering techniques plus undue influence against certain demographics of members (see fastfacts.html for more details about this). My web site was updated to detail this final understanding.

Christopher Warren was seen to express a great desire for the material in fastfacts.html to not be made public, and after fastfacts.html was added, more character assassinations followed, both of me and of others. The inclusion of a Swedish-language version of fastfacts.html had this effect as well, and this author has the impression that character assassinations are often written due to Christopher C. Warren becoming angry.

He was steadily character assassinating me in his message boards for much of the time my site has existed. Additionally, statements similar to the ones within the character assassinations have been included throughout his writing about other topics as well, such as a false "prophecy".

At the time of this writing, Christopher C. Warren has no idea who I am, and has no personal or background information about me.

Around the week of August 13, 2006, he removed all of the material about me from his message boards, and began development of a separate web site intended to attack me (and this web site's contents). That site finally went live on September 3, 2006.

The content included below is shown below are in cronological order. It gets more aggressive toward the end, and contains both character assassinations and material that resembles them.

Character Assassination(s):

From:, "NCCG Critics" message board, "Updates on they keep sneaking in" thread

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 5/11/2006 6:25 PM
Mr. Mole, Mr. Hacker and his friend at nccg_concern (assuming they are not one and the same) are getting more vocal as well as more clumsy. See:
Whoever he/they are, they seem to be devoting their life to this, has made lots more mistakes, and has suddenly become 'Mr. Nice Man' - he was much more 'sophisticated'  and 'benign' in the beginning. One thing I am quite sure of is that he will trip over his own feet eventually and expose himself/themselves. We know without a shadow of a doubt we are being hacked, that information is leaking through from hacked private material to nccg_concern, and whether nccg_concern is the hacker himself or not (I have never said he was, incidentally), there is no doubt he is in cahoots with criminals (ignorantly or deliberately, I have no idea). And as to whether he is a satanist ot not is also unknown to me, but I have no doubt whatsoever that he is receiving information either from satanists or their sympathisers who we have known for years have been hacking our Yahoo and MSN accounts. He can call me paranoid if he wants but the fact is I am not ignorant of his methods or psychological devices. His self-defence postures are pathetic:
"This web site author has never had the ability to monitor the internet connection at the group's compound." "Also, this web site author has never "doctored" information obtained through research nor fabricated research information, is not associated with Rick Ross"
I mean, come on, we're not kindergarden kids. So long as he is secretive, doesn't say who he is, what he believes in, and refuses to tell us what he is REALLY about, he can hardly be very credible. Certainly a court of law would throw out such a 'witness'. And his "mole" is in DFD dishonestly, so his slate is far from 'clean'. If he had wanted to find out information, he could have asked everyone instead of assuming by default that we were a 'cult'. I hope he lives in France one day and finds himself up against the law, then he'll know what it feels like to be guilty until proven innocent.
The group of postings in Rick Ross' 'benign' organisation contains the names of at least one familiar person from California who comes from a KKK (Klu Klux Klan) and Fundamentalist Mormon background:
who briefly married a former member who went his own way after deciding that he still believed in some Mormon tenets which we rejected.
The style of some of the posters here is similar to others who posted in a now defunct Yahoo group a couple of years ago which was disbanded because those accusing me of "hurting" them were all giving contradictory accounts. We exposed some of the false witnesses in there quite accidentally, actually, when a friend of mine joined the group and was viciously accused of impersonating me. I think the source of real paranoia is obvious.
Anyway, I am posting all  their material here in this board so that people can see we are not intimidated but the wheelings and dealings of these people. We know the truth and the truth will overturn them and reveal their true motives in the end.
I feel sorry for them.

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 5/12/2006 12:02 PM
Actually we have had a lot of amusement of out this man's nonsense even though it actually isn't so funny when you realise what he is doing. Deeep down, of course, it hurts when your integrity is attacked, especially when your attacker remains hidden and will not enter into cilivilzed dialogue. His excuses for remaining hidden are just rubbish. Even some of our severest critics from the past have admitted publically that we are not about to physically attack anyone, that we are gentle and pacifists. We follow the injuction to love our enemies and to pray for those whod espitefully use us. The man needs to own up as to who he is, what he believes, and make himself accountable. When you try to make someone else accountable for their actions but refuse to be treated by the same standard that you expect of others, that is called in anyone's book plain, simple hypocrisy and cowardice. Moreover, the Rich Ross group falls for the same trap that all 'anti' groups fall for, namely, they accept uncritically all criticism from anonymous persons without any kind of vetting system for honesty and credibility. Realistically, they don't have the time - however, if you're going to devote your life to pulling people down, then you must submit to some kind of testing yourself and open yourself up to full scrutiny, and must prove that your methods are honourable and truthful.
Bad-mouthing and character-assassination are notoriously easy. We read stories i the newspapers all the time. As a retired school teacher, my colleagues and I used to hurt for those dedicated teachers who were accused of misconduct, go through hell while they were put through the public gaze, and then - after months of harrassment and false accustion finally be acquitted. But by this time their lives were wrecks, people still believed the lies and rumours ever after the courts vindicated them, and most never returned to the teaching profession again because no one would trust them. Their enemies knew - assuming there was a conspiracy (sometimes it's just paranoid parents or members of the public obsessed with political correctness who go overboard) - that even if their victims are acquitted, the stigma by assoaciation still remains to haunt long afterwards.
The lives of weaker people are destroyed by such things. However, we who lean not on the arm of flesh but on our Messiah, who have His strength behind us, and the loyal support of good brothers and sisters, do not bow to such methods so easily. And having been through this kind of slander, villification, and false accustion before, we have become tough. But it is not easy for new people and especially young people who are the targets of such activity. Moreover, it's not all 'satanists' who get sucked up into this kind of immorality but often well-meaning people who have personal issues of their own and don't know what they are doing.
We live in a paranoid society who love to blame-shift. I remember in my last school our gymnastics teacher lived in perpetual fear that if she were to accidentally touch a pupil or support a pupil in some gymnastic position she might get accused of being a child molester. And of course, the men are more likely to be accused that the women. The fault lies with society itself which has accepted the kind of liberalism that allows for the mushrooming of perversion. Perverts could fear for their lives before and were restrained by the courts. Pedophiles faced the death penality, adulterers and fornicators stiff penalties, and perjury was still regarded as anathema. Not so today. Today's moral relativism has bread this unholy atmosphere where everyone has to live in paranoid fear that they might suddenly become the victim of some poltically correct zealot looking for opportunity to accuse both the innocent and guilty. Society's choice for liberalism has bred it's own tyrrany.
Why does our accuser hide himself if not because he is paranoid about his own safety? When I was younger honest men and women spoke their minds without fear and risked the consequences. Not so today. Today a back-stabbing mentality prevails without anyone taking responsibility. And when people do get hurt - as they inevitably must do in such an environment - they must learn that they bear part of the blame for their lack of openness and honesty. To claim you have been 'hurt' by someone doesn't mean that another person has hurt you per se - people get hurt' for all sort of imaginary reasons. A modicum of psychology will show you that. So when people come onto Rick Ross's group and say they have been 'hurt' by me there are always at least four possible origins of that 'hurt':
1. I actually hurt them through some malicious and dishonest conduct;
2. I 'hurt' them by telling them the truth about themselves which they didn't want to hear;
3. They lied and are simply false witnesses;
4. They were guilty of some malicious or dishonest practice against me and simply refused to admit responsibility and blame-shifted, and psycho-somatically acted out the hurt until it became real to them.
Now an honest investigative ministry would insist on properly checking out motives, at best a difficult task and often impossible because the deliberate liars will always seek to actively remain concealed. That is why in Torah accusers were always expected to present themselves physically within a community where they were well known where living witnesses could testify as to their integrity or lack of it. Morever, the accusations should be to the one accused in full opennness.
Now none of these safeguards is actually maintained by the Rick Ross group. Everything is shrouded in secrecy, there are no proper accountability structures other than, we suppose, a cabal of those who share the same life philosophy (hence Ross' universal categorisation of all Messianic Jews as 'cultic') which is never identified.
The other day my family were having a laugh at the antics of these so called 'paragons of virtue' as we listed all the 'cultic' qualities of Yah'shua and the apostles using their criteria. (It wouldn't surprise me if they actually regarded Yah'shua as a cultist but dare not admit it for fear of losing their Christian supporters). I mean the man was 'paranoid' (calling respecatble religious leaders 'vipers'), he spoke very 'strangely' (about eating his flesh and blood), he was violent and should be kept far away from (disrupting business in the Temple by throwing stuff around in a fir of rage), he was likely quite mad (cursing a fig tree), a thief (stealing somone one's ass), and much besides.
You see, it is possible to look at anyone anyway you want to given a little bias and prejudice. Really, to be fait, we should be allowed to go through Rick Ross' and nccg_concern's, Mr, Mole's and Mr. Hackers lives with a comb, don't you? I mean, fair's fair. I wonder what we'd find? I guarantee it would be very interesting indeed. In fact, I would wager that all of them would be found wanting and that the accusation of hypocrisy would fall easily from a carefully scrutinising public.
The difference between me and them is that I publish my life for all to see. Apart from my bedroom and close family life, which as I have said is no one's business, everything is an open book. My history, my beliefs, my education, my history, my qualifications - all is paraded. It's all on our websites, including hobbies, interests, sports, etc.. I even publish the hostile things written about us, even the most malicious ones, so that people can know that we are not afraid of the truth and that everyone can honestly investigate and ask whatever they want. People who take the time to get to know us know what kind of morality we pursue. I have even invited enemies to my home to comer and see the truth for themselves (at least the non-murdering variety). I offer them the opportunity to debate in public following some basic rules of decency but nearly all of them refuse. Why? Isn't it obvious? It is because they are DISHONEST MEN AND WOMEN.
I believe I have a moral right to claim that any critic attacking me should be equally as open or simply back off and look to his own soul and accountability to Yahweh.
We now jokingly call our barn the "Rickh Ross Interrogation Center". We do noit take these people seriously any more. We know their dishonest methods, their paranoia and the vaccuousness of their belief system. It's plain to see. I challenge them to come clean and allow themselves to be examined in as much microscopic detail as they are attempting (rather badly) to do with us. We see through their pretenses, their false humility and benificence to the world. It is plain that there is a grudge or some kind of an agenda. People are suffering because of them and they are ultimately accountable for aiding and abetting that. Yahweh will not hold them guiltless.

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 6/4/2006 9:16 PM
It seems that Mr. Concern has not only gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to get his tabloid website translated into Swedish but has even been in contact with the local newspapers to stir them up. Why would a person go to such lengths? Just what are his motives? Why is he so concerned about a small, simple group of harmelss, peace-loving Christians who have good relations with the local community, don't pester people, and evangelise in a way so as not to bother anyone who does not want to know our beliefs? We respect the quiet, non-obtrusive way of life of our host country, we don't go knocking on doors or evangelising on the streets (though we do so in other countries where this is more common), and simply let people find us through the internet or through personal contact.  For Mr.Concern to go to all this trouble over such a few people who respect free speech, encourage dialogue and discussion between people of different beliefs, honour democracy and expect mutual accountability, is not normal behaviour - it is quite simply pathological behaviour. It may be normal to behave in such a whacky way in the United States but not here in Sweden which is a pluralistic society not accustomed to the kind of slick propaganda, media hype and spin that characterises the background of Mr.Concern and his ilk. To put it in succinctly, old Mr. "Cult" Concern has got a grudge of some sort and is just venting but in a way that is irresponsible and lacking accountability. He is too much of a coward to even say who he is, resorts to ad hominem personal attacks and generally behaves like a sulking little boy who has been sent to bed because he smashed up the crockery when told to eat up his dinner.
One person who has recently been through the "cult deprogrammers" came and visited us and though he was very suspicious of us at first satisfied himself that we were not a cult as we fulfilled none of the criteria he had been taught. Doubtless others who have been subjected to similar indignities who visit us will arrive at the same conclusion. Meanwhile life continues normally here, people come and go as they want and as they always have done. for fellowship and praise.
As for Mr.Concern I have only this to say to him now: Yah'shua says this to you - your time is coming to an end and you have taken this far enough.

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 6/4/2006 10:11 PM
So that our readers can be satisfied about the criminal activities of  "Mr.'Cult' Concern" one of our current Swedish visitors here (whom I will call 'Anders') had his email account hacked into and was sent two emails sent from his own two different email accounts at Yahoo and Hotmail addresses containing warnings about NCCG and links to nccg_concern before he arrived. He was invited here by telephone by one of our members (who does not live at HQ) some weeks ago and we had no knowledge of his visit until hours before he arrived.
'Anders' actually checked us out with a 'Cult Watch' group some months before he visited us and arrived here, like the visitor in the previous post (though he was
'deprogrammed'), having carefully made his own investigations. Now that he has seen us and how we are, he has since apologised for entertaining doubts as to our integrity (though we told him none were required since we believe people have the right to carefully check us out). He is not a member of NCCG and belongs to another Christian Church.
Mr. 'Cult' Concern and/or his allies are dangerous criminals. Too afraid to be identified and made accountable, or have his credentials checked, he has either himself hacked into others' email accounts or employed others to do it for him. How, indeed, we need to ask ourselves, does this man know about the people visiting here in advance? Is he tapping our telephone conversations too? What sort of lengths is he actually going to? The man is either virulently malicious or mentally ill.
As I have said in previous posts, he will be exposed - he and his allies - for the truth will prevail. In a word, Yahweh wins and he loses.
If you would like to know how Mr. Concern and his allies like Rick Ross operate, see:
And whilst I have good reason that other forces are at work "behind" Ross, Concern and allies, I will only make mention here of their anonymous 'front man' (Concern) who has presumably been generously funded by someone to translate his defamatory website into Swedish.

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Sent: 6/4/2006 10:12 PM
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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 6/5/2006 2:47 PM
Identifiying nccg_concern and his allies
I mentioned in an earlier post that we are getting close to exposing nccg_concern and his/her allies.
About three years ago the group was infiltrated by a satanist who called herself 'Anna' and posed as a deliverance minister at DFD. Her attacks were subtle at first and she sounded like a genuine believer. She hacked into the MSN account of one our clients who went under the nic 'Charli' and even posted in her name (see first post below). We have dug up some of her old posts, two of which which are reproduced here, because we have discovered she is working with nccg_concern:
From: Charli  (Original Message) Sent: 21/08/2003 19:22
Hi all.....
Just wanted to say hello. Good to see another group discussing finding Freedom in Christ.
There are many people trapped in boundage and we as believers have an obligation to share with others the power of God to set them free.
I look forward to getting to know you all. Yahweh bless.
Peace and smiles......Charli

From: Anna  (Original Message) Sent: 12/12/2003 16:05
Hi All,
Just wanted to say hello. My name is Anna and I just recently came across your group. I am glad to be a part of it and look forward to fellowshipping and learning with you all.
I do have a little "Food for Thought". If Satan has already been disarmed, as the bible says - what then do you all believe the spiritual fight is about? I personally lean toward it being about removing scales from blinded eyes and exposing the lies of our enemy. I don't believe that is a complicated process, concerning Satan that. He is defeated, end of story; however dealing with past hurts and lies based on those past hurts does sometimes take some time.
Any thoughts?
God's Blessings,

I can confirm that she is back in our groups under a different nic and has been helping Mr.Concern. She is a satanist.
The net is closing in on nccg_concern and his allies. The truth will out.

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 6/5/2006 4:25 PM
We have now discovered Mr.Concern is a non-believer and anti-Christian like the Rick Ross Institute (so-called) whose goal is to 'deprogram' Christians who do not belong to the larger groups who have more economic and political clout (like the Mormons whom Ross & Co. do not classify as a cult - apparently Ross underestimated the Scientologists who were a bit 'bigger' than he thought when they sued him an a cult 'deprogramming' group for kidnapping and won). We also know that there is a group of people working on his website, including the satanist 'Anna' (mentioned in the last post), a man whom I will just call Z for now (we know who he is), a 'believer', who is venting because his pride was upset when we threw him off a group for demeaning women (he is an aspirant polygamist who was planning to 'buy' himself a second wife from a Militia Group in the USA) and who is responsible for the 'anaylsis' and 'critique' of the Olive Branch and possibly the last personal diatribe on Mr.Concern's website, and possible one or two other people.
As I promised, the whole truth will out. More will be coming including the full identity of Mr.Concern, his hacking aids, and the other criminal riff-raff of his motley crew. As you will see, he is a Rick Ross look-alike, and if he doesn't have a criminal record, the chances are if he continues in this vein that he will soon have one.

Exerpt from:, "NCCG Critics" message board, "NCCG Response to a Swedish Newspaper" thread dated 6/6/2006

9. To begin with, though he denies it, Mr.Concern belongs to an financially opportunistic 'profession', without any kind of credentials, which has been thoroughly discredited in the United States. His agenda, far from being altruistic, is anti-Christian and especially anti-minority religious groups. And whilst many of the groups who are investigated by such 'cult watchers' are truly cults in the broadest definition of the term, many are not, and are merely 'investigated' for financial gain or other agendas. Mr. Concern maintains a discussion board on NCCG at the 'Rick Ross Institute', a man regarded as the foremost 'cult deprogrammer' in the world but who is a well known criminal. He has been found guilty in the United States of embezzlement, fraud, kidnapping, and the violation of human rights, and by his own testimony, remains unrepentant of these misdemeanours. Victims of his kidnappings and 'deprogrammings' have been given awards of millions of US dollars, and one 'deprogramming' organisation was sued for criminal activity and went bankrupt. You should be aware that this is the kind of 'company' that Mr. Concern keeps.

This is the aforementioned false prophecy. It is from, "NCCG Critics" message board, "What The Enemy is Currently Doing - The Nature of the Second Wave Revealed" thread. It has included a few elements which were first raised within the earlier character assassinations. It was dated June 28, 2006

What The Enemy is Currently Doing

The Nature of the Second Wave Revealed

The following is by way of prophetic information revealed to us by Yahweh to prepare our people for what is coming.

They are writing detailed profiles on each and every member of MLT/NCCG based on what they can cull from the website, the posts here, sermons and email/IMs that they have been hacking into. They are indeed going to a great deal of trouble to try and discredit such a tiny group (I wonder why? Answers available from Yahweh). They mean to publish a very detailed character profile of each and every one of us, moulded in the image they wish to create, twisting the information (and misinformation) in the usual way, with a view to destroying us. The result is, however, that they will be destroyed themselves. In a sentence: what they wish to happen to us, will happen to them, and our ministry will simply be strengthened and enlarged. Little do they realise that they are doing Yahweh's work. But as Yah'shua said, stumblings will come, but woe unto them that cause stumblings.

So sometime in the near future - probably at Mr. Concern's site but also probably elsewhere too - they mean to extend their so-called "exposé" into what they claim to be minute detail character studies. Expect to find a very detailed profile of the existing leadership, and of the leaders to come with a lot of psycho-babble. The intent of these profiles will be defammatory, like the newspaper article, and not at all in the interests of truth. Expect to find very loaded terms and deliberately misleading labels like 'cult propagandist' applied to one of our people. The aim is to make us appear unstable, paraonoid, cultic, delusional - you name it, they will come up with it. In short, total character assassination.

They believe they are going for the metaphorical 'jugular vein' but as Yahweh has already stated, it is going to backfire on them. And very badly at that. Yahweh and Torah are our judge, and not these deluded people who are spending so much time on us - and for what purpose? Why not use their resources on the real cults out there, of which there are thousands.

Only those who know their Bibles will understand why. Many will fall away as a result of this but far more will be coming when they see the mighty hand of Yahweh at work.

28 June 2006

From:, "NCCG Critics" message board, "Will the True Mr. Concern Stand up" thread

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 7/20/2006 12:39 PM
Mr. Concern has no self-declared morals and as an atheist-on-a-mission to 'rescue people from religion' (the 'opium of the people', no doubt) wouldn't care about Yah'shua's words anyway. His comrade-in-arms (Ross & Co.)  is more than willing to kidnap people, brainwash and force them to recant their beliefs by force so he is guilty by association, his distancing techniques notwithstanding. This is a man not interested in the truth or people, like Ross himself, who, when psychoalysed, revealed disconnectedness from people's feelings.
For one, he has happily recruited as one of the contributors of his site a polygamy-hopeful man associated with 'Christian' militias (who are prepared to insurrect violently against the government, who don't register their children's births, etc.) who has boasted in front of many people, as well as leaving a written record of the same, of his intention to purchase (with money - he stated the 'price' which these women's father was selling his daughters for) a few extra women for himself from said militias. We have had his tearful wife, whose feelings he has trampled all over, coming to us for ministry and help. When we told him that his conduct was reprehensible, along with his demeaning attitude towards women, he left our association in high dudgeon breathing threatenings of revenge, insisting that his wife could either accept his intention to force new wives on her, or leave, even when she was pregnant!
This ministry does not recruit for polygamy wannebees - we merely want people informed of the biblical teachings so that they can be prepared for it when Yah'shua returns. We believe it will be the majority practice for Israel but not the world (which we believe will be monogamous) once a certain level of spirituality has been attained. We accept polygamous groups coming from cultures where it is practiced and normative (such as Africa) and the occasional family from other cultures where it is plain that all the parties involved want it and love it, and no one has been coerced against their will. We are totally against the spirit behind the so called 'Christian polygamy movement' which is fuelled by men's lust and power drives. Mr. Concern's co-writer is one such man. It was our total rejection of his spirit that caused him to turn against us and give Mr. Concern his 'objective' fuel.
I could give information on the others who are 'stirring his pot' but I only refrain from doing so because there are confidences involved. Unlike Mr.'Concern' (what an oxymoron) I do have principles. What's ironic is the paranoia he accuses me of he has himself fuelled in others who have complained as a result of his misrepresentations. But I doubt he has a conscience or could care less because he has an atheistic anti-religious agenda.
A time will, however, be coming when may well expose Mr. Concern's 'informants' but not until he has enough metaphorical rope to hang himself with, unless he chooses to do the honourable thing and repent, and our clients agree. Not that I think we need to and I would personally rather that they came to a knowledge of the truth and found freedom - that goes for Mr.Concern himself too.
We in any case leave this matter in Yahweh's hands and get on with life. There will always be people who are waylaid by deliberate scare-stories, which are then propagated around the net by cyber gossip and sensationalist journalists only interested in making a scoop; there will always be those who don't want to know the truth (because then they become responsible for the conduct of their lives, and most don't want to be), and there will be those driven by dark urges who just want a kick out of rubbishing people. We have to live with lies and malicious intent because these things will always be in the world. Those who want to find out the truth can, the rest must believe what they want.

From:, "NCCG Critics" message board, "Will the True Mr. Concern Stand up" thread. This character assassination is based upon material that is actually related to someone else, "Bluewater2" from the message board, not to me.

On June 3, a user of the message board named "Bluewater2" made a post that quoted something I had written elsewhere. His post looked like this:

Posted on Saturday, June 03, 2006 - 4:35 pm:    Edit PostDelete Post Print Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I found this about them. The cult's primary web site is visible at The public report I made about the cult can be viewed at .

Someone showed this to Warren, and he came to the conclusion that "Bluewater2" was actually me. In the NCCGCyberCommunity message board that evening, I watched as Chris became aware of and then discounted serious evidence to the contrary, in the form of a MUCH earlier dated thread (March, 2006, link here) in another message board. This was a thread in which Bluewater2 and I had a brief interaction while using our respective usernames.

I watched as Chris based this conclusion solely on an inference about one line of text that Bluewater2 had pasted into the Factnet message board (June 3, 2006) which happened to be written in first person. The leading sentence of Bluewater2's post even indicated that the text could be a quotation, but oh well. NCCG members were posting traceroutes trying to figure out where this person lives, and so on. After a while of reading Bluewater2's Factnet message board posts, an NCCG member voiced that bluewater2 was not looking like me after all. Chris was not listening, however, and seemed to be gearing up for... a character assassination.

While all of that was happening, part of me felt like posting into their thread, saying "guys, thats NOT me." If it had been a public, anonymous type board, I probably would have done it (Why? I don't know, I just don't like to see stuff like that go down when I can toss in a word or two and set something straight). But to do that would have blown a completely usable login for that message board, so I didn't do it.

In retrospect, it was best that I had not interrupted what was happening. The reason why didn't occur to me until after it had all transpired. The next day, Christopher Warren would have awakened from a presumably restful and invigorating sleep, and having slept on it and thought over what he wanted to do, he would get to take action. Now that he thought he had finally identified "nccg_concern", and even had his IP address, what would he do?

The answer: He posted the most nonsensical character assassination I have seen him post yet. The attack was principally against Bluewater2, picking through some of his posts on that message board to get some stuff to talk about, with all of the fantasies he has about me intertwined within it. The resulting piece of writing was ... stupid. It was Bluewater2 and me and Rick Ross stuck together like a three-headed monster, with fantasies about Rick and I interjected into the mess, and Chris working hard to beat the crap out of Bluewater2 at the same time. I feel like I should MS Paint a picture of this hideous monster sometime.

The post has remained in place for at least 2 days (this is being written on the second day). Some non-Chris-authored posts are disappearing from the thread, presumably being deleted by their author. I don't blame him.

Research-wise, this is good stuff. I had deduced that one of Chris' primary reasons for wanting to identify me (and my religious beliefs) was so that he could base a large character assassination on whatever he could find + his imagination, and this was shown to be correct. With these trends the way they are, it seems likely that this has been one of his methods of operation for a good while now.

Imagination != insight, and imagination != intelligence, either.

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You know, considering his penchant for talking to himself on the same board using two different nics, his hatred of Messianic Judaism, the fact that he has a Jewish girlfriend, is leading me to suspect that both nccg_concern and bluewater2 are just internet personas of Rick Ross himself. (And before he accuses me of being anti-semitic - which I am sure he'd love to - I have nothing against Jews or any race - just certain of them who are gifted at hating). I can't prove anything yet but I am seeing definite patterns of personality resemblance. His patronising of pagan groups  (as an atheist) leads me to suspect that he is desperate for some support (or is a closet pagan), and of course they are more than willing to mock and disparage Christians of every stripe and bolster his ego a bit. Whatever concern's/bluewater2's/Ross'? belief about "love" - he makes personal claims for that in his anti-Christian diatribe in message #1, says on his nccg_concern site that he has "nothing against Christians", says he is willing to talk and help misguided Christians and won't rave and rant like they do in message #12, etc., etc. - he certainly has a strange way of showing "love" to those whom he feels threatened by. He's never tried to 'lovingly' recruit me to his wonderful world view but that's probably because he thinks I should be electrocuted like the other untermenschen who threaten his utopian dream. Either he's Jewish or trying to curry favour with Jews who loathe Messianic Jews for "stealing" their culture or "Christians" (nazis) for murdering them (note: I have no love for nazis but I certainly believe the Germans have been maligned and victimised). He comes across as very emotionally immature, neurotic and with very twisted motives for doing things. He's proven himself dishonest. And the more he publishes and reveals himself and his true feelings, the more rope he makes to hang himself with, as I have said. Needless to say his great "concern" for people nowhere leads him to try and persuade them of a better lifestyle that is logical and coherent. He has shown himself to be a liar - saying one thing in one place and another else where - he imitates Christian practive by being willing to "give an ear" to someone whom he feels is no threat to his narrow and (if I may say so) bitter worldview (because the Christian in question is probably bitter like himself - I donæt give carte blanche to all Christians as he seems to to atheists and pagans). For all his attempts at composure in his academic writing, he can barely conceal the angry and lost child within who strikes out at the scapegoat enemy (a bit like the nazis swiping at the Jews, only this time its Christians who are the scapegoats) - religion, but especially Christian religion (he dare say wouldn't dare take on fundamentalist Islam), and one (like myself) who incarnates all that he rages against within. Since he will get flattened for attacking the larger groups like the RCC or Mormonism (because of political and financial clout), he bites off only what he thinks he can chew - the small Christian groups. And to give himself legitimacy, he finds a genuine cult here or there, bashes them (though I have yet to see a website like nccg_concern that he has created in which he has actually "exposed" anyone before - my guess is we're the first ... and I don't mean the odd post in a couple of groups), gets the plaudits of those who can see for themselves is a cult, and thereby recruits credibility in his wider war against Christianity. In fact I'd like to see any othjer websites he has crfeated in his valiant crusade against the cults. Or are we the only one? And if so, why? The more I read of him, the more I see in him a crusade of hate, not scientific or humanistic philanthropy.
Unlike Concern/bluewater2/Ross? we attack false religion too. I see no attacks by him on the record of "false atheism" (assuming he believes in such a thing) such as communism, fascism, etc. (unless he is one, of course - they're pretty much alike). Ironically, the one "church" who has bloodied his/Ross'? nose - the Scientologists - are about as close to his 'non-religious' system as he could dream of. His belief system, as revealed online for people to scrutinise, is pretty vague. He seems to understand that a moving target is hard to hit so he says contradictory things about the same thing, exploiting confusion to his advantage like a good Illuminati propagandist (I wager this sentence will appear on his site  as an example of my "paranoia" lol). About the only thing he dares wager on is evolution which is pretty easy to dismantle (speaking as a scientist here who has apparently "ceased learning" [message #1] as a Christian according to him ... I wonder what he is? What he's qualified in? I don't suppose he'll ever tell us and will always offer his usual pathetic excuse for his secrecy - namely fear of my Maffia hit-squad  ... whence the paranoia one wonders?). For "free thinking" materials on evolution, see our Science page at Let's see if His basis for rationality is "scientific" - I challenge him to answer my article at which shows that he is as religious as the next man, only that his religion is atheism. ACtually I think he's far more religious than I am because I believe my faith has more of a rational foundation than his - much more.
And I wonder how many of the Christians who approvingly quote him or respond to him know just what Concern believes about junkie Christians? ... because he courts them with one hand and rubbishes them with the other which, if I am not mistaken, is what antichrist does, doesn't he? (10:1 he'll quote this and claim I think he's the antichrist ).
Let's see some more of your writings, Concern/bluewater/Ross? The more you write the more you tell us about yoruself which you are so desperate to keep hidden, even though you're willing to hypocritically trash people in public from the comfort zone of your own black hole. And I reiterate, you will be exposed because this Christian doesn't stand idly by and give authority to quacks like you. And what I cannot do, One who is greater than both of us definitely will.

Around the week of August 13 (not long after the incident in which Warren mistook me for "Bluewater2"),  Warren removed the material from the web site that was about me and began developing material for a separate web site that would contain this kind of material. There were several days where the username for the new web site was reserved with Geocities but there was no web site configured, and then a placeholder page was put up. This placeholder site persisted for several weeks. A screenshot of the placeholder index page that was visible during that time is shown below:

Warren finally put the material on the internet on September 3, 2006. Screenshot currently looks like this:

The material on the site was written by Warren and NCCG members/associates and is roughly modeled after the physical layout of the "nccg concern" web site. Like Warren's other planned writings, it is voluminous in nature and written in a style that can induce increased suggestibility through a hypnotic mechanism. The timing of the release of this web site suggests that it may be related to Warren's current difficulties with the Arvika Kommun (local Swedish government). In general, it is similar to the original forum statements, only in a greatly expanded format that is directed both at the "nccg concern" web site, in detail, as well as the same individuals as before ("nccg_concern", Rick Ross, "Z", etc).

If you view this site, using a proxy server such as is recommended.

During an initial review and archival of the site, I found it to contain some material that should be useful to increase the accuracy of my own "nccg concern" web site. My expectation regarding the principal effectiveness of this site is that it should be a powerful reenforcement for the deeply-involved NCCG members but is likely to be a turn-off for some others.