Written attacks against enemies by
NCCG's leader, Christopher C. Warren

NCCG's leader, Christopher C. Warren, has demonstrated a trend of character assassinating individuals (and in one case, a classification of individuals) whom he perceives as being his enemies. The character assassinations have frequently occurred at times when it was believed that Warren was angry at the person. If the subject of earlier character assassinations made him angry on a repeating or ongoing basis, multiple character assassinations were made.

None of these character assassinations have been noted to be preceded by serious research. Access to information about the individuals is not actually required. Where information had been used within the character assassination, the information has consisted of copied-and-pasted defamatory material written by others about the individual as found on the internet, or references to message board posts written by the person.

There is some evidence that in the past, Warren has done character assassinations on people other than the ones I observed and documented here. It's possible that this tendency to character assassinate perceived enemies has been a long-term trend since before I started my research.

The character assassinations were released in locations which were, in the majority of cases, not accessible to the person being attacked, being prominently displayed on an invite-only web site that was visible to internet-located NCCG members. On one occasion, the character assassination was part of an official complaint to a Swedish official (but was also included in the internet area mentioned above).

Subject (links to details)
Brief summary
Derek Rumpler (former member)
This character assassination contains a death threat.

Derek Rumpler is a former member who has turned against the cult and written a lot of material in an effort to expose it.

Rick Ross (Cult Expert)
Rick Ross is an experienced exit counselor and runs a prominent cult education web site. Pre-existing Scientology-authored character assassinations are heavily utilized in this character assassination.

"nccg_concern"  (Author of this web site)

Christopher Warren does not know who I am or anything about me, but that was not a problem.

Gustav Sjöholm (Journalist) #1

Gustav Sjöholm (Journalist) #2

(see email from
Gustav Sjöholm)

Gustav researched NCCG and wrote an article for a local newspaper that Christopher Warren did not like.

Warren has submitted two complaints so far, both of which are riddled with inaccuracies and misrepresentations.

"Bluewater2" (factnet.org message board user)

(see email from "Bluewater2")

Christopher Warren mistook him for me, browsed some of his messages on the factnet.org message board, and character assassinated him the next day.

In the end, Chris somewhat apologized, BUT...well, you just have to see this.

All Cult Professionals (coming soon)

Professional exit counselors appeared to begin getting involved with cases regarding NCCG members.