Jannicke Larsen's experience with
Christopher C. Warren of the the NCCG Cult
Published on the nccg.info web site at Jannicke's request on February 16, 2010

How I was Recruited

Looking back...

To Whom it may Concern

My name is Jannicke Larsen, and I am keen to write this warning to others who might have started to, or can be prone to wasting their precious lifetime the way I did. In my case the thief was Christopher Charles Morris Warren (born 28. June 1954) and if you are in contact with him and believing his theories I know by default that he is wasting your time right now too.

On a general basis I suggest you pay attention to what kind of interest you receive from a person you are developing a trusting relationship with. When I was 11 I thought that since Warren showed great interest, he definitely cared about me. But if you think about it, mosquitoes too give you their full attention when they want your blood! Some interest can be unhealthy for the one that is targeted as the object. If someone seems totally absorbed with getting a hold on you, it may be smart to investigate his or her actual intentions, not just assume that everyone operates just like yourself. People have different codes of conduct.

With no more ado I will share my experience in New Covenant Church of God and then afterwards I’ll try to convey how this doesn’t only happen to freaks, but even you could be a target unless you are prepared in advance. I therefore hope this article and also this entire site will be helpful to you against human parasites.

When I was born my parents were part of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ, also called the Mormon Church. In this setting I was taught that God had created everything, saw everything and loved everyone and everything. He would always guide me if I let Him and if I did my life would be the best possible and my afterlife would be perfect. If I instead decided to rule my own life, I would keep making mistakes that would hurt me and others in this life and after I died I would end in Hell. To me the choice was simple. God was the remedy and the answer to every question. It was a complete life insurance and no matter how much it hurt, I would be safe ultimately.

When I was 11 my mother was handed some writings by C. C. Warren. He had placed himself and a few others outside our Church building and started to hand the members writings that he claimed were the missing part of the Book of Mormon. My mother came to the car with it and we sat in the back seat as she started reading. Then she started crying and said: “If this is true our entire life has to change, and I had only just got used to the way things are, but if God wants me to move on, I’ll have to”. And then the next week she went to Warren’s meeting to see what it was about. I remember I was curious but she didn’t want to expose us children to it if it was false.

She was convinced that they had more truth than the Mormons and so the next week, she brought the family. Not long after that they were invited to a special temple meeting where they’d meet Jesus in person. We children were not allowed in. Afterwards she said they had not seen Him physically but of course God had His reasons and nobody could tell Him when to show up. He had been there and let His presence be felt though and they’d need to purify themselves to be worthy of Him visiting and being part of a Lords Supper.

After that it got harder to be part of a temple meeting… If anyone sinned they were not allowed in for a year. The church meetings were open for all but we children who had eaten the Lords Supper in the Mormon Church, had to be old enough and pure enough to get into the temple to get to eat it. So my oldest sister and brother got it first. My sister had a boyfriend who had just started attending the mormon church when we swapped, and then he came along to what Chris at that time called the Independent Church of Latter day Saints. He and my sister were told that they would be married as soon as possible since they had to stay celibate until then, they had been intimate before they met Warren, but he kept postponing it for a long period. Finally they were ‘remarried’ and God was ok with them being together. My eldest brother then found a girl who was not a member and was told to convert her and then marry her. He was a shy teenager and her adoptive parents had the same kind of need to dominate as Warren had, so it ended with them having a hard time waiting and they had a slip which was more erotic than Warren and God could approve of. That is how my older brother lost his temple place and got excommunicated and then he married the girl in the protestant church. Warren told our parents not to stay in touch with him. So my brother went to his girlfriends dominating parents and lived there after not having his own parents at his wedding.

My next brother (who was only 15 months older than me) didn’t even get warrens attention and got himself a girlfriend when he was 16. They tried attending church but were ignored by Warren who had no faith that this one would ever be anything but rebellious. I hardly noticed any of that going on because my own nightmare had began about when I was 12.

Warren used to bring all the members outside in summer and we’d go for walks in the forests surrounding Oslo. He started to ask us if we wanted to play and my sisters and brothers felt less and less like playing with him except my next in line brother (about 15 months younger than me). Warren let us ride piggy back and showed us how the German soldiers marched. He used to whistle and march and we all thought he was very strange. Tall, English, and anything but cool, besides he wasn’t good looking either, but then again, very few of his members were…

Soon even my brother tired of him and I was the only one feeling sufficiently sorry for Chris to let him make a fool of me with him. I especially remember that he showed me how men and women used to walk with the woman’s hand holding the man’s arm as they went for strolls in England. I couldn’t help but let go when strangers met us on the forest road. He pointed that out and I was ashamed that I had been ashamed of him. So I forced myself to hold on after that. At school I was used to being rejected, often because I would defend God, and I knew how painful that was so I felt sorry for the man.

Then I was permitted into the temple. We all wore white and listened to hours of lectures that were similar to the ones we’d heard in church. The difference was that these were made less interesting, no jokes or fun illustrations, and demanded instead of suggested.

We were given tasks between each time that had to be done by the next time. I was told to wash all the temple garments, read at least ten minutes of the bible every day, help my mother around the house etc… I so much wanted to not fail God, but it was hard. This came on top of struggling just to get my homework done, having no good friends at school, babysitting sisters and brothers, wanting to participate in football and other games with them, and taking care of my dog. I got very tired and sad.

Soon my parents weren’t allowed into the temple any more. Warren had moved 70 km south of Oslo so we now had a 170 km journey to get to his place every Sunday. The solution was that during my 13-14th year I went by train on Friday, and got picked up by Warren, then I spent two nights in temple ceremonies and then my parents came on Sunday for the meeting and picked me up. In the beginning I traveled like that with my older brother, but when he (as I mentioned earlier) got involved with his girl, he stopped coming with me and I went by myself. Changing trains in Oslo.

Then on Sunday I got home and wasn’t allowed to tell anyone what I had heard in the Temple. So I got petrified once when I was going to a meeting and I couldn’t find a white stone I was meant to keep in a white little bag. It had been given during a temple session and told that if I kept it I was a good stewardess of God’s secrets and could be trusted when He gave me something, but if I lost it or showed it to anyone I was irresponsible and in a ceremony my stone would be ground to dust and blown away and I would have failed God. The Stone was representing my name in the book of Life and if I didn’t care about Him I would end in Hell.

I started crying as I was desperately searching for it in my room where I used to keep it. And finally I didn’t know what to do and I asked my mother to help me look for a white bag with something hard in it. I told her not to look into it and felt dreadful because I was sure I had already told her too much. Finally I found it and took the train to Warren’s place… when there I told him what had happened and he told me to be more careful but I got to keep my stone. (Today I have a really bad relationship to being given stones)

When I was 14, he had a ‘new’ type of temple ceremony ready for me. It was my Christmas Holiday from school (my final year of obligatory school) so I was spending it at Warren’s place because he said I had so many meetings I needed to participate in since there was so little time during the weekends and I had so much to learn!!

 As usual I went with my aunt to her room to prepare myself by changing clothes to a white garment, but this time there was a white skirt waiting for me as well. I was told that during part of the ceremony, we would be wearing only skirts. In heaven there is no sexual uncleanness and no lustful men, so at this level everyone were pure enough to be half naked together without desiring each other sexually. I thought "well I certainly don’t desire anyone here so I guess so", but I was still uncomfortable about exposing my breasts because I had wanted to only show them to my future husband when I got married.

The only ones who were present in the meeting were Chris’ two wives (the one left him about two year after this occurred) and the other was my mother’s sister who still lives with him. She later told me that at that time she wanted to be around in case Warren showed an interest in me and then she might protect me if I needed it.

Nearly two years before this Warren had written a revelation (he had made himself) and given it to my mother. She came to my bed when I was 12 and said: “I know Chris seems very old and unattractive to you now, but it seems that God wants you to become his wife when you are older”. I remember thinking: “Maybe something will happen that prevents it before that time. I wish God didn’t want that.”

So at 14 I still hoped that my future husband would NOT be Chris as I felt relieved that even this would be a non-sexual and pure session which everyone holy enough could participate in. I also felt relieved that no more men were holy enough yet so that I wouldn’t have many men around when I was half naked… “This will take some getting used to before I can handle the other men being around too” I mentioned to my aunt. And thanked God that He had made it doable for me. My aunt said that she didn’t know if God paid that much attention to my little needs and thought me proud to think I was that important.

In the temple the windows were covered with white sheets, and there was a wall of sheets (always) straight after entering the door. We were asked if we had come to the temple with a pure heart, mind and body and then let in if we had. I felt nicely covered with a skirt and a long shirt, but very nervous about what could happen next. For some reason I kept thinking that maybe the whole thing could be cancelled and I would not have to take the shirt off. It all felt very unreal to me. Then we were all present and instead of a long speech there was a table and we were told to uncover and then sit down on the sofa. We all took off our shirts, Warren too, and all sat down wearing only skirts (his was more like a tunic) and then we sat down and he cited Jesus’ words and blessed the bread and the wine and we ate and drank in remembrance of our Lord. Then Warren told us we could talk freely about anything so long as it was spiritual and not about worldly matters.

We just smiled shyly at each other and I tried to avoid looking below anyone’s faces. Then he complimented us on our new triangular headscarves and said they looked very becoming. We wore pale blue headbands on them that signaled that we were at the matriarchal level. During the year I had progressed past white, to yellow, to green, to orange, then pink and finally light blue. But my cape was still green (even if we didn’t wear a cape in this session) and my aunt’s were orange and his other wife had a pink one. I remember feeling sad about having green, because it was corresponding to a cape another man wore who to me was very repulsive and I was afraid the other members would associate me with him, because Warren would not explain to those who didn’t have capes what they were until they had themselves reached the same level as their cape. Warren himself of course wore dark blue… the male patriarchal color.

Finally the whole thing was over and we got dressed again and the temple stuff was removed and we could all go to sleep. My bed was a sofa located in the temple which now had been converted back to a living room for his children to come in, in the morning. As I lay there getting ready to sleep, there was a knock on the door. I was under my duvet so I said: “Come in” and then Chris entered the room and had some important instructions for me about the meeting we were going to have the next night.

He said that when I approached the ‘wall of sheets’ that night, I would have to make a choice. One sheet was blue and represented polygamous, patriarchal marriage (remember how blue was the “best” color in God’s eyes), then there was a red, next best choice, which represented monogamous marriage, and finally there was the green sheet which represented celibacy. He further told me that if I went through the green sheet, I would be able to change my mind again twice… I could for instance wait a night and then go through the green sheet again, but then decide another sheet the next night. But if I went through the green sheet three nights in a row, I would have to stay celibate for the rest of my life. That would then be my unbreakable covenant with God. If I chose the red sheet, I could change my mind once, but if I went through the red sheet two times in a row I would be married to a monogamous man and that would then be my unbreakable covenant with God. Finally I could choose the blue sheet, but once I had walked through it once, there was no turning back.

Warren told me to pray very much to God that night so that I would make the right decision for my life, and do His will. Then he left me alone with God. And I prayed and asked and cried and worried for a very long time without God indicating anything. I feared I was stopping Him because maybe I wasn’t open to His will so I tried to tell Him that no matter WHAT he wanted I wanted to do it even if I didn’t like it right then. I asked Him to be clear, and all the time I kept on fearing the revelation my mother had told me about. I so much didn’t want to marry Chris, but I didn’t dare to not do God’s will, because I knew it would only hurt me to be disobedient to Him.

Finally as He still didn’t show up I figured that if I went through the green it would not do any good, as I in any case planned on getting married at some point and I would still not know any more and end up having another terrible night like this if I did that. So green was out of the question.

I was interested in another Christian man I had got to know during the summer holiday, but he had not shown any interest in me, and he did not go to my church, but given time maybe there would be someone that could be attracted to me. I doubted it since I was so unpopular but it would still be what I would have liked most. So since I could change my mind after going through the red once I decided it was the best option. Then I finally fell asleep.

The following night I was less concerned about my still not totally developed breasts showing because I was more worried about the rest of my life. I got prepared together with my aunt again and then saw her, and the other woman walk through the blue sheet, and then when my turn came I went quickly through the red sheet. When they looked at me at the other side I knew I had definitely made the WRONG choice. Ok, one couldn’t fool God, and I knew I had to pick the blue sheet the following night. It was a short meeting with everyone half naked and eating the bread and drinking the wine again. Then as Warren opened for talking I straight away confessed that I had made the wrong choice. His wife that wasn’t my aunt confirmed it and said I had gone through very fast and I looked totally stiff when I had come through.

After the meeting that night Warren came into my room again and asked that if I chose the blue, did I then know who I would be married to? And I said: “Yes, there aren’t any other polygamous men, in our community.” And he said that it would be an engagement covenant. So as I came through I would kiss my fiancée on the other side of the blue sheet. Then he left me alone.

I had hated being half naked, now I had to kiss an ugly old man who was only two years younger than my own mother... What a life!!

The following night went through the ‘right’ sheet, and kissed for the first time. I did that after the other women had gone and done the same in front of me. Later Chris said it had been a terrible kiss. It had been both fast and only half hitting the mouth.

This time I was half undressed in front of my husband to be and nothing could be done. Again we ate the Lords Supper and I was no longer able to dream about ever being normal. I was 14 and stuck in a painful life that God wanted for me, for my own best. It must mean that being normal had to be a VERY horrible life where people blindly hurt themselves constantly. At least heaven would be good! So I smiled bravely back at the other brave smiles the women sent me. Everyone but me was already in their 30-ies at that time. Warren was 38.

During the day I played with his children who were 5 and 7 years younger than me, and the wife who was not my aunt had a baby that she tended to a lot. I helped his wives around the house and kept on sewing my own personal temple flag while they sewed theirs. I longed to go home but it wouldn’t help because I couldn’t tell anyone anyway. Everything that happened in the temple was secret.

The new year of 1993 came and I returned to my parents and started the final half a year at school. I turned 15 on the 21st of January and in February Warren had sent a temple invitation with me for my parents so that I would come with him to Bergen and spend my winter holiday there with him at the home of some elderly church members, they acted as a pastoral couple in Bergen, Norway.

His wives were left at home to take care of everything there while he and I traveled alone. The elderly couple was extremely respectful of him and did everything they could for him to have the meetings he wanted exactly the way he wanted. As the members in Bergen gathered for meetings Warren was displeased with some of their disrespectful behavior and warned the elderly man about possible rebellion. In retrospect I see why they would be unwilling to submit to all his junk, but at the time he seemed very clear sighted about true Christians versus self centered, deluded rebels. Today there are no members left in Bergen. The old man is dead and his wife is in a home for demented people in Arvika, Sweden. They spent their last years serving Warren, and being taken care of by him and his family as his neighbors in Glava, Sweden. Part of the ‘care’ Warren gave them was attempting to drive out the demons of the wife but saying she was too stubbornly holding on to them as the attempts failed and she just kept getting more and more demented.

When I had just turned 15 and was at their place with Warren, he took me out to a Chinese restaurant and the lady serving there said: “Your woman is very beautiful” – that was his only public display of me for the next nearly ten years. When back at the elderly couple’s home. They had gone to bed and Warren entered my room (once again a living room) and I let him kiss me and he fondled my breasts and sucked them and to my surprise it actually felt good. Through my panties he felt between my legs and it generated a desire for more. Then he stopped that and said it belonged to marriage and I felt guilty for having felt like more than God allowed. Especially since I knew I had a hard time wanting the man in the first place. It seemed like I was very wrong and very disgusting. Then he left for his own room and I lay there thinking and trying to sleep. (When I think back I am sure he masturbated himself and his abnormally small penis that night, but at that time I had no clue about any of it even existing).

When home I finished school and then on the 23rd of June the date was set for me to move to Warren’s home. My older brother (the one who was just older than me) had his 17th birthday and was also moving that day to his girlfriend’s home in Oslo. So I felt we jumped from the nest together. And that made me happy. I felt like it somehow connected me to him still somehow. I had a puppy which was only a few months old at that time, but Warren did not let it move with me, so I let my younger brother half own it with me so that he could care for it since  couldn’t. It was named after my first dog which was called Marthe Zahida, it was her daughter and she was named Zahida after her mother whom we had had to put down. Chris had told my mother to obey my father and he had told my mother that we had too many dogs, so she put down a few and it caused extreme sorrow and anger in another of my brothers who had owned one of the most special and pretty dogs named Johnathan. Next, my older brother and I who were closest to him in age, would disappear from home too..

That night there was a ceremony with some of my family present. The older man from Bergen and his wife had come too. And he conducted the temple ceremony in which I was ‘betrothed’ to Chris. My parents gave me two pie-dishes and my oldest sister and her husband gave me a rose-bush. When I was busy elsewhere Warren told my parents that this was only a betrothal ceremony and that he later would marry me. Couples should as a rule wait a year after betrothal, but since I was so immature he would wait perhaps two years. The wedding would be private and according to God’s timing, so this was the only official ceremony that they would be invited to. I wore Warren’s first wife’s wedding gown, she had left him after seven years, and even if some of it was missing I felt a little like a proper bride… nearly. Then my family left and everyone went to their rooms. His other wife and children slept upstairs in their rooms.  During the spring they had made a room for me downstairs next to Chris’s and my aunt’s was on the other side of his.

Then Chris came into my room and told me that even if the ceremony had been a betrothal, we had practically been betrothed for half a year, since we’d already been half naked together. And since I was so mature and spiritual we could get married straight away since it was a private matter between the man, woman and God. He didn’t tell me what he’d told my parents, instead he said we had their permission to go ahead and with that it was legal according to Norwegian law  for 15-years olds to have sex. So I undressed for him and he laid a towel under me and then said he would be gentle and while caressing and kissing me he placed himself on top of me and penetrated me. It didn’t hurt.

He rolled off me after a while and then told me he was surprised that I hadn’t bled. The towel was dry. Then I realized that it had happened on an earlier occasion (which I don’t care to describe here, but it was not caused by a penis) and I felt totally horrible. After a while Chris went to his own room and I got to sleep. The next time I went to the bathroom I felt like everything was changed. I was no longer a virgin. And I was surprised that I still looked like myself in the mirror. I still had pimples and all. 15 years old and one of three wives!

Following another such night he asked me why I had married him, and I told him I was following God’s will. He then told me that his first wife had married him because she felt compelled by God and after seven years she left him. This had caused him much pain, so he wanted me to love him as well as obeying God. So I started trying to force myself to love him, searching for positive traits and not noticing what I didn’t like.

I could not tell anyone, not even the other wives about having got married, because it would make them sad he said. So I kept it a secret, and he kept having silent, undetectable sex with me. Then on my 16th birthday he invited my aunt into my room. And I had to pretend like I was a virgin as we all undressed and she was invited to be our witness of the wedding consummation. She stayed for a short while, and then told him that if she was in the other wife’s shoes she would be furious about not being told. But Warren said the other wife was too unstable to be invited, she would not have been spiritual enough to enjoy his marrying me and her jealousy would spoil everything. So my aunt accepted that and we all had to keep it secret. After the ceremony, my aunt left so that Chris could be with me alone and get married. After she left he said we could NEVER tell her that it had actually happened 6 months earlier. So I never did.

The following week Warren decided to start reading to my Aunt and me from one of the books of Abraham. I think it was the third or fourth book. The first book of Abraham was the text my mother had received in the car which had made her change churches when I was 11.

The first book of Abraham was given to Chris by and American man who called himself Davied Israel (they can be found on the net as “Sons Auman Israel”). Davied was a practicing polygamist and wife-swapper according to Warren. He had taken Warren’s first wife before Warren came to Norway in 1986. She had left Warren, in England, to live in USA with Davied, and for two years she had their two children with her, but then Warren got them by pretending he was taking them for a holiday and instead he kept them and when she wanted to fight for them through court, Warren threatened to expose that she was living polygamously in the States. She feared being thrown out of the States and believed she could not win the children in any case if he did that, so she never fought him.

Ironically Warren himself had taken a second wife, who to top it all was her best friend, WHILE his first wife still lived with him, so he had been polygamous himself when she left, and he did so again straight after he had threatened his ex about exposing her lifestyle, when he married my aunt. And now, in summer of 1993 he married me too (of course none of these marriages were publically registered) and he let my aunt believe we got married in January 1994. By this time he had started writing follow ups to the first book of Abraham. The first one contained the story of Abraham’s early life and how he had been raised. The second was more of the same (I believe, but we only heard that read in the Temple once or twice and I was 13 at the time). I don’t recall that much of it. But the one he read to us at the night soon after I was 16 years old, which Warren had received directly from God and written himself, was about Abraham’s first wives and how women should obey their husband as Sarah did. It also said how women should please their husband together. This way he got divine right to have my aunt on one side and me on the other and fuck both in term. I was disgusted but felt ashamed about that feeling since God thought it was pure and good so I managed it and tried to not be like Hagar had been, ugly and rebellious.

Throughout my years with Warren, the books demanded more and more from the holier women, one book asked us to share a bed, the next to kiss each other’s mouths in holy greetings and we worked with our hearts and conformed to God’s will after reacting violently and crying a lot. Then the books advanced to forcing us women to see our husband in each other and caressing each other’s breasts and then the younger should drink from the spiritually elder’s breasts to gain her spiritual mothering. At first we were not required to be stimulated by this, but later we were to have joy in it. As time went by we were at first told that female genitals were preserved for their husband only, and this was VERY relieving! But that too changed as maturity grew, one could enjoy each other so long as the husband was on the women’s mind and we saw him in each other’s eyes.

Unsurprisingly NOTHING sexual happened between us naturally heterosexual women without Warren there to supervise, teach and push us. Things got postponed when we kept being unable to follow the new demands, but God who Warren renamed Yahweh between 1996 and 1998 was unrelenting and we knew we would be more complete human if we followed His will, so we forced ourselves and the relief of having managed made us actually feel sort of good and content, but NOT ONCE did I feel like more!

This has just been a brief summary of some of the things we were made to do by Christopher Charles Morris Warren, who now resides with his wives and children in Hillringsberg Skolan 3, 670 20 Glava. The leader of NCCG ( www.nccg.org ) also called Mispach Lev Tsion and whatever new names he keeps coming up with. He has kept changing the names of his group, his Holy Orders (temple degrees and living spaces) as well as the names of his deities and doctrinal concepts from time to time throughout the years. All to not be found out and conveniently being able to deny association with things he has taught but which later stopped working for his newest whims.

Some example of name changes was when his Independent Church of Latter Day saints, stopped embracing the Book of Mormon as an absolute standard of truth, he also disliked that the people started to feel independent, he renamed it to New Covenant Church of Jesus Christ, then later he shortened it to New Covenant Church of God, and also Mispacha ha Lev Tsion, and the inner Church changed from Chavorot Becorot, to the Holy Order. His degrees of holiness and authority changed from the Enochian and Melkizedek presidencies (directly pinched from the Mormon system in the beginning) to instead have the Patriarchal (Abrahamic) presidency. I have to admit forgetting many of the names at this time, but I think he also used terms like Aronian and Mosaic(?) presidency, in which Aron was of lower rank than Moses…

What I do recall was that the concept of the Godhead kept being updated as he studied the Bible and found support for his desired views. God became YHWH (pronounced Yahweh), NOT Jehovah as he said that meant “Yah is perverse”. (That way he successfully alienated everyone who used that name from his member’s trust.) Jesus was rediscovered to be Yah’shua (more correct pronunciation than Yeh’shua according to Warren) – the Messiah didn’t sound fancy enough after a while and therefore the Son’s full name became Yah’shua haMashaich.

The biggest change happened to the Holy Spirit. He changed gender and became a woman, after a while he was a unity of women, and finally Yahweh and Yah’shua married them and all these divine women, who kept increasing in numbers as his ambitions for wives got bigger, made up the unit called the “Ruach haQodesh” which once again basically means Holy Breath (or spirit)!!! Each of his wives was then meant to copy their respective “Mothers” (whom he named day 1, day 2 etc in Hebrew – I cannot recall those names right now – and finally the Sabbath Queen, who was pointed out as my aunts ‘Mother’). We then had to serve Warren’s family and his church with our own particular “spiritual gifts” which we inherited from our ‘Mothers’…

Each day was connected to a color. They were the seven colors of light which can be seen in the rainbow. He simultaneously connected them to each of the seven holidays that Yahweh had established in the Old Testament: Four in the spring, and three in the fall. It was intricate and we all tried to keep our tongues straight while honoring it all, trying to celebrate each festival in Yahweh’s way, and minding our thoughts and never upsetting our lord. (Warren even insisted on being called that and having his feet kissed when waking and going to sleep). We were constantly kept busy, bored and on the alert.

Warren doesn’t know how, or care to get himself a family in a respectable way so I have no trouble tearing down his dominion. He is dangerous. He isolates his victims, even from each other. He is a control freak, and he abuses people’s faith and their sense of justice and wish to be fair. But most of all he abuses trust! Please do not trust that man… even in one hour he can say the total opposite to two  different people (like he did to my parents and then later the complete opposite to me the night I got ‘married’) just to manipulate them into letting him have his way. For me it was devastating. He got at least 15 of my years (only after I got out at age 29, did I learn that they had not consented to his marrying me then) – don’t waste any (more) of yours!

Warren knows how to say what is needed to get you to think he is right. He detects if you have any form of shame, care, insecurity or need. He detects easily any form of weakness in you. Anything that will make you listen to him he will use to get his own will out of you. In return he does NOT secure you, tend to your needs or stay loyal to you, no, this man is just a HUGE crybaby whom you invest your energy in taking care of and while you do that you TRUST that he cares in return. Forget that. Warren has only cared about himself for as long as I have known him. Even his own children make sure their dad is ok, and spend their time trying to please him. In return they get praise when they manage and if he notices that they forget him for a while, and instead focus on their own interests, he starts to frighten them by saying they have demons in them. Soon he has their full, fearful attention, and they make sure not to focus on THAT again. This has for instance resulted in his youngest daughter thinking that wanting to look good is a vice that she keeps battling with (in fact his wives too are treated as suspect if they adorn themselves for anyone or anything but him the way he prefers).

If Warren gets a hold on anyone, he starts taking charge of their habits, sexuality, clothes, music, feelings, food, vocabulary, location, celebrations, animals, children, their daily activities, who they have contact with and even their thoughts. No matter what your present situation is, you will ALWAYS be better off without him…

Warren is extreme, but he is not the only one like it. If you recognize the kind of behavior in any person who is old enough for the behavior to be considered childishly demanding, don’t believe the person has a different, more enlightened genius than you. Trust your hunch which tells you this person stopped developing before he/she learned to care about others. When you first feel that something is demanded of you that you would not demand from others, trust that feeling and preserve your energy for someone like yourself. If you still want to benefit from that person’s other, more generous and developed sides, or you have already started caring for that person, you must be prepared to be a teacher and have conflict in order to protect your own energy, but if you notice the person just demanding more and never taking hints. DO NOT underestimate that person’s ability. Entering a lifelong parenting job, especially when you are only granted a subjective position, is a waste of life… your life!

In the case I have talked of here. Warren has stated clearly that he is never going to let a woman tell him what to do, and no man, only Yahweh (whom he himself defines the character of) – in other words: Warren lets no-one change him, and therefore he wastes everyone’s time with his childish, un-empathetic and harmful, demands.


Jannicke Larsen