NCCG Critics : Critical review of NCCG at 'Tekton Apologetics Ministry'
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From: Dutchservant  (Original Message) Sent: 1/25/2006 1:15 PM
I was happy to find some reactions on the NCCG-investigation by a cult-watcher at, which I recently found myself. When I started reading it, my adrenalin was raised for a moment, but then the misinterpretations of concepts like 'soul-ties' and the like along with the denial of SRA etc. quickly eradicated any credibility for me.
I'd like to point your attention to another critical review of the NCCG appearing at 'Tekton Apologetics Ministries' which can be found at
They don't take the NCCG very seriously - up to the point of ridicule and slander - and pick out some topics of NCCG-theology that they regard as unscriptural and/or nonsensical. It's too bad the tone is rather unsympathetic, because in my opinion they do bring forward some points worth discussing. There's a link in this review to a former article dealing about the NCCG's vision of the Holy Spirit being female ( which offers some interesting counterarguments - unfortunately, again in a rather condescending tone.

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 1/25/2006 3:58 PM
Yes, I had come across this article a while back. We tend not to respond to articles that are condescending, sarcastic and cynical as this one as I do not believe that those operating under such a spirit are very inspired.
The link to their female Holy Spirit article is broken but I was able to locate it here:
I don't propose to go into a detailed rebuttal of this article mostly for want of time other than to point out some basic truths about Gender that are hard for anyone to refute:
1. There is a distinction between literal gender and metaphor - of course - and we highlight this difference in, for example, how a man can adopt 'female' positioning spiritually by submitting to Yah'shua as part of the metaphorical bride which is obviously not literally female since it is composed of men and women;
2. No one disputes that Yah'shua was all-male (organs and all) and that He was in the image of His Father (not an hermaphrodite Parent). Nevertheless He adopted a 'female' positioning to His father as a submissive son. Nevertheless the Father also 'nourishes' and is likened to a mother hen. Father's nourish too. That have female qualities, as would be expected, since they have both a male X and a female Y chromosome, and the Ruach was made from the Father.
3. The Ruach (Spirit) is a female personage. The Pershitta makes it clear that "SHE (the Female Perssonage), the Ruach gives testimony" (Rom.8:16). Ruach is female gender always in Hebrew and Aramaic.
4. The critics of our view of Hochmah (Wisdom) claim that Wisdom always points back to Yah'shua. Well of course ultimately that is true - indeed, ultimately-ultimately all points back to the Father. The Ruach bears witness of the Son, as She is supposed to, and the Son points back to the Father.
5. The real agenda of Tektonics is the defence of a preconceived, Catholic-inspired all-male Trinity doctrine which compells them (to defend it) to reduce all the feminine to metaphor only. What else can they do? The spirit that drives them is, I thing, a chauvanistic one.
6. And what about the 'spirit of fear', even the 'spirit of chauvanism' (were that to be biblical)? The ruach (spirit) of something is a breath of something, the life of something, and the life or breath behind fear, lust, etc., is demonic - demonic entities or personages. So what of godly 'spirits' or 'ruachs'? They are clearly from another kind of Breath or Ruach, namely THE Ruach - the Ruach haQodesh, our Heavenly Mother.
7. Finally, I make no apology for having seen Her, nor will I apologise for others who have seen Her too. The fact that the cynical intellectuals of Tektonics don't seem to have theophanies and are forced to hide behind Catholic-inspired problems does not make me envious of them, but rather to feel sorry for them. The intellectuals, devoid of real Ruach, will always appear to be 'wise' and reinterpret scripture to fit into their pre-conceived (and Babylonian-derived - as Heslop demontsrates) doctrines. So I will not lose any sleep over people demonstrating spirits or rucahs of darkness - they have simply proved to me that they are driven by what they know not.

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 1/25/2006 4:08 PM
For a good arctile on the Ruach's gender by Moshe Koniuchowsky, see:

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From: MSN Nicknameu33sun Sent: 3/28/2006 12:35 AM
here's the link to the second part of the sermon:

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