Character assassination of Derek Rumpler as written by NCCG's leader, Christopher C. Warren

(Death threat against Derek is at the end of the piece)


Derek Rumpler is a former cult member who was involved with NCCG from March, 2004 through September, 2006. He was a very involved "deliverance minister" for the cult who wrote a significant amount of doctrinal-type material for them, and was appointed the "USA Representative". He left NCCG in Fall, 2006, after the cult had a false prophecy about his health which, if he had followed the cult's directions, would have caused him to die due to a brain infection (this brain infection was operated upon and his life was saved in the nick of time). Derek has since been an ardent opponent of the cult, with a mind to share his experiences and insight into the cult which almost cost him his life. Some of Derek's efforts in this regard can be seen at and

Derek's name does not appear in the character assassination, but there is 100% certainty that he is the target.

This character assassination was put on the internet by Christopher C. Warren on February 16, 2007, as one of his "Sabbath Day Sermons". It's name was "Part 82: Your Enemies Will Perish: When Love Turns to Hate". The original public link for this text was "".

Character Assassination: (a few comments by nccg_concern are in red - just a few, its not necessary to go all the way through this)

Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon

Building Josephite Messianic Israel

Part 82: Your Enemies Will Perish: When Love Turns to Hate

Sabbath Day Sermon, Afternoon Service, Saturday 24 February 2007

By Christopher C. Warren

Note from nccg_concern: The below sections are probably a warm-up to help establish Warren as an authoritative Bible author for the readers, and put them in a receptive state of mind. Most of it is mild.

Brethren and sisters, I am standing before you here today - both before this little assembly in headquarters and before those in the world who will read or hear this sermon - to break a long silence concerning the events of the last three months which have shaken a lot of people. I speak, of course of the vigorous slander war that has been waged against us under the flag of an ex-member who has sworn in his rage that he will not cease until, to use his own words, we have been completely 'annihilated out of existence'.

I am quite sure a lot of people have wondered why I have said nothing in all this time and I have not the sligtest doubt that people have divided into three basic groupings - those who believe us, those who believe the slanderers, and those who don't know what to believe. That is the way people always divide when the accused remains silent, and even when he doesn't. People form radically different opinions based not so much on the information, or lack of information, at hand but on two things: (1) the way it is interpreted and presented by the detractors and (b) their personal belief system.

To the religious aristocracy of Yah'shua's day, Yah'shua was viewed as public enemy #1, even ahead of the occupying Roman power, because He threatened to expose the hypocrisy of their self-centred religion which placed them ahead of Yahweh as the judges of the people and nation. To those with open hearts and a love for Yahweh, Yah'shua was received as the long-awaited Messiah - a band of people that grew to be quite large initially and then progressively shrank as opposition mounted, as His teachings got meatier and meatier, and as He laid claim to more and more of their lives in the pursuit of holiness. Only after Yah'shua's apparent destruction on a cross and sudden reappearance in glory orders of magnitude greater than had been visible before, and Yahweh pour the Ruach out, did His followers explode in numbers, and His teaching spread across the entire face of the world. The rest - the undecided - represented the mob factor, ready to be swayed by anyone charismatic enough to ignite their feelings through persuasive or manipulative oratory.

We find the same kind of pattern in the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. There were the faithful followers of Moses - only two men out of that vast company remained true and faithful in a half a century of experiences, namely, Joshua and Caleb. Then there were the antagonists - those who continually grumbled, complained and wanted to get rid of Moses. Finally there was the great undecided mass of people who sometimes followed Moses and sometimes followed the detractors - a mass so without a solid foundation that not only did they continue to rebel time after time in spite of the most incredible demonstrations of Yahweh's power, but who in the end were allowed to perish in the wilderness because they were not worthy of the inheritance promised to them. The inheritance was instead given to their children.

As you look through the Bible and the history of Christianity you will always find the same pattern - a faithful few or tiny remnant, a rather larger group of angry and murderous antagonists (few of these ever repent - Paul is one exception), and the vast mass of the undecided who go one way one minute and the other way the next. That vast mass - the undecided - have as their mission in life, as it were, to choose one way or the other - to go the way of the faithful or of their adversaries. And no matter what situation you are born into, and no matter whether the choice is between total purity or total filthiness, or between greater purity and lesser purity, there is a choice for everyone to make all the time - many choices in fact - throughout life. As one makes right choices at each stage, so the choices that follow get starker and starker, harder and harder, more and more challenging, striking down to the fibre of ones soul, because the contrast is greater, the gap wider, as we come to see what we are really made of.

Those who make wrong choices during this journey have to re-learn earlier lessons and be tested again, just as in school.

Note from nccg_concern:  check out the cultic concept below - - almost everybody is a follower of Satan, and many don't even realize it (black and white thinking)

Our life's purpose in choosing, ends when we have made the final decision - the last and irrevocable choice - to either commit to Yahweh or Satan, though most have no idea they are choosing Satan. They usually think they are choosing themselves. For the one who has chosen to follow Satan or self and will not repent (and only Yahweh knows that) - the one who won't make a U-turn and head back to Yahweh - then life's purpose for that person on earth is at an end. He has failed the test. Then Yahweh either takes him away or allows Satan to use him for his own evil purposes for a little while longer. Such a person has squandered his mortal probation - thrown away his inheritance for that mess of metaphorical pottage called selfishness - the only inheritance promise he will ever get in his entire existence - he has made the ultimate decision and passed eternal judgment on his Creator and on himself. He has said in his heart to Yahweh: "No thanks. I choose myself. Goodbye". Or as the subject of this sermon recently said to me: "Sorry to be a pr*ck [but] I think I'm entitled to be one". The curtain has closed for him on Yahweh's free gift of eternal increase. He has chosen to die.

Note from nccg_concern: Below, Warren gives a brief introduction to the concept that this is going to turn into a character assassination by including one general accusation against Derek, then goes back to what he was doing before.

Last September a young man who initially began enthusiastic, hopeful and committed, made a fateful decision in his life. He had presented himself as clay before the Divine Potter who had begun to remould him but along the way had begun to entertain doubts which culminated in a fateful choice. For the last three months we have seen the fruits of that terrible choice. They have included rejecting Yahweh, the Bible and the goal of perfection set before him by his Heavenly Father (Mt.5:48; 19:21). Instead of seeking for eternal life he has chosen a path of hate and annihilation. His energy, once directed in Yahweh's service, has now been dedicated to the destruction of people.

There are many biblical parallels but I will cite only two for the purposes of illustration today. The first concerns the murderous Paul, one of the few adversaries who was humble enough to repent and to dedicate himself with as much zeal to the building of the Kingdom as he had earlier devoted to its muderous destruction. He was a man taken to the brink of the final choice - to serve Yahweh or, in mistaken zeal, serve Satan through an apostate religious system. People have often asked why Yahweh intervened to save this man - he wasn't, after all, seeking Yah'shua - he was on a mission of premeditated destruction in Damascus. But he had not, at that point, made the final choice. He had not experienced the living Messiah at all. He was given a final choice - and it really was his last choice - on that road to Damascus. Presented with a theophany - the greatest revelation possible - he could then decide to say 'yes' or 'no'. Why did Yahweh intervene? Because He knew Paul's heart - He knew what he would choose. Paul knew, moreover, following his conversion, that he was the "worst of sinners" (1 Tim.1:6). It was no false modesty that made him say it either. He knew that he had been a murderer and he was familiar with his Tanakh well enough to know the trials and tribulations of men like King David who had been a murderer but who had found grace. He knew what was coming. The greatness of Paul's heart lay in the fact that, knowing what he had done, he was prepared to sacrifice all to, as it were, make atonement for his former career of religious fanaticism and murder. He was prepared to do anything and everything to make his life worthwhile and count for something. And so he threw himself into evangelism and gave his all, forsaking family life in this life so that he might be the instrument of bringing life and not death.

But this was not what I was principally thinking about when I brought up the apostle as an example of an antagonist. He made the right choice, but some others who wanted to kill him made a foolish vow which they could not possibly have kept. They swore his annihilation and promised each other they would deny themselves of food until they had accomplished that goal, no doubt in their own minds for the 'sake' of their religion but in reality to protect their consciences for their own failure to choose Yah'shua as Paul had done. The Bible does not say if they ate again, having failed in their evil intent, but certainly they never ate spiritual food again. They are an illustration of spiritual folly. But Paul not only had to contend with his former allies - he also had to persuade his newly adopted brotherhood that he was no longer after their blood any longer but was their friend and ally in the cause of Messiah. The believers were amazed to find him preaching the faith so boldly but they were still cautious, hesitant and afraid. After all, they had fresh memories of loved ones imprisoned and killed by him. Doubtless they could have written a damning document on him if they had wanted to. But they accepted the testimony of those who had begun to know him and finally embraced him warmly. Thanks to this man the Greek and Roman world was given the message of salvation.

So now to my second example. The religious aristocracy two millennia ago - most of the Pharisees, Torah-teachers (scribes) and Saducees - also vowed the destruction of Yah'shua which they briefly believed they had accomplished; and a prophecy made by their High Priest, Caiphas, came true but not in the way they expected. Do you remember the words he spoke?

The prophecy was accurate but Caiphas hadn't a clue what he was actually prophesying about. He was the one who actually knew "nothing at all". Yahweh inspired a man with a dark heart with words he did not understand. The account reads further:

The apostate and murderous priest was prophesying by virtue of his right as High Priest even though his heart was wrong. He received revelation from Yahweh, just as the idolater Laban had received revelation from Yahweh not to harm Jacob (Gen.31:29). Yahweh used Him for His purposes and then discarded him for the antichrist that he was. In fact He discarded the entire Sanhedrin and replaced them with His apostles. He never used the unrepentant Laban again either.

Yahweh uses irony to demonstrate His complete sovereignty over everything and everyone. Caiphas thought he had had a stroke of genius. He believed he was saving the Judahite nation from Roman fury. He confused - ignorantly or deliberately - the non-violent and non-threatening and apolitical activity of Yah'shua who said His Kingdom was not of the world system (Jn.18:36), with the accutely political activity of the contemporary Maccabbees of his time, the Zealots, who employed violent revolution in the pursuit of liberty.

But then it wasn't the Nation of Judah that Caiphas really cared about at all - the Romans had no problems with Yah'shua because He advocated non-resistance and holy living. He was a pacifist. Pilate knew that. Caiphas said that he cared about the Judahite people but in truth he cared only about himself and his privileges. He was, after all, not a High Priest appointed by Yahweh but by politicians. He was a Roman puppet. But he made out that he cared about the people just as our modern enemies say they 'care' about their readers when in truth they just want allies to support them in their choice to reject Yahweh and vent their spleen on His servants. They are out to defend and justify their own apostacy and wickedness.

Had Caiphas been a real man - a true servant of El Elyon he would have done as Hezekiah had done, and reformed the nation. He would have weeded out corruption and preached righteousness as John the Baptist did. He would have condemned the Herods for their adulteries, marital and spiritual. But he did not. Caiphas was a status quo man because that was the most comfortable and self-serving for his own comfort and peace. If he had reformed the nation to a properly Torah-obedient one he would have had to overturn the Pharisaic system that brought him to religious power in the first place - the power of what would come to be called Talmudism in which the Rabbis decided whether Yahweh was right or wrong with their own man-made laws.

Note from NCCG_Concern: Some of the interesting stuff starts here

I have been silent these past three months to allow prophecy to unfold. As a matter of fact, I did write a long rebuttal of our enemy's accusations and shared them with the faithful so that they could follow events and watch Yahweh's purposes unfold. It was not easy. The instinct of man is to defend but He told me to be silent - until now. I am not, however, going to publish the whole rebuttal, or even a substantial part of it. Instead I am going to the root of this whole business so that those who have become involved in this carnal squalour can have adequate information, see what has actually happened and can know what is about to happen, because Yahweh is going to tell you. They will witness Yahweh's mighty hand for themselves if they are willing to believe and to see. Not all will or want to, because they are themselves of the spirit of antichrist, but some will want to know the truth and deliver themselves from the web of lies that has been spun. They will then, if Yahweh wills it, be shown how the devil fooled them and see the truth of what really happened. But it will be on Yahweh's terms, not theirs. They must simply choose in the light of what I am called to reveal to you today. I will be saying no more on this matter until the events prophesied take place and all will know that Yahweh will not be mocked.

Just as Yahweh used Caiphas to predict the future, but not according to Caiphas' understanding or expectation, so Yahweh used a young former member to predict his own apostacy and fall. This revelation did not come through me or any of the other members but through this former member himself. He had a dream in which Yahweh saw what our enemies would do in what was called the 'Second Wave'. I knew it was from Yahweh and made this prophecy in the Ruach haQodesh in our former Cyber Community on 28 June 2006:

These were the exact words I wrote (with emphasis added). I privately reminded our people of this on 6 January of this year and added this comment:

Note from NCCG_Concern: The dream Derek had that is indicated in the above section doesn't actually resemble what Warren just described. Someone in the cult has piled a re-interpretation on top of the first interpretation of a dream Derek had in the past.

There are many, many prophecies such as this that have been fulfilled. This young man has gone to great lengths to discredit every one of them, but he knows the truth - he knows it only too well. He has his own conscience to 'recover' from.

Note from NCCG_Concern: It took Warren this long, until the above sentence, to build up his readers attention and mental state to where he felt like they were ready to finally accept a direct personal attack.

Next part is related to their "visions" "prophecies" etc.

You are probably wondering what is going to happen next so what I am going to do is share with you some of what Yahweh has been telling us here in visions, dreams and through the promptings of the Ruach haQodesh - enough for you to know. I am quite sure that both he and our other detractors will be reading this - this is partly for them so they may know what is going to happen but mostly for the 'crowd' who are confused and undecided. Thereafter they have to make their choice and either return or go their own way. What I am about to relate to you now was mostly seen on the morning of 14 February 2007:

For those of you who do not know of Damocles from Greek legend, let me retell the story:

Note from NCCG_Concern: The sentence below is the second direct personal attack. It also appeasr to be a lie on Warren's part. I did not see this type of behavior out of Derek during my live research during the time that Derek was involved with the cult.

The ambition to be a leader with authority and power has always been strong in our young adversary.

Warren then goes on and repeatedly quotes Bible passages that contain the word "wicked", a form of literary name calling in this case.

Having sat as his own 'king' on the net for three months he will learn - whether in this life or the next, only Yahweh knows and only he can choose - some salient truths: you reap what you sow, Yahweh gives no authority without accountability, hate consumes and destroys, and it is a fearful thing to rebel against the Most High in order to justify sin, and to pretend to be walking the Way when in truth you have been walking the broad road to destruction and dragging people with you to it. But it takes harvest time to reveal that because the tares cannot be distinguished from the wheat until they are fully mature. Until then they are indistinguishable. That is why time has been needed for the ripening to take place so that account can be given and judgment pronounced by Heaven. Scripture says:

But to account the good and the evil are inescapably called, and because this young man has made a vow of destruction and will not relent, Yahweh is soon to bring him to account. We in this ministry will take no part of it - it does not concern us. We have left him to his own devices yet he fears evil will be done to him by us. It won't. We have done nothing but bless him in our prayers (Mt.5:44). It is the consequences of his own evil that he must fear, for judgment is now at his door. And he will have to make a choice - possibly his last one - to repent and become a Paul (Ac.9:3-9) or remain in his inquity and perish like a Herod (Ac.12:21-23).

Whether this account which I am giving today will be believed by him or those believing him really does not matter. Time will, in any case, overtake them, and that time is short. That is why this message is being given today. In all likelihood I will not be adding to it in the future. We have more important matters building up the Kingdom of Yahweh.

Note from NCCG_Concern: In the section below, Warren makes an attack against Derek because Derek ceased to believe in the Bible as God's infallible word due to his bad experience with the NCCG cult. When viewed independently of the context of Warren's cult, but still within the context of Christianity, this makes Warren look terrible, not Derek. I believe that this attack was put toward the end of this article for a reason - the reader is expected to be in a receptive enough mental state and to overlook this important detail.

But before I conclude my remarks about this unhappy business today, there is one more thing about this young man that needs to be said for the sake of those Christians who have come under his influence. Most are evidently not aware that he has not only rejected Yahweh our Heavenly Father and the Bible, but has openly accused both of being 'cultic'. He has stood in judgment of the Most High and His servants. He acts the atheist to one set of his readers and the Christian to another set in order to influence both to the maximum. In an article entitled, Why I Can No Longer Believe in the Bible Nor the God Who Created It (January 2007), he writes:

Note from NCCG_Concern: Warren's attack below is great material. He makes a generalized attack on people who are using their mental capacity to decide what is "good" and "evil" as opposed with following the edicts of the cult.

When a human being rejects Yahweh and decides what is good and evil, and what is harmful or not, then from Yahweh's perspective he is setting himself up as an arbiter of truth - as a god. Truth is now to be measured by his own existentialist inner world. He then decides under his own authority what is good and bad, what is harmful and what is not harmful. He says: "I have a few philosophies I go by, some of them inspired by Christian dogma itself, but for now, that's all I have to go by". He has, in short, his own private religion.

You, the Christian, need to consider whether you are willing to trust these 'philosophies' or not, or whether you are going to trust the Creator of Heaven and Earth in whose hands our destiny lies completely. Do you trust him when he says, "I try to treat people as I like to be treated"? What do you think of a person who threatens to "annihilate out of existence"? Do you believe him when he claims that this is how he would like us to treat him?

He certainly seems to fear it yet nothing could be further from the truth. We do not wish his destruction but his redemption in spite of the horrific things he has been saying and all the pain he has caused to so many. Or don't we, perhaps, count as 'people' in his eyes? Are we just targets in some video game to be shot down? Or does he mean: "I try to treat people as I like to be treated provided they are not causing any harm to anyone." Does that mean that if he feels people are 'causing harm', as he perceives it, then that rule no longer applies? Does that mean that this justifies the categorisising of people into two distinct classes - the ones he does not think are harmful, and the ones he thinks are? Do we follow his rules or Yahweh's? Is his philosophy of life superior? What is the evidence from his behaviour and actions since he abandoned Christianity? Are they spiritual? Do they inspire you to imitate him? Is he consistent? Would you wish to evangelise for this young man? How does one reconcile this with his statement that he is "not on some anti-Christian or anti-Jewish rampage"? Or does he mean that there are two types of Christian and Jew - the ones that accept, like he does, that parts of the Bible are "good" and others are "bad", and others (like us) who think it is all good and infallibly inspired? Do you trust his finite mind, with all his spiritual issues, to pass judgment on Yahweh's Word?

In other words, is he saying that he is only not out to get those Christians and Jews who have the same Bible-view as himself? What of the rest? Is he saying that they they should be "annihilated out of existence" because he views them as "harmful" or "dangerous"? Is it safe to make this emotionally unstable young man who is so full of anger, bitterness and vengeance, a judge of human character? He testifies that he believes that the Bible is a "dangerous book" and that it has "done tremendous damage to our society". Do you believe that? Or do you believe, as we do, that it is men's uninspired interpretations or abuses that have, at times, done tremendous damage? Do you, like us, believe that tremendous damage has been done to society precisely because people won't believe Yahweh or trust His Word? Were his philosophy to become a national way of life, do you think it would be a happier and safer society? Or would you be living in fear as to whether you come under the category of 'harmful' and might be arrested any moment for being politically incorrect?

Note from NCCG_Concern: The statement Warren makes about Derek in the sentence below is demonstrably false.

This young man testifies in his article that what turned him off Yahweh and the Bible was the fact that we were living it, at least as he 'saw' through his own interpretative lenses (in truth he has little clue was is in our actual hearts).

Note from NCCG_Concern: And in the paragraphs below, Warren takes this false statement and builds it into a complete fantasy situation in which Derek supposedly wants to see all Jewish and Christian-related religions be "annihilated".

What about other Christians and Jews who are living it? (Remember they're living it through various interpretative lenses too), Are they to be "annihilated out of existence" like the 'enemy' characters in the computer games he has always been so addicted to and through which he has vented all his childhood frustrations and anger - frustrations and anger now being carried over into the adult world where he is still trying to find his place - a large, terrifying and confusing world? These questions he needs to ask himself when he chooses to vaccate his cyber world and enter into the real world of flesh-and-blood people with hearts and feelings apart from his own. He needs to one day come to grips with real people and abandon the cold, lifeless digital images he has of them. He has to embrace life instead of violently attacking it and learn to take to heart the counsel of Henry Van Dyke:

Note from NCCG_Concern: This is the climax. Very manipulative writing below. Warren tries to insert the idea that Derek's warnings about the cult and his sharing of experiences have no value. It encourages the reader not to think about the details by pretending the details have already been addressed ("does not require much brains or require a see").

It also contains a barrage of personal attacks.

It doesn't take much brains or require a revelation from heaven for honest people to see where this young man is coming from and what his agenda is. He may try to conceal it but his own words betray him. It's obvious that he sees us, others and the world through a pair of very darkened lenses that are uniquely his, and that this vision taints and distorts everything else he sees. That is why there is no need for us to publically rebut him. He rebuts himself.

This whole three month campaign of slander and mockery has been nothing more than a quest for vengeance against the world which he has directed against those who have truly loved and cared for him for the first time in his life which he has only been able to justify through twisting and lying. He is striking out with an anger fuelled by deep-seated spiritual and emotional childhood issues, issues for which he had considerable psychiatric assistance before he met us, issues that he is refusing to confront by projecting onto others and blame-shifting. He has made a drama out of semi-fiction to get the kind of attention and plaudits from the world which he refused to receive from those who loved him and whose counsel he rejected. He won't find it, because the world does not love: it only exploits and uses. His only hope, like ours, is in Yahweh-Elohim and His Word which he is currently mocking as 'cultic'.

Note from NCCG_Concern: The two sentences directly below can be read as a death threat against Derek. It could also be just sloppy language use on Warren's part. Warren may be equating the concept of God with "we" (the cult), and may mean that God will kill Derek if he continues to expose the NCCG cult. In any case, he is saying that someone will kill Derek soon if he continues.

Redemption is possible for him but if he spurns it then the earth will swallow him up, and very soon. We want him to be free and alive as we are but we can't sustain his illusions or permit him to continue hurting people indefinitely. That is why this address is being given. That's why it is being given now. He needs to face the truth. And he will not be allowed to hide away from it.

One day, Yahweh-willing, as he passes through the vicissitudes of life with his eyes open and not shut, he will come to realise this profound truth which I know is embedded in the hearts of all this people and all those who love Yah'shua the Messiah with all their hearts, have tasted of His goodness, and have learned to see people as they really are. He will then discover as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow did who wrote these immortal lines:

And when he does, he will learn to love. Amen.