How NCCG influences people deceptively

I'm aware of 3 ways this happens. All of them may or may not be done to the same victim.

1) HYPNOTIC WRITING: The writing by Christopher C. Warren on the NCCG website and in pamphlets is "hypnotic writing," according to Mary Alice Crapo, a professional exit counselor with 20+ years experience in cult exit counseling. She indicated that if someone persists in reading it, they will eventually feel inclined to believe the material, even if they did not decide to believe it based upon its merits.

2) PERSUASION IN PERSON: Former cult members have described the cult's leader, Christopher C. Warren, as being a seemingly-pathological liar who is very adept at influencing people verbally. Their descriptions remind me of this: .

A few of the comments made by former cult members about Warren:

3) FAKED INTERNET CHAT: One or more NCCG cultists has fabricated deceptive, fictitious internet personae. They used Instant Messaging software (MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger), telephone calls, and email to pretend to be fictional people.

The faked personae were used to form long-term, deceptive relationships with (intended) victims. The cultists would use the faked relationships to both gather information about the victim and to mount a psychological attack.

The faked personae were often portrayed as female, and could sound like unique females over the telephone.

The faked persona would present itself as living in a certain part of the world. When tested using internet IP address tracking, sometimes the cultist's IP address actually matched the portrayed part of the world. At other times, the IP addresses were traced back to the NCCG cult compound.

One pattern the faked personae may use is:

1) A cultist pretends to be a person in need of being counseled about, or rescued from, an abusive situation. It has been seen to portray a "satanist" who had been trapped in a "coven."

2) The cultist always has an excuse why the police must never be called to help.

3) The cultist would try to make the victim "help" them by getting the victim to counsel them in internet chat

4) The cultist then adopts a pattern of pretending that the victim was sometimes successful in these "help" efforts, and at other times failing.

5) The severity of the pretend situations is made to escalate as time goes on.

6) The cultist may make the victim feel guilty about something, and use that to manipulate and cause stress.

7) Other fake personae give the appearance of backing up the stories etc. of the first persona.

8) When the victim appears to have been weakened psychologically, the cultist presents the victim with cult-related ideas that the victim normally would not believe, plus, attempts to establish a pattern of controlling the victim.

Chat logs of NCCG-related cultists doing this are below.

[10:41] Victim: Well, you IMed me after the so-called "Satanist" attacks (sorry to put them in quotes, I'm unsure of that right now) and confirmed that they happened. Did they? Or was that a lie?

[10:41] CULTIST: No, that happened

[10:41] Victim: Did people really die on your end?

[10:41] CULTIST: And it happened again, recently, yes
[10:41] CULTIST: Oh yes

[10:42] Victim: How did that happen? I know Chris's God is not the God of the Bible.

[10:42] CULTIST: Oh?

[10:42] Victim: Well, he almost killed me, CULTIST.

[10:42] CULTIST: There is more than one God?

[10:42] Victim: Not sure on that one yet. Forgive me for my doubt. :P
[10:43] Victim: Try being brainwashed for two years and see if you come out with normal recovery. ;)

[10:43] CULTIST: It's ok, I am just trying to understand why you left, since you were so close and all.

[10:43] Victim: Because he almost killed me.

[10:43] CULTIST: He brainwashed you?

[10:43] Victim: And he'll kill someone else.

[10:43] CULTIST: How will he do that?

[10:43] Victim: Give another false prophecy.
[10:44] Victim: You know, he had a member rob my home?

[10:44] CULTIST: Chris did?

[10:44] Victim: Yes. It was in my testimony.

[10:44] CULTIST: Yes, I read that
[10:44] CULTIST: So now you are warning the whole worlld?

[10:45] Victim: I have to. But at the same time, I have to know where exactly this power comes from, if it truly exists. :P
[10:45] Victim: Because if we were to judge Chris by the Bible alone, its not the same God.

[10:45] CULTIST: Oh it exists
[10:46] CULTIST: I have never liked him, but he has been right about many things, sad to say

[10:46] Victim: But wrong about so many others.
[10:46] Victim: I can't trust someone who is only half right.
[10:46] Victim: Not with my life.

[10:47] CULTIST: Lol, well then you will trust no one, becase no one is 100% right

[10:47] Victim: LOL, I believe if there's a God out there, He can make them give 100% correct prophecies. ;)

[10:48] CULTIST: You no longer believ e in god?

[10:48] Victim: I know there's something, that's all I have to work with.

[10:48] CULTIST: Oh my
[10:48] CULTIST: You have changed

5:24:32 PM        CULTIST        I got myself into this mess
5:24:42 PM        CULTIST        I don't want <censored> to know what I am thinking

5:24:50 PM        Victim        ok. If you're sure thats how you want to do it.


5:25:09 PM        Victim        That's terrible by the way

5:25:14 PM        CULTIST        he would be suspicious if I just turn up

5:25:17 PM        Victim        does that mean you cannot get to your son, technically, without help?
5:25:24 PM        Victim        Maybe you should be showing up with the police.

5:25:30 PM        CULTIST        yes but I didn't see it that way
5:25:38 PM        CULTIST        I trusted these people, I still do a bit
5:25:45 PM        CULTIST        no
5:25:50 PM        CULTIST        please he has things on me

5:26:02 PM        Victim        im not saying im about to do anything like that.

5:26:05 PM        CULTIST        please

5:26:07 PM        Victim        i am just saying

5:26:09 PM        CULTIST        don't tell anyone
5:26:12 PM        CULTIST        please

5:26:16 PM        Victim        i wasnt saying i would, i was saying you could
5:26:19 PM        Victim        take it easy

5:26:22 PM        CULTIST        NO
5:26:27 PM        CULTIST        I would get into trouble

5:26:30 PM        Victim        okay.
5:26:35 PM        Victim        My main point was...
5:26:46 PM        Victim        your not being physically able to reach your son without their help is a tremendous power.
5:26:48 PM        Victim        they hold over you
5:26:53 PM        Victim        regardless of any trust.

5:26:59 PM        CULTIST        but I didn't see it like that
5:27:07 PM        CULTIST        now you have made me feel worried

5:27:17 PM        Victim        hm...

5:14:09 PM        CULTIST        Don't know if I should talk to you or not anymore

5:22:16 PM        Victim        Hi there!
5:22:31 PM        Victim        Is something worrying you that wasn't before
5:22:38 PM        Victim        (welcome back by the way)

5:24:45 PM        CULTIST        I feel bad talking to you

5:25:01 PM        Victim        ah. I can understand where it's not easy.
5:25:08 PM        Victim        Any specific reason why, or just in general?

5:26:36 PM        CULTIST        you said some wrong things about <censored> and I don't know what to think anymore, he doesn't seem to be like I thought and I think it might have been something in my mind making me think he was bad

5:27:01 PM        Victim        Which things were wrong, do you recall?

5:28:09 PM        CULTIST        maybe we got him wrong, maybe I was just imaginening it all and they are my family and I am going against them
5:28:23 PM        CULTIST        what kind of person does that make me
5:28:34 PM        CULTIST        My son trusts them

5:28:41 PM        Victim        It makes you a strong person who asks questions, even when someone has tricked you.
5:28:49 PM        Victim        Yes, and your son is an 8 year old.
5:29:01 PM        Victim        .... 8 year olds are not known for their critical thinking abilities ;)

5:29:13 PM        CULTIST        it was aweful
5:29:19 PM        CULTIST        I have lied so much
5:29:24 PM        CULTIST        God will never forgive me

[02:02] CULTIST           but today I think I was going to go mad
[02:02] CULTIST           for the first time
[02:03] CULTIST           I could feel it slipping
[02:03] CULTIST           I know it sounds strange
[02:03] CULTIST           but I will never forget what he said
[02:03] CULTIST           and I am crying now (don't want symapthy) I am devastated
[02:03] CULTIST           I have never felt so
[02:04] CULTIST           can't think what it is

[02:04] Victim           I think its normal to feel a sense of loss in a situation like this... if thats what it is
[02:05] Victim           but well?
[02:05] Victim           I'm not sure what to say to help, really...

[02:05] CULTIST           YEAH, SO I have to move on now, I don't think I WILL GET WHAT I want from him, he'll always have a bit of me
[02:05] CULTIST           I wanted to get it
[02:05] CULTIST           but I will jsut have to forget it

[02:05] Victim           Time heals that, unless you keep talking to him, in which case you get messed up again.

[02:05] CULTIST           and get my life back together

[02:05] Victim           Yeah
[02:06] Victim           Trying to like maybe make sure your son stays in school and all
[02:06] Victim           sounds good

[02:06] CULTIST           you think I am a bad Mom, its ok, I am
[02:06] CULTIST           but I will get it right now]

[02:06] Victim           no, not bad mom

[02:06] CULTIST           yeah I am

[02:06] Victim           what's a "bad mom" anyway

[02:06] CULTIST           its ok
[02:07] CULTIST           I know I am