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NCCG-Involved Person (July 15, 2009)

NCCG is a small polygamic group or "cult" with a compound (communal residence) near Arvika, Sweden.

The cult was first created in England in 1984. It been active on the internet since late 1996, and presently uses it as a recruiting, fundraising, and brainwashing tool. During the past few years, many of the people who are being affected by this cult have an internet-only relationship with the cult's members and leaders. Some of the women who become involved this way may be invited to live at the compound as one of the male cult leader's wives. Other than that, the internet-only members' visits to the compound tend to be brief, lasting a few months at most.

NCCG had an early Mormon background, but its religious beliefs continue to change over time. It will generally comprise aspects of Mormonism, Judaism, Christianity, "Messianic" Christianity, as well as members' own created beliefs. NCCG members believe that they receive visions and revelations directly from God (Yahweh).

NCCG's primary leader has always been Christopher C. Warren, who is 55 years old at the time of this writing.

NCCG moved from England to Norway for a number of years, and then moved again to Sweden in 1997. NCCG's membership and size has not been stable throughout it's history, as it split up several times. It has also changed names repeatedly.

Currently, the cult appears to have two people living at the compound who function as leaders, and a few others live with them. The relationship between the two leaders is not clear to me. Christopher C. Warren is one of them, and the other is a woman known by a number of internet aliases (including Rayna, Avah) but whose name I believe to be Sharon Harvey.

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I've observed Christopher C. Warren to be a skilled, creative manipulator of facts and situations. One example of this is his handling of so-called "prophecies". Former members have reported, and I have observed, that he will come up with some "prophecy" which is predictable based upon his knowledge of the situation. He will base the "prophecy" upon knowledge gained either from the cult members themselves, or, from news about world current events. Then, when the event he predicted comes true, he proceeds as though he is a prophet of God. If a prophecy like this does not come true, he makes excuses to get his group members to not change their loyalty. This is to effect undue influence and, ultimately, control over NCCG members.


On two occasions, I've observed a female NCCG-related cultist contact victims on the internet using email and "instant messaging" software (IM) to pretend that she was somebody else. It appears to me to have been Sharon Harvey doing this. In these two instances, the cultist had invented ficticious personas and used them to engage in what was intended as long-time, online relationships. IM and email were the primary means of communication, with occasional telephone contact.

The cultist would pretend in IM and email to be in need of some sort of rescue or counseling. At first she would pretend that the victims were talking her through her rescue/counseling problems and succesfully helping her. Then, the nature of the contact would change, and the cultist would pretend that the victims' attempts at counseling her were now failing. The intent was to induce stress in the victims and, ultimately, cause mental illness and instability. Then, in specific moments when the victims appeared to have been made mentally vulnerable, she would inject the cult's ideas and precepts into the conversation to try to gain undue influence.

A great many of the incidents like this that I am aware of were focused on the cultist posing as a female "satanist" who was involved with a "satanic coven". The cultist would either pretend to be an aggressive "satanist" or a satanist who desires to leave the coven, but needs help. Alternate ficticious storylines could easily have been used, however.


Christopher C. Warren has written a large amount of material related to his cult since its inception, and continues to do so. A portion of these writings was reviewed by a cult expert who advised me that that it is capable of inducing a hypnotic, suggestible state in the reader. The cult expert explained that it's not uncommon for cult leaders to write material that affects people this way.

In past years, this writing used to be self-published in pamphlet form, but today it is generally put on the internet, mostly on the cult's main web site (


NCCG uses freely-available message board systems and chatrooms for group-at-once communication. Some of the chatroom names have, in the past, been "Deliverance From Demons" and "NCCG Cyber Community". The cult leadership dispenses with "deliverance" sessions using these chatrooms, as well as other group-at-once, cult-related chat activities.


For several years leading up to 2006 and potentially from that time forward, one or more NCCG cultists has pretended to be "satanists" over the internet. This is done with the effect of brainwashing victims into believing the cult's precepts.

As of 2006, the cult was spreading falsehoods among its members that a group of enemies who worship Satan (called "satanists") were attacking them. These attacks were indicated to be both supernatural, telepathic-resembling attacks as well as physical stalking of their members in the USA and Sweden. On two weekends in particular (March 12 - 16, 2006, and May 5 - 7), the cult claimed that many "satanist" attackers had surrounded their compound in a group attack, and those attackers had been killed by God and rendered into "ash piles" throughout the surrounding area. In reality, there were no deaths or disappearances noted by the authorities in the Arvika area during or after those periods.

At that time, the cult had named several individuals whom it accuses of being "satanist" enemies. Some of the accused individuals live in the Arvika area (one of them is a local convenience store owner). The accused people generally do not have any direct association with NCCG and are probably not aware that the cult refers to them as "satanists". The cult has also stated that the local police and government has been infiltrated by "satanists."


NCCG makes an effort to maintain a low profile within the local community (Arvika Kommun). In the past years it has not been seen to recruit in its hometown or otherwise make its presence known other than as a quirky family or a home schooling operation. It does not advertise its polygamic nature to anyone except NCCG members or known sympathizers of polygamy.

The young children currently living at the compound were noted to not have legal fathers listed in the public record. However, it is known among NCCG members that the father is Christopher C. Warren. I note that omission of the father's name from the birth certificate in polygamic cults is not uncommon. It enables the cult to not bring attention to itself through the nature of the public records, as well as allows the father to dodge child support responsibilities should the mother leave the cult.


Many people who act as members of NCCG do not live on the cult's property, but instead, they learn about and participate in the cult's activities over the internet. The cult can have a large impact on the personal lives and families of these internet-only members. Members who are involved in this way tend to adopt rigid habits and beliefs regarding male dominance in the family, polygamy, clothing/headwear, and quasi-jewish (Messianic) habits.  These members have been seen to visit the compound for temporary visits usually lasting 3 months or fewer. They are also known to send the cult money.

In the past, certain internet-recruited members been invited to move to Sweden to live as permanent members at the compound. These people have generally been single women who were being arranged to be one of Christopher C. Warren's wives. In one case, an employment visa was being arranged for a young woman to move from a non-EU country. In another, a legal marriage was apparently performed to allow the woman to stay in Sweden. Moves for either sex in which there are no visa issues (EU or Swedish residents, specifically) should be taken seriously, as well as any moves on the part of single women anywhere in the world, especially women between 18 - 24 years of age.

A relatively small number of people live at the compound as of this writing. To the best of my understanding, this is generally limited to Christopher Warren's wives and his children with them, plus a few others.

The cult has, for many years, claimed to have members in India who are part of a charity/orphanage. This India involvement is apparently a sham, and former members report that during their time with him, they believe that Christopher C. Warren was keeping the donated "orphanage" money for himself.


It is possible for an individual to be involved with NCCG in a way that is dangerous to their mental health, but show limited outward signs to family members or friends. The individual can be having psychotic episodes and making major, life-changing decisions while hiding the situation as best as they can.

One of the precepts that has historically been developed within NCCG members is that of psychologically abandoning their biological family and non-cult friends. One of the activities an involved cult member make take is disowning their parents during an online chat session, and proceeding to view themselves as adopted children of a husband and wife pair within NCCG. The usual husband and wife pair noted as adoptive "parents" have been Christopher Warren and one of his wives.

NCCG recruits may or may not explain NCCG's religious beliefs to family members or friends. Efforts by a newly-recruited fringe member to convert his or her family and friends may be brief. From what I have seen, NCCG does not generally focus on getting its internet-located members to recruit their biological family unless that family is a female spouse or the member's own children. Parents and boyfriends/girlfriends are unlikely to see recruitment efforts.

Some signs of NCCG involvement are (but not neccessarily limited to):


Being involved with the NCCG cult can result in the victim:

In regards to mental health, NCCG was seen to make use of the following dangerous mental distortions (as seen in 2006):

If you are reading this web site due to concern about the well-being of an NCCG-involved person, this web site author suggests that you proceed this way:
  1. Note your involved person's status as it matches up against the observed NCCG recruitment demographic:
    1. A unmarried female in the 18 - 25 age bracket, regardless of citizenship, has historically been the most vulnerable demographic for recruitment that could result in an intended permanent move to the cult's compound. The plans for such a move may be hidden from family members and friends, and if the move is announced to the family, the real reasons behind it may be withheld. It may be represented as a "teaching" employment opportunity at a small school.
    2. Men who live in a region that would allow them to live and work in Sweden legally without special arrangements (such as legal residents of EU countries) may be at risk of making that sort of permanent move. This category does not usually include United States citizens. In the past, this demographic has not been a focus for the NCCG cult to have relocate to the compound, but since that time, the addition of Sharon Harvey as a compound-dwelling cult co-leader might affect this.
    3. A married man with a relatively normal marriage whose wife and family are not participating in NCCG seems to typically be targeted as an internet-only member who may visit the compound for various cult-declared holy periods, but then would be expected to return home. The degree of family strife caused by the male's new chauvinistic perspectives and religious rigidity has been seen to escalate to a point where I would expect the relationship between the man and his wife to be under strain. If the man is employed, he might be sending monetary donations to NCCG.
    4. A married man whose wife is psychologically either vulnerable or dependent on him has a likelihood of eventually making a serious effort to recruit the wife.
    5. Regarding married females with relatively normal marriages: I've not seen this member demographic be involved with NCCG to speak of.
  2. If you suspect, based on the demographic and descriptions on this web site, that the individual is being negatively impacted by NCCG:
    1. In the case of an unmarried woman in the 18 - 25 age bracket, I do not recommend approaching the person with questions as your first step. Instead, your first step should be to use other means to determine if she is in the process of moving to the cult's compound in Sweden. If plans to move are underway, alerting the individual or NCCG's leadership of your concern could result in those plans being accelerated or other actions being taken to interfere with your ability to help. This was observed in one case.
    2. It may be necessary to familiarize yourself on the details of what cults are, how they work, and why they work. You might try the following internet links to get you started: , , .
    3. Be aware that NCCG members have in some cases experienced delusions, psychotic episodes, and suicidal thoughts as a result of their cult involvement. When these things have happened, they have not always been apparent to family members and friends due to the person hiding the experiences from them. In some cases it has been in the person's interest to get mental health professionals involved.
    4. If I'm contacted personally, there are certain things that I can do to help, but other things that are not within my reach. For example, if you are arranging an "intervention" with a professional exit counselor, I can help your exit counselor research the cult and get his or her hands on the materials that will be needed to do the intervention. I can provide health care professionals with what I know about other cases where victims' mental health has been impacted. I may be able to refer your doctors to other health professionals who have worked with NCCG victims, if that is helpful to them. I can contact law enforcement agencies and do what I can to assist with cases they are investigating. On the other hand, I probably am not useful for directly straightening out the victim's mind. I can't personally direct you on how to do it except to suggest professional help if, in your estimation, the person's NCCG involvement is having a destructive effect.