08. Letter of Appeal to PON - Pressensopinionsämd

Box 22310

26 July 2006

Appeal Against the Decision of Allmänhetens Pressombudsman Dnr 208/06

This letter is an appeal against the decision of PO of 4 July 2006 in which my complaint against the conduct of Nya Wermlands Tidningen (NWT) was overturned by Kersti Söderberg on the grounds that press ethical procedures had in fact been properly observed (¶6). This appeal will provide conclusive evidence that press ethical procedures were not only not observed but systematically abused.

This letter should be studied in conjuction with the original 5-part Dossier (which shall hereafter simply be referred to as 'Doss.') containing five Sections (A-E) (hereafter simply referred to as 'Sec.') sent on 22 June 2006 to PO to which I shall be extensively referring and which should therefore be at hand whilst this document is studied.

I contend that journalist Gustav Sjöholm and photographer Marcus Bryngelsson of NWT have failed to observe the Rules on Publicity stated in the Code of Ethics for Press, Radio and Television in Sweden, on several counts, which shall be detailed hereafter. The principle objections and their headings are listed in the 7 paragraphs below in bold face. The material evidence, with references, is indented beneath in ordinary type face. Because I do not read or speak Swedish, I shall be referring to the English translations of the case documents that have been made for me. The Nya Wermlands Tidningen (hereafter referred to as NWT) newspaper article in question may be found in Doss.Sec.C in both Swedish and English and when referred to, will simply be cited as NWT, the headers and paragraphs of which (¶) I have numbered for easy reference.

Where ambiguity may possibly be present in the Swedish Rules of Publicity, and leave loopholes for journalists to escape from the otherwise clearly stated rules of PO/PON, I have taken the liberty of borrowing further ethical indices from the Code of Ethics - Canons of Journalism from the University of Tennessee (copy attached), which closely resembles its Swedish counterpart, as these and other Codes may be referred to in any upcoming court case which I may initiate in Sweden or the EU if I am not given satisfaction here. These I have distinguished from the Swedish Code as sub-paragraphs and clearly indicated their separateness by indenting them and referencing them as U.Tennessee. One possible loophole, which might give journalists carte blanche, and which I believe has been exploited by Sjöholm in my case, is an inadequate definition of the concept of what "the public interest" actually means (e.g. Code of Ethics, I.7).

#1. He fails to give an "accurate and objective news report" (§I.1, Provide accurate news);

#2. He has failed to be "critical of news sources", has failed to "check facts as carefully as possible in the light of the circumstances", and has failed to "distinguish between statements of facts and comments" (§I.2, Ibid.);

#3. His headlines and introductory sections are not "supported by the text" (§I.3, Ibid.);


[1] "ACLU opposes the use of mental incompetency proceedings, temporary conservatorship, or denial of government protection as a method of depriving people of the free exercise of religion, at least with respect to people who have reached the age of majority. Mode of religious proselytizing or persuasion for a continued adherence that do not employ physical coercion or threat of same are protected by the free exercise of religion clause of the First Amendment against action of state laws or by state officials. The claim of free exercise may not be overcome by the contention that 'brainwashing' or 'mind control' has been used, in the absence of evidence that the above standards have been violated." (as cited in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deprogramming)

[2] We have extensively documented the activities of 'deprogrammers' on our on-line Discussion Board. As this information is extremely important and little known except to serious researchers, I have extracted some informative academic and newspaper reports here:

2A. The Anticult Network

2B. Some Case Studies #1

2C. Some Case Studies #2

The 'deprogramming' of Stephanie Riethmiller
Richard Raskin

MS Magazine, Sept 1982

This article shows how the "mind-control" allegation is used despite the fact that Riethmiller wasn't part of any group, she was just engaged in an alleged lesbian relationship. As for cult deprogramming victims, the mind-control rhetoric succeeded to get the deprogrammers acquitted despite the fact that they kidnapped her, raped her, and tried to forcefully impose their own values to her.

2D. Historical Update on Cult 'Deprogrammer' Rick Ross: