There are been more people who have left the NCCG cult over the years than have remained. A few are documented here.


In September, 2006, a young man who lived in Pennsylvania and was very involved with the NCCG cult over the internet got sick. He had symptoms of dizzyness, tremoring, and vomiting. His left side would sometimes become paralyzed, and his left hand would make a fist spontaneously. He also had a heart seizure of some kind.

Upon his initial visit to the local hospital, the doctors did not figure out what was wrong. When he returned from the hospital, he used internet messaging software to have a discussion with the cult leader, Christopher C. Warren, about his symptoms.

He described the symptoms to Warren. Warren's responses were:
  • it was a spiritual illness,
  • he was not in danger of dying,
  • Warren encouraged him to stay at home, and stay away from his "demonised" parents.
As more time passed, he felt worse. He eventually allowed his parents to take him to their home in Ohio, against Warren's wishes. In Ohio, his parents took him to the hospital again. This time, they did a CT scan, and they discovered an infected brain abcess caused by an old childhood brain shunt. Left unoperated, it would have killed him within a few weeks time.

The young man was admitted to a hospital in Ohio for the necessary surgery.

On the day before the surgery, Warren sent him an email, and said that cult member "Rayna" had the same sickness and it was related to a spiritual illness combining with a virus.

After the surgery was complete, the young man's realization that Warren's advice would have killed him helped bring him out of being brainwashed, and he left the NCCG cult.

2) Lindsay Dastrop provides, on November 6, 2006:

I'm concerned for many of the christians online, for I have recently found one site that, at first when I was involved for it for a year, seemed harmless. It seemed christian. But after a recent turn of events, it's only evident that my life was at stake the whole time and I never knew.

If you belong to this group on MSN[] or have visited, here is some very important information you might want to read. This cult almost cost my friend's life, and has sought to strangle mine..

This group, or this cult rather, has definitely messed with my head. If you visit nccg_concern, you will see that it has messed with many other's as well. Suffice it to say this is a dangerous site with a dangerous leader who is only in it for the women, any age doesn't matter he'll even go for 13 year olds if he can get em, and all whilst using the Name El Elyon as his 'badge.' That is right, he says he has the right to live this way and act this way and that he has the right to prophecy because he has received the confirmation from "God" Himself.

I would steer clear of any christian or prophet claiming to be of "God." Anymore, I do not know what to believe, but I do believe in a Mighty God who knows my heart, genuinely, and not someone who is just using a woman to guess!

Thanks for all you've done, Derek :] I am sure your testimony will help many many other people out. Chris was wrong..they won't be flocking towards him, but away. Even if he says a large number leaves.. they aren't leaving God, that is for sure..they're leaving Chris and his cult-tactics and false prophesies!

3) Marten Docter provides, on August 30, 2006:

For longer than a year I have been rather absorbed into the NCCG, at first in their (or should I say his? ) website and lately also by visiting chat sessions and planning to go to Sweden for visits and planning to eventually join the NCCG (since a while officially renamed Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon, as you will know).

Since some time I know of this website of yours. When I googled NCCG a while ago, I stumbled upon it and was alarmed at first. But reading on, back then I thought your evaluations were off the mark and naive. My alarms vanished.

Today, I feel different. I've come to the conclusion that Christopher Warren is a fantast at best and a deceiver at worst. I wish to share with you some facts and materials that have helped me reach this conclusion, because I think they may be of value to you and because any which way the truth must surface, as I'm sure Christopher Warren will formally agree.

What you wrote about the hypnotical attraction of Christopher's writings sounded very familiar to me. I have been reading the bigger part of his website. I have found some things that are crucial in evaluating Christopher Warren's trustworthiness of which I'm not sure you have found them too.

Let me begin to say that you will be aware of the fact that Christopher uses pseudonyms, 'Lev Tsiyon' being the most important one. Albeit a lot of theological ideas are attached to this name, in the final analysis it is, at least for now, identical with 'Christopher Warren'. This is of course very significant, because it means that the name of his congregation is in fact 'Family of Christopher Warren'. 'Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon' sounds better, it's true, but isn't that because the meaning is less obvious? (Another pseudonym that Chris has incidentally used for unclear reasons is V.S. Karaliaucius in the listing 'The Occult: a Book by V.S. Karaliaucius' on the old website's main archive that I guess you are familiar with.)

Now, about a week ago it occurred to me with a shock that the Polish polygamist 'Stanislaw Królewiec' who has written loads of material on polygamy on a website of his own that has been joined to the NCCG's main website, is actually Warren himself. After some investigation I do not doubt it anymore. The writing style and vocabulary is identical. Christopher hasn't even tried to write as if he were Polish. Nevertheless, he holds up the illusion that he is a Polish guy in several ways and in several places; also relating about his personal experiences in a selective manner to exclude the facts that show he isn't this Polish guy. I can understand his reasons for this, but, especially measured against his own standards, pretending to be a Polish guy with a Polish name when you are an Englishman named Christopher Warren amounts to lying and deceiving. Theoretically I could be wrong about this, but comparing the writing styles and vocabularly and the personal experiences, there can hardly be any doubt. On top of that, on 'Ezion Geber's Fraternity Page' there is a link to what he calls ' my MSN Bulletin Board' (first paragraph, saying 'click here') that leads to an older version of the NCCG Cyber Community. Now, hold on please: 'Ezion Geber' explicitly states that he is 'Stanislaw Królewiec' for real; but since a link to 'my MSN Bulletin Board' leads to Christopher Warren's MSN bulletin board, isn't that enough proof that both 'Ezion Geber', 'Stanislaw Królewiec' and Christopher Warren are one and the same person? This would indeed mean that 'Ezion Geber is a pseudonym of a pseudonym! Still on top of that, 'Królewiec's' list of beliefs is identical to the list found on the homepage of the old NCCG-site.

(NCCG_Concern interjection: Derek Rumpler verifies that Christopher Warren and Stanislaw Królewiec are one and the same)

This is, of course, rather ironical after the Bluewater2 affair and after Christopher's accusations against you for operating anonymously. (I realise now that I can't exclude the possibility that you are Christopher Warren too ;) ).

Maybe you figured all this out already, but to me it was a shock and I think you could or should focus attention to Warren's misleading pseudonymizing.

For me, it worked like this: first I thought that 'Lev-Tsiyon' was a very special guy and that Warren was sort of a 'secretary' which would explain that he was rather 'low-profile' in communication; then, only after quite some time, it appeared to me that Lev-Tsiyon actually was Christopher Warren. Meanwhile, I thought that Christopher had only one wife, whereas 'Stanislaw Królewiec' had more - but only much later I found out that Królewiec actually was Christopher warren! In this way, people are being misleaded as to the real identity and lifestyle of Christopher Warren. In many of his sermons, Christopher has really been suggesting to the ignorant the idea that he only has one wife, by speaking of 'my wife this' and 'my wife that' and referring to his 'marriage' (rather than 'one of my wifes' or 'marriages'). Again, I can understand why he wants to hide his polygamous life to the public, but I find it rather deceptive.
On top of the different pseudonyms Christopher always goes by the title 'Community_Moderator' in cyberspace, which further confuses his identity: I've experienced that a girl came into the chatroom demanding that only Christopher Warren speak to her, not realizing who this 'Community_Moderator' was.. And to top it off completely, Christopher's title has always been 'the presiding patriarch', with the word 'presiding' falsely suggesting that the patriarchs are taking turns, when in truth Christopher Warren is the only patriarch 'presiding'!

Recently I went back to Królewiec's pages to do some more research. I must say I was shocked by the vulgarity of some of the content.  For instance, on 'Stan's personal page',  'Stan' relates:

Finally, we move on to photography which, if I could afford it, I would do a lot more of. Fine art photography - both black-and-white and colour, also interests me a lot. As with the above, I intend to focus on human subjects, and in particular women, since they are what most interest me (women are so much more beautiful than men ... for men, that is!). Here is a sample of fine quality photography that I find captivating (the lady on the right reminds me much of my wife Kasia).


'Fine art photography - both black-and-white and colour, also interests me a lot. As with the above, I intend to focus on human subjects, and in particular women, since they are what most interest me (women are so much more beautiful than men ... for men, that is!).'

I find this rather shocking - here is the man that goes on ranting in his sermons against the lusts of the flesh saying that women are what interests him most!

On an other page about his philately, 'Stan' tells us: 'Kasia says I should add one last item that I collect, namely wives, but I think that is treated fairly well elsewhere.'

O sure, it's humour... But one wonders how much truth there is in this joke when this same man states that women are what interests him most...

In 'Practical guidelines for prospective wifes', a must-read for anyone concerned about NCCG, paragraph 2, titled 'For virgins', states:

'Women who have never had sexual contact with another man are admitted into our family more quickly than those who have, again for obvious reasons.'

Right. Why do I feel uncomfortable about this?!

Now for another shocking discovery. This one isn't really new for me. It's about some of  NCCG's (=Christopher Warren's) writings that have been bothering me for quite a while. I had put it out of my mind, but when I read about the latest developments on your website, I decided to investigate and evaluate these texts once more. And I can't understand now how naive I have been.

I'm talking about some of the 'deutero-canonical' Scriptures of NCCG, namely "The Second Book of Abraham", "The Third Book of Abraham". "The Second Book of Joseph", and "The Third Book of Joseph'" (and a bunch of other 'Scriptures', often offered only as extracts on the site). These books have been written by Christopher 'under the inspiration of the 'Holy Spirit'. Now, about some of these writings Christopher makes some truly remarkable claims. 'The Second Book of Abraham' is said to be a ' pseudepigraphic expansion of Genesis 5-25'. That is interesting.  According to Wikipedia 'Pseudepigrapha, from Greek pseudes = "false", "epigraphe" = "inscription"— see Epigraphy— are text works that are considered to have a wrongly attributed authorship .'  So, Abraham wasn't the author of the text? But who was, or is?

Watch this. On this page 'Królewiec' writes that

'The Second Book of Abraham, which resembles in many respects the apocryphal Book of Jasher, is a mesoteric text, whose origin and historicity is uncertain but is probably reasonably accurate. It was obtained by the Holy Order in a corrupted form and was retranslated by inspiration by the Presiding Patriarch, Lev-Tsiyon.'  (My boldprint).

Perplexingly enough, on the other page on the main site Christopher states:

'The Second Book of Abraham is a pseudepigraphic expansion of Genesis 5-25 (known by New Covenant Christians as "The First Book of Abraham") and was originally written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit without original manuscripts.' 

And a few lines later he adds these astonishing words:

'A sequel, "The Third Book of Abraham", also translated prophetically without manuscripts by the Presiding Patriarch, follows this book.'

Here Christopher Warren has to pay the price for the speed of his writings. First we had a manuscript 'in a corrupted form' (suggesting antiquity); now we have no manuscripts at all! Of course the latter is a lot closer to the truth. But what is Christopher Warren actually saying in the words last quoted? He is speaking sheer nonsense. A 'prophetic translation without manuscripts' is a joke. A translation without material to translate is no translation. Instead, this is the kind of 'revelation' that is typical of the New Age 'movement': fast and spurious. 'Junk revelation', 'Satan's easy to obtain counterfeit revelation' if I may put it in the kind of words that Christopher so often uses against the charismatic movement in his sermons.

But this is not even all, because on 'Królewiec's' page about the Second Book of Abraham, he states: '

The Second Book of Abraham is a pseudepigraphic expansion of Genesis 5-25 (known by members of the Holy Order as "The First Book of Abraham") and was originally written under the inspiration of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) without original manuscripts by someone not of our Order (and therefore its accurancy cannot be vouched for)'.

Isn't this stunning?! Here, the manuscripts are gone for Stanislaw as well apparently, but now the piece is suddenly written 'by someone not of our order'! Are we to assume that Christopher Warren wasn't a member of the order he himself established? -Enough!

Now, remember that Christopher stated that the Second Book of Abraham was 'probably reasonably accurate' pertaining to origin and historicity (although according to 'Stan' 'its accurancy cannot be vouched for'... Very wise, Stan!). This is in itself an untenable position since pseudepigraphics are never 'reasonably accurate' on this behalf, which is why they are pseudepigraphics in the first place. In the Second Book of Abraham, a lot of the 'gaps' that occur in Genesis are neatly filled in. Lamechs enigmatic exclamation is explained by the relating of a family murder he had committed; Ham's cursing by Noah is explained by the fact that Ham castrated his father (!) (anyone care to psychoanalyse that?!). This all suggests historicity. Nevertheless, the text abounds in legendary material, perhaps partly taken from rabbinical sources (I seemed to recognize bits here and there). (And like Warren himself claims, the book is partly based on the apocryphal Book of Yasher - apparently, the holy spirit wasn't creative enough to come up with something truly original). More importantly, the text overflows with anachronisms like 'preaching the Gospel' and referrals to spiritual warfare, and, most importantly, with stressed patterns that resemble the ideals of Warren himself, such as patriarchy, polygyny and even lots of adopted sons, as well as the establishing of the 'Firstborn Church'. In this manner, the NCCG and in fact Warren himself are projected back into time to give them semi-biblical credits. This mechanism of dating the origins of a cult or religious movement back into antiquity is a well known strategy for New Agers and the like.

Now, let's pause for a moment, because here we got something that from a biblical point of view isn't innocent phantasizing at all. What Christopher Warren has done here is that he has expanded the book of Genesis, adding to it all kinds of fantasies and petty preoccupations.

Genesis as you know is part of the Torah, about the most holy part of the Scriptures. And what does the Torah, that Christopher claims to hold so high, itself say about adding to it?

Do not add to the word which I command you, nor diminish from it, to observe the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you. Deuteronomy 4:2

Everything I command you that you shall be careful to do it. You shall neither add to it, nor subtract from it. Deuteronomy 13:1

Every word of God is refined; He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him. Do not add to His words, lest He prove to you, and you be found a liar. Proverbs 30:5-6

I knew that everything that God made, that will be forever; we cannot add to it, nor can we subtract from it; and God made it so that they fear Him. Ecclesiastes 3:14

'Do not add to His words, lest He prove to you, and you be found a LIAR'!

I think Scripture is clear enough here. Let's continue.

Of The Third Book of Abraham 'Stanislaw' writes that

'it is believed to be a pseudepigraphical parable whose purpose is to convey spiritual truths rather than to render a precise historical account (3 Abr.75:33). Thus the 'Abraham' of the Third Book of Abraham is a personification of the ideal New Covenant Patriarch in all dispensations, and especially of the Millennial Theocratic Order.'

That seems to be a lot more honest, although still there is the mention of a pseudepigraph, suggesting there is an age-old manusscript which of course there isn't. 'Stan' goes on to cite 'the presiding patriarch' (apparently they had good communications) on the writing of The Third Book of Abraham. Here Chris gets very revealing about the junk he has created:

'"This revelation was the most intense of all the revelations I have received during my ministry and came at extraordinary speed and under the most unlikely conditions. It was not premeditated. It came in literally thousands of small chunks during the course of several normal working days. I would wake up and start writing immediately for five or ten minutes, take a shower, write for three or four minutes, and write the odd verse here and there whilst eating breakfast. I would then make my way to the underground railway station, pause on a park bench, write for two or three minutes, board my train, and write for 10-15 minutes on the way to work. I would write for two or three minutes whilst waiting for my tram, and then for another eight or so minutes on the tram. I would arrive at work and make preparations for the day. If I had the odd half minute free, I would carry on writing. Then the day's work would begin. I would start teaching a class, give them an assignment, write for two minutes, and return to my lecturing. This would occur throughout the day with maybe 70 to 80 snippets being written down. At the end of a long working day I would sit down and, if lucky, write for half-an-hour to an hour, in between correcting students' work and preparing lectures for the next day. The same proceedure would be repeated on the tram and train on the way home. Once home I would sit down and read the day's work from my journal to my family who would wait with eager anticipation each evening to hear the unfolding story. At least 80% of the book was written in this manner without the opportunity for review save at the end of each day. It was an exhillarating experience for the book was dictated conceptually by the Ruach (Spirit) faster than I could write it down. '

I know my Bible, and I know that the Spirit doesn't 'dictate' (be it verbally or conceptually); God does it the hard way, taking thousands of years for molding stubborn human beings and inspiring them to write out of the reality of life instead of dictating them 'lost manusscripts' at 'extraordinary speed' as is the false way of the new age gods. (Hm... Does the latter part  sound a bit like Christopher?! Well, he has to be measured against his own standards..).

So much for the Third Book of Abraham. 'The Second Book of Joseph' is based on an actual pseudepigraph, at first glance, and so would belong to a different category. 'The Third Book of Joseph' is an 'inspired writing' again but has never been finished. And there is a bunch of other, similar writings only offered as small extracts, like I said.

About these writings, I must finally say that their style is abominable. It reads like some kind of science fiction placed in antiquity, with all too obvious moral and Christopher Warrenistic lessons and even a cartoonistic concept like the mysterious 'secret combination' that is such a horrible weapon in the hands of the ungodly...

For me, the 'junk revelation' nature of these 'prophetic translations' and 'inspired writings' has become crystal clear. They seem even worse than the similar writings of the Mormons. In that light, the rest of Christopher Warren's writings, however sophisticated they may seem, has become suspect. How can I trust a man who lies about his identity, as well as about the identity of his writings?

There are a couple of chatroom- and forum-experiences that I want to share with you as well.

  • #1: I'm in the chatroom, talking with Christopher. I'm feeling very happy and warm in my head and my chest - a feeling of which I'm now convinced that it did not derive from the Holy Spirit. A girl enters the room, apparently in dire need of spiritual help.  Derek asks Warren if he shall talk with the girl in private while Warren continues helping me. I remember Warren's answer: 'NO!'. Then he said something like he wouldn't want to miss the chance to help her and called her 'love'. I found this a bit odd and misplaced. It's gotten a whole new meaning for me now. I know mr. Warren better from his own writings.
  • #2: On the forum, there is a girl/woman relating how she struggles with accepting Gods love and things like that. A female NCCG-member, most probably one of Warren's wifes, answers that for her, Gods love only became real and concrete when she opened up her heart to Christopher! I think this very much speaks for itself - usually, evangelical christians will invite you to open up your heart to Jesus...

Another thing comes to mind here: Warren believes and teaches that God has seven wifes, which are the seven female ruachs or holy spirits. This comes down to God being a patriarch with a polygamic lifestyle.. Hey.. Doesn't that remind us of someone we know?!  - Warren's concept of God seems to be a projection of himself and a legitimation of his own lifestyle. In his systematic theology, God seems to be a sort of 'super-Christopher Warren' and in his practical theology, opening up your heart to Warren is overshadowing the relationship with Jesus that is only being paid (lots of) lipservice. Contact with Jesus is being mediated by 'the garden', which is in the first place the heart of Christopher Warren. I've witnessed myself that Warren, immediately after 'delivering' a girl, invited her to 'come into his heart'(='the garden'.) (He never asked me to do that! - and a good thing too!). (The girl was confused and said she wasn't ready.)

I'm convinced that the 'Yah'shua' in the garden is NOT the Jesus of Nazareth  who reveals Himself in the Scriptures.