Christopher Warren published the text of a second complaint about NWT's newspaper article about NCCG. This appears to have been addressed to the "Pressensopinionsnämd". It is  loaded with misrepresentations and inaccuracies.

The issues I noted are shown below, and include some information obtained from interviewing Gustav Sjoholm (the NWT reporter who wrote the article).

My actual understanding in the case
Christopher Warren's Statement
At the time the young man's family was interviewed, the young man had indicated to the family that he had permanently moved to Christopher Warren's compound in Hillringsberg. This is indicative of "membership" both in the general sense of the word and to the best of the family's understanding at the time. The young man changed his mind about this move later, after the newspaper article had been printed. 1.1. Lie #1. "She [a 'deprogrammer'] has made an attempt to deprogram one of the members who has been enticed to Glava" (NWT ¶19). The young man in question is not a member, has never been a member, and was never asked to be a member of NCCG or NCCG's Swedish cooperative, either by baptism (the ordinance for entrance into the church), unspoken understanding, or by written or verbal agreement of any kind. He was a guest of the cooperative, at his own request, for one week in December 2005, and returned (again at his own request) as as a prospective member in May 2006. He remained for about three weeks, returned home to see the World Cup (as we have no TV) and decided, because of homesickness, not to return here. He remains a good friend and in occasional contact. The journalist has herein created the false impression that the young man was a full and active member of NCCG and/or the cooperative, which he never was.
The young man's family reported that the young man had stated that the primary reason for his move was that the living environment at the NCCG compound represented a safe haven from worldly temptations in which he wanted to participate. He was also being materially helped in his relocation process by Warren. This would satisfy the use of the word "entice".
1.2. Lie #2. The young man in question was "enticed" (tempted, allured). This is a purely subjective speculation without any factual evidence or warranty (see #1.1 above).
The word "compound", when used relative to cults, does not imply that a physical barrier necessarily exists around the premises.

However, in this case, the compound was enclosed on all sides and set off by a barrier. At the time the photographer went to the site, he found that there was significant vegetation around the entire parameter except for the entrance itself (driveway), and it was difficult to view the buildings from off of the property. A small area that borders the access road that runs in front of the property contained thinner vegetation than the rest of the area, which was bordered by forest. I also have documentation of this.

It is absolutely not open on all sides. Its general appearance was that it is only easily accessible from the driveway or by walking through the area of thinner vegetation directly in front of the access road. It was difficult for the NWT team to locate due to the concealment of the vegetation.

1.3. Lie #3. The cooperative is not a "compound" as Sjöholm writes (NWT ¶26,38) which is an loaded word commonly used of cults in the USA but which Sjöholm nowhere attempts to define or explain (he translates the anti-website use of 'compound' as 'gård'). The dictionary says that a "compound n. 1. A building or buildings, especially a residence or group of residences, set off and enclosed by a barrier. 2. An enclosed area used for confining prisoners of war". My home is open on all sides and anyone can walk into it without any hindrance by means of a road, across open lawns and through numerous public forest paths. This is deliberate deception to make it appear like some restraining camp with a wall or fence around it. Indeed, as I mentioned in my complaint against NWT, all kinds of people come in and out of here all the time, including parties of former Swedish pupils on nostalgia trips and trippers in the summer collecting berries (Doss.Sec.D, ¶B4.5, p.3).
This statement by Warren is an attack, using factoids (invented facts believed to be true because of their appearance in print), against Mary Alice Crapo, a well-established professional in a known, reputable field. The attacks are of the type that is known to be used by other cult leaders.

1.4. Lie #4. Sjöholm liberally refers to an American so-called 'sect-deprogrammer' in such a way as to give the false impression that such a category of person has authority in society, in scientific circles or in the legal establishment. He fails to inform his public readership that not only is 'deprogramming' regarded by the psychiatric establishment as a 'pseudo-science' but, because of numerous court cases in the United States, has been shown to be a form of brainwashing itself and a violation of human rights. The whole thrust of his article relies on the 'tesitimony' and 'authority' of so-called 'cult-deprogrammers' who have historically often been known (as is well documented in court records) to kidnap and physically and psychologically abuse adults. He fails, for instance, to note that in 1977 the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published a paper in which they concluded that all 'deprogramming' is a violation of constitutional rights [See Endnote #1, p.11] Indeed, he used this presumed 'authority' even after I had supplied him with a Swedish case study (Doss.Sec.A, ¶9, p.2) and references to psychiatric watchdog organisations who recommend that 'deprogrammers' be carefully monitored alongside the genuine cults because of their record of human rights abuses (Ibid., ¶10). His article, if it had been balanced and honest, would have included information for the readers on these matters so that they could see that 'deprogrammers' are not regarded as having any scientific, ethical or legal authority in the USA where they are best known and have been tested over a long period of time. These facts practically invalidate everything Sjöholm has to say against us using this 'deprogrammer' as an 'authority', which she isn't, a published book notwithstanding. Indeed, as this particular victim of 'deprogramming' informed me, what the 'deprogrammer' was in fact trying to do was reprogram him into her own belief system by misrepresenting our actual beliefs to him. In all but one item she misquoted us and deceived him that he raised with us.
Publishing the statements of experts in their respective fields is part of the normal method of operation for journalists.
1.5. Lie #5. Sjöholm quotes a 'deprogrammer', on her authority alone, as saying that we "do everything which is typical of a sect" without contextually telling the readers what these 'things' are or what a 'sect' is (see #1.7 below) (Doss.Sec.D, ¶15).
I second the newspaper's report that his writings teach this to its most deeply-involved members. However, Christopher Warren's writings are frequently contradictory, and due to that, it is probably possible to find some written material that would suggest otherwise.
1.6. Lie #6. Sjöholm also quotes the 'deprogrammer' as implying that we teach that we are the "one true way" (¶21) when in numerous writings, articles and discussions on our website and discussion boards we have emphatically said the very opposite - we have consistently published that whilst there is only one truth that one can arrive at that through many groups or churches or through no group or church at all. Sjöholm has not done his research properly or has deliberately ignored evidence.
The words "cult" and "sect" are used to describe NCCG by reputable experts in the field of exit counseling and cult education, in addition to the interviewed families who are in direct contact with involved perceived "members".
1.7. Lie #7. Sjöholm repeatedly and consistently uses the word 'sect' in a misleading, deceptive and dishonest way without ever definining the term, playing on popular associations, as well as clearly using it in the minority dictionary meaning of a 'cult'. This I exposed in my complaint to NWT (Doss.Sec.D, ¶B5, p.4).
Christopher Warren refused to discuss the whole "demon" and "satanic" issue in his written reply to NWT. Gustav proceeded based upon his best understanding of the situation, which reflected the more typical understanding of demonic "possession".

Maybe next time, Warren should just answer the questions instead of replying with a book full of unrequested details about other aspects of NCCG.

1.8. Lie #8. Sjöholm states in his article (Doss.Sec.D, ¶33) that we believe that certain activities lead "demons to possess people". The word "possess" means 'total control' which we have never claimed. Unlike others (like Catholics) who believe in 'possession', we do not, but rather in demonic 'influence'.
Christopher Warren refused to discuss the whole "satanic attack" issue in his written reply to NWT. Gustav proceeded based upon his best understanding of the situation, which included reading Christopher Warren's own statements about physical attacks by "satanists" who were supposedly then killed all around the parameter of their property.

Maybe next time, Warren should just answer the questions instead of replying with a book full of unrequested details about other aspects of NCCG.

1.9. Lie #9. Sjöholm claims that I have "killed forty-some satanists" (Doss.Sec.D, ¶38). I have never physically hurt, injured or killed a living soul in my whole life. We are pacifists. We believe, along with other Christians, that God intervenes both to protect and cut off people in His own sovereign will by means of His own choosing. We do not seek to 'aid' that, were that even to be possible.
This was an implication made by Christopher Warren himself in his own writings about the "satanist attacks".
1.10. Lie #10. Sjöholm implies (Doss.Sec.D, ¶39) that police have been out hunting for missing satanists. I have never said anything of the sort. The police have never been contacted by us once in all our years in Sweden - save to once find a missing old person with Alzheimers who had wandered away, and on another occasion when a vandal threw a rock through a window in our house - and we have never claimed that we have caleld them for any other reason.
I can't address this without a better English language translation of the NWT article.
1.11. Lie #11. We have never taught that people will "lose out on something if one does not move to headquarters" (NWT ¶16). Quite apart from the fact that we could never support more than a few people at any one time, or have the space for them, on our cooperative, we encourage all converts to build up the church in their own home country or place where they live. No more than about a dozen or so members and investigators have ever visited our cooperative of all the thousands that hold membership.
This has absolutely not been my own impression so far through my research and communication with NCCG members. Gustav apparrently came to the same conclusion.
1.12. Lie #12. We do not "control people's lives" (NWT ¶16) but encourage people to be critical thinkers, find out the truth for themselves, engage in free discussion, view the pro's and con's of all matters, and arrive at intelligent and informed decisions over a period of time. This is consistently stated in our writings and discussion groups over and over again but Sjöholm has ignored these or not bothered to do proper research.
Incontrovertable evidence of his paranoia about many things, including satanists, was easily viewable in the message board posts throughout the various messageboards (an example message board thread is archived here). Among the paranoia issues noted were being followed by satanists in cars, being stalked by satanists around the paremeter of the compound (and even meeting them on occasion), having telephone conversations tapped, and having email intercepted by "the enemy", having internet Instant Messaging intercepted by "the enemy". Additionally, some elements of this paranoia are visible in an article he wrote by the name "303Art-SufferGrace.html", in which it is indicated that:

There are 9 giant computers available to the Illuminati which will one day be made available to the Antichrist. These computers contain information about all individuals including their bank accounts, police records, academic qualifications, medical histories, and in the cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse victims, it contains information about the way they have been programmed, triggers, key words, and other things. These computers are linked by a complex network of media materials that contain the triggers themselves. Millions of people have been scheduled for extermination by the Illuminati due to "standing in their way", and the extermination is already being done covertly.

1.13. Lie #13. We do not go around "creating a paranoia against satanists" or anyone else (NWT ¶16). "Paranoia is a mental disorder characterised by any of several types of delusions, as of grandeur or persecution" or "an intense fear or suspicion, esp. when unfounded". A distinction must be clearly made between a genuine, false or suspected case of 'paranoia'. Having a firm opinion or belief about a matter where there are two sets of contradictory evidence or views does not make someone 'paranoid'. A careful study of satanism will reveal that there are both proponents and opponents as to the existence of their views and violent activities with evidence produced by both sides of the debate. The fact that one party does not believe the evidence does not mean that the other party is 'paranoid' where proof is not absolute, otherwise a person having a belief in any kind of religious system could be accused of being 'paranoid' or 'delusional' by those who do not, for example, believe in the supernatural (as it happens, atheists or naturalists occupy a minority position in the world). This is an example of using loaded words without proper qualifications.
#1: The interviewed witness was relating to Gustav, to the best of his/her understanding at the time, the conditions of Warren's contact with the young man around 4AM in the morning on a particular evening. The contact with Warren may have actually been Internet contact and not telephone.

#2 The rest of this is incorrect assumptions and accusations made by Warren regarding an exit counseling session (Warren is not an authority on exit counseling, nor a psychologist).
1.14. Lie #14. I have never called anyone at "four o'clock in the morning" to ask for help when "satanists were attacking" (NWT ¶22) let alone the unnamed person in the article. The reason for the 'deprogrammer's' "failure" was because she had given so much misinformation to our investigator that he could see for himself that she was either lying or deceived. It must be remembered also that most 'deprogrammers' don't 'deprogram' for love but for money (because it's their profession), and in this case the employer, the victim's mother, was expecting 'results' because she did not wish her son to go abroad.
Warren's definition of "obcessed" is wrong. It means excessive preoccupation, not total preoccupation.

v. tr.
To preoccupy the mind of excessively.

v. intr.
To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic: “She's dead. And you're still obsessing” (Scott Turow).

1.15. Lie #15. "They are obsessed with satanists taking over the world" (NWT ¶24). To be "obsessed" with something is to be "totally pre-occupied" with that matter, which I absolutely am not. And whilst I most certainly believe in conspiracy theory, as do many people from many religious and non-religious backgrounds, I am not "obsessed" with it. In fact, the matter occupies a tiny fraction of my time and interest, as my many on-line articles and posts amply attest.
Warren has been seen telling men that polygamy is their right, even if they choose not to exercise it. "Official position" in this case would appear to be different from the position stated directly to members. 1.16. Lie #16. The official position of this church is that monogamy is the 'natural state of man' and that polygamy is a minority and permissive practice which will become the natural state for the nation of Israel in the millennium. We do not believe that polygamy "will be the natural state of the human race" (NWT ¶30). That is in any case a demographical absurdity.
Mary Alice Crapo (the exit counseling professional he is referencing) researched NCCG to the extent necessary to make this determination.

Additionally, the determinations about "control" are always based upon core members (such as those who live ore are planning to live at the compound and who at least in some cases are known to have abandoned their aspirations for higher education in order to do so) and not fringe members (such as those whose only participation is half an hour per day of internet exposure to Warren's writings).
1.18. Lie #18. Sjöholm quotes the 'deprogrammer' (who remember has never met a single NCCG member) as implying that members of NCCG are so controlled that they take no interest in anything except the 'sect' itself and that this is "a technique that NCCG is applying" (NTW ¶17). This is complete and utter nonsense and is partially exposed in my complaint to NWT (Doss.Sec.D, ¶B4, pp.2-4). An interview with any of the members of NCCG in our cooperative or elsewhere in our congregations would have revealed a tremendous diversity of personal interest and activity including the pursuit of secular education at universities and colleges without any sort of 'control' whatsoever. We encourage our people to be knowledgeable, to examine all sides of an argument (which is why we post contrary opinions on our discussion boards), and to apply logic to their reasoning. Half an hour studying some posts in our main online Bulletin Board would have established that beyond all doubt. Since it is acknowledged that NTW employees are monitoring our group, they have no excuse.
In the context of mind control and undue influence, it is typical for the cult leader to say things like "You are free to leave whenever you want", but in reality, the cult member is terrified to leave due to the conditioning received. This appears to be the case with NCCG.
1.19. Lie #19. Sjöholm quotes the 'deprogrammer' who insinuates that we "undermine people's free will" (NWT ¶46). The truth of the matter is that we teach and practice that freedom of choice is one of the most important cardinal principles of life and should be defended at all costs (see #1.18 above). That Sjöholm could get something so fundamentally wrong demonstrates his total lack of professionalism and skills in investigative journalism
In his long "letter" to Gustav, Warren actually did not answer the most important questions posed by Gustav, provided useless, out-of-date character references, did not provide contact information for any Indian charities he had worked with, and even lied about things which Gustav had already researched. Much of the letter did not, in fact, contain information that was useful in his investigation.
2.1.1. My own letter (Doss.Sec.B) to him in response to his printed list of questions (Doss. Sec.A) which he has selectively summarised to suit his particular bias. He does not, for example, include any information on our humanitarian work in India over the last 16 years (C, p.3) or our belief in absolute free agency and choice (M, p.5 - cp. #1.18,19 above), the latter of which is critically important to our beliefs relative to the accusations that are being made against us but which the journalist wishes to hide;
These comments by Warren are primarily an attack on two reputable professional in the known professional field of cult exit counseling, Mary Alice Crapo and Rick Ross. Factoids (invented facts believed to be true because of their appearance in print) are referenced in the "endnotes" as excuses for his attack against the two professionals.
2.1.2. An American woman called Marie Alice Crapo (née Chrnalogar) who has never met me or a single member of our church or community, has unknown and/or undeclared academic or legal qualifications (NWT 45-46, 66), who has supposedly attempted to 'deprogram' one of our 'members' (who is in fact, not a member at all and has no formal association with us of any kind - see #1.1 above), and who supports and is associated with, by her own admission and as reported by NWT, a criminal organisation called the Rick Ross Institute (NWT 66) whose founder has been successfully prosecuted for fraud, kidnapping, and abusive behaviour [See Endnotes 2, p.11, esp. Part D on p.19]. I have shown in #1 above that most of the things this 'deprogrammer' has said are lies (see #1.4,5,6,11, etc. above);
The parental sources are not anonymous, despite Warren's implication that their not being named in the article damages their integrity as witnesses. Furthermore, Warren is even aware of who these parents are. This is a two-for-one lie on Warren's part. They are unnnamed in the newspaper article as journalism sources, which is typical for articles of this type.

Warren attacks the parents of the affected young people in this writing, using factoids (invented facts believed to be true because of their appearance in print) as some kind of basis for these attacks.
.1.3. Unnamed and unnumbered 'parents' with unknown ethical or moral background of unnamed and unnumbered children allegedly 'brainwashed'. The statements of alleged parents have been accepted uncritically and there is no evidence that these parents been subjected to the same criteria of examination as I supposedly have. Indeed I have information on two parents that suggest they are psychologically unbalanced themselves which is reported in my letter of complaint to NWT (Doss.Sec.D, B5.3, p.5). He fails to point out the many documented cases which may be read online where parents have been involved in the kidnapping and physical and psychological abuse of their own of-age children, including assenting to sexual molestation, with the help of 'deprogrammers' because they violently disagreed with the new beliefs of their children [See Endnotes 2, Parts B1-2 on p.17]. There is one extensively reported case of deprogrammers, with the consent of parents, violently trying to 'deprogram' a lesbian to 'turn' her into a heterosexual through repeated rape [See Endnotes 2, Part C on p.18]. There are numerous documented examples of parents involved in violence with 'deprogrammer' cooperation which demonstrates that parents' testimony cannot just be uncritically accepted. In many cases the parents are the ones who show definite signs of paranoia, often fuelled by 'deprogrammer' misinformation and scare tactics, remembering the 'deprogrammers' make a lucrative trade out of easily frightened parents (some charge up to $30,000 per case). Sometimes it is obsessional control by parents who won't allow their children to grow up. Additionally, many victims of 'deprogramming' have been forced to make confessions under extreme psychological and/or physical duress reminiscent of the practices of the secret police of some totalitarian nations. These victims have later withdrawn their forced confessions when placed in a free enviornment. None of this is reported by Sjöholm;
The creator of the "nccg_concern" web site is being referenced, and as has happened in other areas of Warren's writing, I am being represented falsely as a hacker and so on.

I am completely named, and completely accountable, for my web site and the legal means by which I gathered my source material. From my perspective, it seems that "everybody" knows who I am except for Christopher Warren himself. He is being deliberately left in the dark because of concerns for my personal safety.

The accusations made against me are false, as before (see false.html for others).

My web site was not the primary source of information for Gustav's newspaper article. Gustav did his own research, and in fact it is obvious that this is the case by comparing the nccg_concern web site with the text of the written article.

2.1.4. An unnamed American 'researcher' (NWT §37) with an unconcealed atheist background and contempt for religion, who runs the only anti-NCCG website on the internet that appeared earlier this year at a time when our work in exposing an underground network of satanic ritual abuse was coming to a head. A professional investigation into his website, which will be published in due course, reveals that he is not an 'independent' investigator but is being 'fed' information, most of it false, from outside sources who have been collecting unsubstantiated and unprovable rumours from the internet. We also have evidence, which will likewise be published, that recently this material, which, apart from our own website, is the primary source of material of both the so-called 'deprogrammers', Sjöholm and the secretive author of this anti-website, is being obtained illegally from hacked E-mail and Internet Messages (IM's) which may then possibly be re-written. Much of this material has been used latterly to fuel the suspicion, fear and paranoia that this anti-website is deliberately and maliciously creating. It should be stressed that the researcher remains unnamed and therefore unaccountable and refuses to be identified. Considering this is the primary source of the slander being aimed against us, this should be born in mind. As we shall also show, the author of this website, whilst using pseudo-scientific language, almost certainly has no professional qualifications or experience to make an authoritative analysis on something as complex as a large group of people with an extensively developed philosophy of life which Sjöholm seems to have little or no understanding of.
No information
2.1.5. Unnamed persons from our local village (who have no complaints against us);
No information
2.1.6. Charlotte Hartwig Lundh, the local Lutheran vicar (NWT 43-44) whom he either misunderstood or misquoted because he tried to paint a false picture of the cooperative and it's supposed 'isolation' with her alleged words, which I exposed fully in my complaint to NWT as being quite absurd in the light of all our photographed social contacts (Doss.Sec.D, B4, pp.2-4);
The aforemention home school has been operated against the instructions of the local Arvika Kommun for at least the past 2 years. Warren has been ordered to take his school-age children to the  public school in Glava, but has been breaking the law in not doing so. There is no possibility of a legal schoolteacher position for school-age children being available at NCCG's compound. These facts can be verified by contacting the Arvika Kommun (+46 57 081600).

"nccg_concern" was not a source regarding homeschooling.

This is also a personal attack on:

  1. an official with Swedish Immigration (as though Warren has a direct window into this person's mind and can judge why this person came to the conclusions they did),
  2. the parents of a minor child whom Warren attempted to solicit as one of his wives.
2.1.7. The Information Officer at Swedish Immigration (Migrationsverket), Inger Lagerström who, influenced no doubt by the misinformation supplied her by Sjöholm, went and understandbly concluded that the job offer made by us to a trainee teacher was "confidence trickery" (NWT 27). We see from this how the tangled web of misinformation and lies cooked up by the anti-NCCG website and the anonymous suppliers of its misinformation, the twists and misinterpretations made on our true beliefs giving the impression we believe and practice the opposite of what we actually do, have led a great many lives being damaged, including the refusal by Migrationsverket, as a result of Sjöholm's biased journalism, to grant a residential visa to the trainee teacher concerned who has set her heart on being involved in homeschooling, and who was made to say things she has never said because she is being kept under house arrest by her paranoid parents (NWT 26) and will probably be subjected to the abuses of 'deprogrammers' quite soon

section 3 is repetition
The photography was done in broad daylight, in the afternoon. The photographer had expressly been denied better access to the property, despite NWT having asked for this access. The "sinister" look was a result of the NWT photographer photographing the buildings from a location off of the property, through part of the vegetative barrier that surrounds almost all of the area.
4.2. "Your journalist could have taken an ordinary full-frontal picture of our house in daylight instead of going deep into the surrounding woods at twilight so that the house, barely visible, was obscured by dark trees and deliberately made to look sinister (see picture above). We know your reporter* could have done so because he drove up close to the house and photographed the banners over our front door. Instead, he deliberately created a 'mood' to match the false atmosphere he conjured up in his article". [*This was an unintentional error on my part - I meant 'photographer']
Old pictures are of much less value for newspaper journalism than new ones, unless they are intended for historical documentation
4.3. By comparison, the photograph below (p.8) shows an ordinary daylight shot of my home which is what the hundreds of ordinary people see on a typical day, which stands in sharp contrast to the propagandistic image taken by NWT's photographer. This is taken from an internet site run by me which Sjöholm would have seen if he had checked up the references I gave him.
What we have actually is a giant pile of nothing.
4.4. You have before you, therefore, clear evidence of intentional psychological manipulation of the readers by the photographer and the journalist who, with premediation, have shaped a false view of myself and NCCG, based on uncritical examination of sources, and created a photograph, with specific lighting, background and mood, to 'match' the artificial construct in the text. PON is referred to our online website which has many pictures of my home inside and out as well as to the photography made by an honest photographic journalist from another Swedish newspaper (Värmlands Folkblad) of our homeschooling programme (
NWT was on site and agreed that the compound is accurately described as "isolated." I also have evidence of this.
5.1. There are a great many factual errors in the newspaper article by NTW which could, and should, have been corrected by now (Doss.Sec.D). Simple and obvious errors about our being "isolated", which can be checked up in a matter of minutes, should at the very least have been corrected while PO/PON has been examining all the other allegations of dishonest journalistic practice I have made.
Warren is pretending to be the "hurt party", when in reality, nothing like this occurred.

#6. There has been a complete violation of my right to "privacy" and, as I shall demonstrate, there are no legitimate grounds, based on the violations of #1-5 above, for claiming that such a publication was in "the public interest" or that there was any need for "public scrutiny" (§I.7, Respect individuals privacy).

    6.1. This section is concerned in establishing what is legtimately in the "public interest" as far as my privacy rights are concerned in the light of the material provided in the sections above. Kersti Söderberg of PO states in her letter of 4 July 2006: "Common interest motivated an investigation into the movement's [NCCG's] activities."
    6.2. In view of the information which I have provided, the question must be begged: whose interests are being served by the publication of the newspaper article? A discredited 'profession' of 'deprogrammers'? Certainly, though they have been dismissed in the USA, they stand to gain from such publicity in Sweden where there is money to be made. The professional career of the journalist Sjöholm and his newspaper? Certainly, Sjöholm will acquire notority and the newspaper he works for will presumably get increased circulation. And the satanists, who are concealing ritual abuse, theoretically stand the gain the most (whether you believe they exist or not) by a campaign of defamation of one of the principal opponents. What of the readership of NWT and the public in general? The public will have been misinformed and believe lies about myself and our small church which will be stigmatised in the process. The journalist, photographer and NWT have compromised the standards of the journalistic profession in Sweden and brought it into disrepute. PON may be assured that neither I, nor fellow members of NCCG, will allow this injustice to stand but take matters to the highest authorities in the EU and UN if corrections and a public apology are not made by NWT. It is only a matter of time before the writer of the anti-NCCG site is fully exposed and the true motives revealed showing what some of Sjöholm's ultimate sources are.
Warren has not presented evidence of these statements about himself. All he supplied were a few character references that were mostly too old to be located.

One of these references was able to be contacted, and that reference indicated that Warren had misreprepresented his role with his/her organzation in a way that made him sound more important and respected than he really was.

#7. In the light of #6, it is evident that "careful consideration to the harmful consequences that might ensure for persons if their names are published" has not been given as "the public interest" has not been established (§I.15, Be cautious in publishing names);

    7a. "A newspaper should not publish unofficial charges affecting reputation or moral character without opportunity given to the accused to be heard: right practice demands the giving of such opportunity in all cases of serious accusation outside judicial proceedings" (U.Tennessee, §VI.2, Fair Play).
    This section is concerned with the harmful effects caused by the NWT newspaper article both to myself, my reputation and my career, and the integrity of NCCG.
    7.1. Quite apart from the harm done to my reputation and the reputation of other NCCG members and our organisation as a whole, wrong impressions have been created at Migrationsverket whose decision-making processes have been negatively influenced for applicants wishing to migrate to Sweden for shorter or longer periods of time to assist us; moreover, our local kommun has, we believe, been adversely influenced in the decision-making processes affecting the homeschooling that we do, and our good relations with the local villagers will also have been damaged to some extent, especially with those who do not know us.
    7.2. It is quite obvious that anything but "careful consideration" was given by the NWT editors and journalist Sjöholm of the "harmful consequences" that might ensure for myself as evidenced in particular by the initial list of questions sent to me by Sjöholm (Doss.Sec.A). It should be obvious as you look at these 20 questions (where such cult-associated words as "compound" (Q2) are used, where it is implied we practice "polygamy and slavery" (Q12), where is is implied that to join NCCG you have to "move to [live in] the 'compound'" (Q15), that we are a "dangerous and destructive sect" (Q18), that a "deprogrammer in America has the same opinion" (Q19)) just what the agenda and influence is, and that those making the allegations (a so-called 'deprogrammer', some understandably hysterical parents influenced by an anti-website full of misinformation, etc.), and some with psychological issues of their own, have already been believed a priori.
    7.3. This is not a small matter. I am a professional man with a high standing in the communities I have worked in in England and Norway, known and respected in the international milieu in Oslo, including the embassies (Doss.Sec.E) I am not only a pastor but also an academic, educator and writer, as well as having responsibility for orphanages abroad and looking after old people in our cooperative (the medical staff of the local kommun and vårdcentrala know us all very well because of this work we do, and respect us for it).
    7.4. I retired in 1999 owing to illness and therefore live a very quiet lifestyle. The Folketrygdekontoret for utenlandssaker in Oslo, which pays my sick pension, reiterates in its most recent letter to me of 2006-07-11, that it is important that I have a "stress-free environment around" me. I retired in 1999 because of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia owing to a high-pressure job as a teacher and department head (working from 0800-2200 four days a week) and commuting between Norway and Sweden at weekends. I previously led a very active life. The reason that I appear to have a 'low profile' is because I am ill and don't move about much, not because I am trying to 'hide' something as the journalist accused. But then he was not really interested to find out the truth, was he? He could have spoken to my doctor, Dr. Arnór Egilsson, and found out if he had wanted to.
    7.5. I repeat, ours is an open cooperative, local people (non-members) come and go all the time and have access to who ever they want, whenever they want. If PON wants to come and meet us and see for themselves, they are most welcome, but it will understand as a result of this gutter-press article by Sjöholm why, (a) I was suspicious of Sjöholm when he sent me his list of questions and why refused a direct interview, and (b) why we will never welcome him or NWT to our home again.