November 1998: Are You Ready?
25 October 1998

For the last two months we have been urgently getting the message out to the world, and especially to Norway, to prepare for big troubles in November. For the last two years we have been receiving visions and revelations warning of financial catastrophe, and especially this last month (October) we have literally been drowned in visions.

The most recent came this morning (Scandinavian time) at 08:25. I saw an alarm clock before me. Just above 2 o'clock the glass face was shattered as though it had been pierced by a bullet or some other high velocity device. Although we are not 100% clear as to the meaning of this vision it confirms an earlier one we saw of a small candle about to flicker out whose flame was distored so that it too was pointing at 2 o'clock. There is no doubt that something unpleasant is going to take place at "2 o'clock". This could be the time of the day when the anticipated "earthquake" strikes Norway (2 a.m. or 2 p.m.) or it could be a date (2 November, 14 November) or something else. If we learn more, we will post it here.

Though we still uncertain of the details, one thing we are certain of: November 1998 is D-day for alot of unprepared Christians and many, many more unbelievers. Are you prepared? What provisions have you made for the physical and spiritual security of your friends and loved ones? What of your neighbours? Do you have places of safety to gather to? Have you prayed to know what you are to do? Have you received answers to your prayers? If you are a Christian, have you checked to make sure you are being obedient to the Lord? (He cannot answer your prayers if you aren't doing what He has told you to do in the Word and by revelation). If you are an unbeliever, have you surrendered your life to Christ and accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour? Have you genuinely repented of your sins?

The Lord uses calamities to awaken sleepy people who have resisted His call to freedom. Though the effects of a calamity may seem to be awful, their purpose it ultimately salvation, and therefore based on love.

Issue 57 (October 1998) of the New Covenant Witness will be sent out this week. When we will be able to publish again, we do not know. We are seriously cash-strapped now and are running this Internet site (and our others) on a shoe-string. If we disappear off the Internet it will be because we are out of money. We will try in any case to keep the NCCM (New Covenant Christian Ministries) site at Geocities running as this is a free service. Keep an eye open on this site as we will be putting some essential spiritual survival materials on it -- we may not be as far off from the Great Tribulation as we once supposed.

If we have died with [Christ], we shall also live with Him;
if we endure, we shall also reign with Him;
if we deny Him, he will also deny us;
if we are faithless, He remains faithful -
for He cannot deny Himself" (2 Tim.2:11-13, RSV).

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