Excerpts from " Article 303, How To Be a Christian and to Suffer Gracefully"
Author: Christopher C. Warren
Date indicated: October 2, 2000

"Ask a modern woman to call her husband "master" or "lord" and she'd sooner kick him in the genitals (which incidentally was a capital offence in Mosaic times). Today the rallying cry is "equality" and "freedom", the greatest verbal misnomers ever. For in truth women are no longer their true feminine selves - they are prisoners of a false sexuality. They are trying to fit into an artificially contrived image of womanhood and in the process have lost themselves. The women have become more masculine and the men more feminine. The politically correct men are girls dressed up in trousers and those who are not are either true Christians men or their very opposite - the male macho animal."

Men have either become castrated by feminism or been driven into black hole of bestiality. The Christian man is almost as equally scarce as the Christian woman."

"And that's the truth. The New Age philosophy of the Illuminati which is pushing everything and everyone towards one world government and one world religion, is one of power at any cost in which people are disposable. Millions of people are scheduled for extermination. They've already started doing it covertly. Anyone who stands in the way of Illuminist Weisshaupt's dream is due to be butchered. Everything is disposable - relationships, jobs, savings, true sexual identity, Christians, the politically incorrect. People don't matter any more. All that matters is the communist state, the nazi Reich, the liberal democratic New Order - people are but cogs in the machinery for the greater evil to come. And the leaders of this crime against love and truth are sweeping the deluded masses of unsaved souls along on their caravan of fantasy just as the Bolsheviks did with the impoverished workers and peasants and the nazis with a defeated and humiliated German people. The bag of tricks is the same - they're just gift-wrapped differently."