NCCG Critics : Methodologies and Tactics of Satanists to Destroy Reputations
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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator  (Original Message) Sent: 5/10/2006 5:18 PM

Methodologies and Tactics of Satanists to Destroy

Reputations and Break Down Communications


The nature of our ministry - that of delivering abuse victims from a very secretive and influential network of underground criminal organisations with people in high places - means, inevitably, that you become the target of rumour-mongering, gossip, and outright defamation. We know of many people, not of this ministry and including humanists concerned about the welfare of their fellow man, who have been falsely accused on trumped-up charges for crimes they never committed in order to get them out of the way when attempts at debunking their research work on these organisations have failed. Satan attacks on many levels and fronts, both overtly and subtlely. In the very extreme cases people 'disappear', vanishing without trace, or are apparently the victims of 'accidents' (road 'accidents' are the most common). Using state-of-the-art technology and having inside knowledge and control of computer systems and the information highway, through bribery, threats or placing their own people in key positions, the flow of information is not only controlled and monitored but not infrequently corrupted with a view to incriminating and blackmailing or threatening ministers into silence. Anyone who comes anywhere near disturbing the dark conspiracy (itself debunked by their own specially hired spin-artists) is usually set-upon most viciously.

The Purpose of this Article

The purpose of this short paper is to state the policy of this ministry with some examples from our past on how, and how not, to answer maliciously-minded critics. It is important to understand how these people use secular psychology to manipulate both those they are attacking and those whose ideas they are trying to influence their accusations with. Bear in mind that the most effective way to incriminate someone is not by means of outright lies - which most honest people can spot - but by a mixture of truth and lies with a preponderance of truth. Since the truths can usually easily be verified, giving the impression of reporting accuracy and impartiality, this lends credibility to the lies which are carefully sneaked in or to certain facts subtly twisted and emphasised out of all proportion. The written word is notoriously open to multiple interpretation because of its lack of emphasis and inflection. Thus the sentence, "You are a liar" can be understood differently depending what you wish to stress: (a) You are a liar; (b) You are a liar; (c) You are a liar; and (d) You are a liar, whilst sounding similar, do suggest different things.

Appreciating Change

I have been in the ministry for twenty years now and the landscape of both our theology and missionary drive has changed considerably. In the early years we were more or less ignored because what we taught, though strict and 'radical' (by liberal standards), did not rock any particular boats and because our presence was so tiny and we were virtually unheard of. In those days the only people we really upset were the Mormons for it would be true to say that we very much homed in on them as potential converts. And though we are still a very small group (only several thousand strong, unlike the early days when we were less than a hundred), our internet presence is large and has made a major impact, giving the (unpremeditated) impression (because we clearly state we are small) that we are larger than we really are (even this, ironically, has been used by critics to accuse us of dishonesty, as if an internet site's size ought somehow to be scaled down and made proportionate to the numbers of members). However, even that has not been the point of controversy that has provoked the recent backlashes: the greatest criticisms have really only come in the last five years since we began our deliverance ministry and we, as a result, inevitably came across the most wicked and depraved of all groups, the satanist covens whose survival depends on the utmost secrecy and whose criminal activities are therefore vigorously protected by all means. However, the earliest 'causes of complaint' were, and still are, the fact that we are 'small' and therefore 'unknown' in the sense we are not to be found in every town like the Lutherans or Pentecostals - much like the first Christians were viewed with suspicion amongst the Talmudists of Yah'shua's and the apostles' day.

The Earliest Critics and Their Modus Operandi

It is hard to say what exactly provoked the earliest backlashes but included in the list would almost certainly be our belief in the possibility of more revelation (with all its attendant risks, which we acknowledge), our challenge to all the 'traditional' credes but for the Apostolic, our acceptance of polyagmous minority groups in Africa (principally Kenya) and elsewhere, and our belief in a strict separation from worldly values and family-centredness in a world where family structures are not only being eroded but positively destroyed. There will always be people who have gripes and there will always be people who think they have a religious or polictial mandate from heaven or from that mythical and mystical entity called the 'state', to weed out 'suspicious', small and new groups. It's the way of human nature and it's always likely to be around. People don't like change, innovation or challenge as a rule (particularly not from a small minority) - anything that challenges the status quo or rocks the boat is always vigorously opposed by those who have an interest in the status quo and who accordingly derive status, power, wealth and prestige from it. They need not be a small élite like the Scribes and Pharisees but can include the broad masses who have been duped or brainwashed into supporting and idolising the élite.

Attack the Shepherd, Scatter the Sheep

The principal targets of such groups are invariably the leaders and, inevitably, their founders: "strike the shepherd and the sheep scatter" is the familiar addage. It is not long before groups whose doctrines are theologically disjunctive with the majority belief system to have their leaders critically (and supposedly 'objectively) psycho-analysed. To be sure, there is plenty of subject material for the psychologists amongst the Jones', Koresh's, Smith's, and others, not to mention the psycho-analysts themselves who more often than not are more disturbed than the objects of their criticism. When I left Mormonism I read a number of books and articles psycho-analysing the Mormon 'Prophet', Joseph Smith, such as by Jean Brodie, and each and every (usually contradory) conclusion of these historical 'analysts' was graded and heavily influenced by the school of psychological thought they adhered to. It is the same with the Muslim 'Prophet' who has been 'diagnosed' as epileptic amongst other things. They may all be interesting hyotheses, but hypotheses they remain, and people will always colour those they hate or fear in the strongest possible dye so as to divert the critical eye from themselves, in their consciences knowing (or denying/suppressing) the cosmic truth that "in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you" (Matt.7:2, NIV). Every critic must live with his or her conscience and answer to the Divine Judge.

Greater Complexity Than is Admitted

People are complex inner universes of multiple motivations and impulses which they barely understand themselves which is probably why Yah'shua counselled people to think twice before attacking the character of others. Yahweh's Torah states that if an accuser falsely accuses, then the accuser shall be judged and punished for the crime that he has accused his victim of. Little wonder that Yah'shua warned people to hestitate before judging.

It is possible to selectively isolate samples or incidents from anyone's life and assemble a theory about that person. But take the different groups of materials and try to make coherent sense between them is at best dicey and at worst futile if you don't even understand the workings of your own inner mind and heart. You just have to look at the analyses of Bibical characters by atheists to know that you can impute virtually what you like on anyone. Obviously someone who does not believe in prophetic visions is going to try to prove that such a person is mentally ill and delusional. We know the fate of believers in the former Soviet Union whose final destiny was often a psychiatric clinic. So people will 'anaylse' others based on all kinds of assumptions and belief systems and you will never find across-the-board agreement. In examining any critic's analysis of another person and religious movement it is therefore vital to find out just what his own belief system is, whether he actually lives it or is only acting it out (like the Pharisees of yesteryear) and therefore through what interpretive lens he is seeing the world. This is one reason why the evolutionay and humanistic proponents of 'higher' Biblical criticism rarely agree on anything and why there are as many theories as there are critics. That alone should make people stop short and question the objectivity of such analyses, and whether, indeed, ultimate objectivity is possible in an existentialist universe. And it is existentialist to the existentialist since their morality is not based on any absolute truth but on the shifting mores of humanistic society and thinking.

As Many Interpreters as Interpretations

Whoever you may be, you will inevitably intepret and come to conclusions about people and belief systems based on your private spiritual or intellectual lenses, itself a complicated thing based on hundreds of factors but including education, emotional perception and life experience. You may even find some of them very disturbed people indeed. Therefore as a basic rule one must know the assumptions upon which a critic's world-view is based. It is no accident, I feel, that our latest critic refuses to identify either himself (or herself) or his belief system, andf that he is supplying his information to a 'cult-watch' group run by a Jew (Rick Ross) who has classified all Messianic Jews as 'cultic' simply' because he believes that it is immoral to evangelise and recruit Jews to Christianity simply because he doesn't like Christianity (not that's bias in the extreme)! We know nothing about him. We are simply being asked to believe in his method of analysis and interpretation, presumably based on the fact that his verbage appears to be intellectual and sound.

Two Approaches to the Critics

We for our part approach all criticism from two angles. The first is the Biblical, which we maintain is absolute truth, and we use this against or in defence of those who also maintain they are 'Bible-believing Christians' or Messianic. Against the rest we use plain logic and demonstrate (as it is is easy to do) that all other judgments are relativistic and must therefore be seen within the context of the belief systems and intellectual and philosophical humanistic judgments of a pluralistic society which (though a contradiction of terms in my view) is nevertheless the one we live in in the West and must deal with. It is easy to demonstrate that the critics coming against us out of this milieu do not uphold, and are defective in, their own professed standards of morality and judgment. And using this system of 'morality' (if one can even call it that) it is possible to 'demonstrate' that we are 'defective' in our turn. The result, though, is to simply prove that everyone is defective and that for the system to survive, our mutual defectiveness must be accommodated or even embraced. And it is here the hypocrisy sets in because everyone knows, deep down, that they believe that theirs is the only system they believe and whilst they profess tolerance (in order to be politically correct on the surface) they would rather that the other belief systems were disproved and eliminated, and indeed set about doing this unconsciously and before long their real prejudice reveals itself as they become more and more overt. They are double-minded and hypcritical. We who believe in the absolute truth of Torah and the New Testament have a much easier task being single-minded and truthful since we don't play mind games like they are forced do in order to 'balance' the contradictions.

Thus we have this total contradiction in the neo-pagan liberal system we have which on the surface professes acceptance of Christianity provided that that Christianity does not claim to have exclusive truth (i.e. they only accept neo-pagan or neo-humanistic liberal 'Christianity'). What we have in reality are two categories of belief today in the liberal neo-pagan mindset, namely those who are all-inclusive (the 'good' guys - like New Age, Hinduism, Buddhism, liberal Christianity etc.) and those who are exclusive ( the 'bad' guys - Islam, Orthodox Judaism and conservative Christianity and Messianism). In the new paradigm the latter are, by psycho-gibberitic analytical claptrap, being classified as 'cultic', 'dangerous' and 'anti-social'. (I am not saying that orthodox Judaism and Islam are not potentially 'cultic'. Merely that they are defined as being so by the liberal mindset because they claim exclusive truth. The point is they are not the exclusive truth as they maintain).

It is important that we become aware of this trend and understand that the drive is to force people to accept that there is no such thing as absolute truth and to classify those who believe there is as dangerous cultists. That is the underlying current we must constantly keep in focus when answering critics for we need to know what their position is on the nature of truth. Most, I dare say, adhere to the occultic view that everyone is their own truth and that to claim exclusive truth (as Christ did) is in some way indicative of a cultic mentality. (Of course those who make this exclusivity claim in fact believe in lies may indeed be said to be cultic since by definition there can only be one absolute truth).

The Dishonesty of the 'Scientific' Priesthood

Now I am a graduate of Oxford University and I worked in a research laboratory for a year, preparing academinc papers along with my collegues. (If anyone wants to see mine, I have a copy of it here, and it is available in the Oxford University Biochemistry Department archives. It is entitled, Biochemical and Physiological Studies on Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase in Beta Vulgaris Leaf Discs. If you do read it, be warned - it is not exactly a Nevil Shute thriller and unless you are a dedicated academic who has an interest in the biochemistry of plant wounding, it will probably send you to sleep).

The theses of my fellow academics were carefully crafted in spotless English and in the expected academic style. But beneath the seeminlg unassailable and impeccable veneer of scholarship there lay a word that to the outside world is largely hidden. Squabbling, in-fighting, feuds between researchers, fiddling the data, ignoring data that contradicts cherised theoretical positions, stealing other people's work (plagiarism), and much else besides lies behind much of what was, and is, prepared in academia. The 'academic priesthood' has its own filthy hands. Moreover, you can only get funding for what the élite want you to study which means, amongst other things, that research critiquing Darwinism is always turned down, as was my proposal for a postgraduate thesis when I applied for a grant at Cambridge University. Likewise, try to publish anything challenging the evolutionary golden calf in an academic journel and you will never be heard. You might say that the secular priesthood has become its own mediaevel autocratic 'Roman Catholic theocracy'.

Many of the people in this ivory-towered world know this but the inner workings are largely shielded from the outside world. These academics, with their white laboratory robes (and remember, I used to wear them, including the fancy black ones with colourful capes and mortar boards of worldly prestige of the University itself), have become the modern atheistic priesthood to whom the ignorant masses (who are, incidentally, not taught much logic in school anymore) are supposed to admiringly bow down to and impeccably trust in every judgment relating to the known universe as centuries ago was expected of the Roman Catholic religio-political machine.

Things are not always whats they seem to be. We do, after all, have a century of propaganda experience behind us, refined and broadcast by fascists, communists, and various religionists. It's surprising, in fact, the more you dig, just how little truth there is, the facts being massaged and rearraged to promote the agenda or presidential reign of the day. And the art of political spin-doctoring, a phenomenon of the late 20th century, perfected in the USA and now imitated worldwide, is in full swing now. We live in a world of crafted illusion. But inevitably the crafters claim to be the puveyors of truth. Today's illusion-builders are undoubtedly the Illuminists and Satanists who have passed through the state schools of espionage and military warfare: they get the best kind of 'education' that both honesty and dishonesty can buy. Because their tools are supernatural (demonic), their lies are highly intelligently and skillfully crafted. So it takes experienced intellectuals (and not a small amount of bravery, when one's life at stake), who know about the invisible realm, to stay one step ahead of them and expose them.

Of course there are honest people (thank goodness) and those who would like to be (but who are duped for lack of data and/or analytical skills, but who can be re-edutaed with a little patience, willingness and investment in time). And with some basic truths under your belt, it is possible to expose much of the lying and deception that goes on these days. For those who believe in, and accept, divine inspiration, there is the spirit of discernment; for those who do not, there are basic principles of logic that can be applied. As believers we appeal to both as two separate but complimentary streams.

Examples from the Past

Throughout my two decades of ministry I have been accused by a good many people and have, naturally, taken steps to defend myself and our ministry in general. It is not always possible to ascertain the motives behind such attacks though some have been plain enough. We have, at various times, had associations with other ministries and tried to work together. One of our ministers was recruited by one such ministry and offered a poisition of leadership because of his experience andf their shared interest in a particular doctrinal field. In time, though, the terms of his appointment were quietly changed (without him always being informed) as the ministry evolved, and the initial freedom he had been given to express his own opinions (in a charitable spirit where there were difficulties) was at length curbed. He was expected not only eventually to slavishly agree with the one in charge but a demand was even made that he remove his very excellent webpage as a gesture of solidarity so that the public would not have to go to multiple sources, thereby supposedly making the public witness more effective.

When our minister tired of, and left after, this treatment, several followed with him, justly criticising the authoritarian and dishonest methodology of this ministry. Not long afterwards, our whole ministry came under 'scrutiny' with an appointee being delegated by him to check our historical claims, speak with former members, and even pry into our bank accounts and private lives. The accusation was levelled that we were a money scam and not at all living what we preached, and only interested in dishonestly obtaining funds. And even though not a shred of evidence was ever found, let alone published, to substantiate the claims, no apology was ever issued, leaving the gossip to multiply unchecked. This man's ministry has since flourished but at the expense of truth and honesty and my own reputation. He is in Yahweh's hands to do with as He pleases and we don't concern ourselves about him or his dishonest methods. He has his own conscience to live by.

Another man used to go around the various internet chatrooms claiming that all my academic qualifications were a fraud, that I had never been to Oxford University, and that my Masters Degree was bogus. I have sinced published all my certifications on the internet for all to see. This man never did offer an apology or retract his lying accusation and there are doubtless many, who do not want to investigate the truth, who still believe him and who are still spreading gossip.

Finally, a group of Lutherans banded together many years ago and accused me of being a pervert because we supported, amongst other things, the rights of Kenyan Christian polygamists to continue living their lifestyle in the face of opposition by the traditional denominations (Catholic and Anglican/Presbyterian, who ironically and hypocritically accommodate the practice thsemselves in this and other Third World countries on condition that their newly baptised polyagmous parishoners do not expand their families further - other violently split the families apart and cause much suffering and impoverishment). By selectively taking materials from our website out of context and selectively photocopying extracts from stolen letters quoted out of context, they attempted to convince my employer that I was a dangerous man who, by virtue of my position of responsibility as a school teacher, should be dismissed 'for the safety of the children'. Fortunately, by employer, who knew me well over many years, smelled a rat and simply dismissed the whole matter without further ado. It was an unpleasant and distatasteful experience but served the purpose of strengthening my resolution not to be intimidated by such dishonourable people. Only when I threatened the people concerned with legal action for harrassment did they finally desist, but not before one of them had threatened to come and beat me up. Amusingly, the day he was to set out on his wicked appointment, the kitchen of his house caught fire and was burned out, forcing him to remain at home and leave me to go home unmolested. The same people attempted to take me to court, have me deported from Norway, put me in prison, and have my children seized by Social Services. Needless to say they totally failed in their evil attempts, Yahweh warning me ina dvance in vision of their wicked designs.

I have been accused of many things since, which do not merit documenting or commenting on, because of their distasteful and malicious character and self-contradictory 'evidence'. Perhaps the worst rumour that was spread (by the man claiming I never went to Oxford University), without a shred of evidence (because there never was any) was that I had got an Australian hitch-hiker pregnant (who never existed, incidentally), dumped her, and that she had returned home and committed suicide after a severe bout of depression. The accuser, whom I have good reason now to believe is a satanist, then proceeded to tell everyone how he, a medical practicioner (actually, he has some New Age 'qualification' to be some sort of Chinese Taoist herbalist) had devoted his time consoling the distraught parents of the hapless girl and had devoted his life to getting me into prison. The spin was good, no names were ever given or evidence presented, those who did not care for evidence swallowed it, and the rest dismissed it for what it was: a vicious yarn with the sole purpose of defamation.

I fully expect a new wave of 'stories' to begin circulating following recent encounters with the satanist covens who have been spectacularly defeated. We recall the encounter by Elijah with the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel, a scene similar to which has repeated itself in our day amongst us. The response of the main enemy of the prophet, Queen Jezebel, was to turn to a second strategy - the law of the land - which she sought to manipulate and twist to strike fear in Yahweh's servant. Though initially turning tail and fleeing, he at length returned and witnessed Jezebel's humiliating and gruesome death, which had been foretold by him. Whatever the strategem employed by the wicked, the result is the same. They will be exposed and destroyed by Yahweh Himself.

However, if you are not one who believes in God or the miraculous, as the majority in our neo-pagan culture do not, then obviously talk of the supernatural means little. In terms of the desired result, which is the truth about the activities of these covens who are the main instruments of persecution, accusation and criticism, it actually does not matter, since you don't have to believe in God and demons to be revolted, and acknowledge the barbarism and evil of, ritual torture, rape and murder which the covens habitually practice. Anyone caring to seriously investigate the claims we make will, if they can get past the spin-doctoring of these perverts, soon discover the reality, or make an early trip into the next world. We also have the testimonies of the victims themselves whom we have spent years helping, without cost, I might add, for we never charge for our services. It is not difficult to disprove the accusations that we are raking in money like some cultic groups because we provide all our written material and prayer services free and live very frugally. All tithes go to the local congregations since our people are too poor to support headquarters, and so we expect nothing of them.

continued in Part 2

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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator Sent: 5/10/2006 5:19 PM

The Current Campaign

Ever since we started becoming involved in deliverance ministry and working with SRA victims we have become aware that our email, IMs and telephone conversations were being monitored. One 'investigator', whom we believe may well be a satanist, has started a website called 'NCCG Concern' which is making an 'investigation' for the secular Rick Ross anti-cult organisation (the one who thinks converting to Jews to Christ is 'cultic activity'). One or two snippets of information have been funnelled to him (or her) through hacking into MSN and Yahoo IM conversations, deliberately planted by us in private conversations, to see if we were being monitored. So the 'investigator' is either himself involved in dishonest practice (i.e. he is a criminal in the eyes of the law) or is being fed information by the satanist covens or other dishonest persons. They monitor all their people who show signs of trying to escape the covens - they even have bogus deliverance ministers to whom they nudge their potential escapees towards who are coven members and who reprogram them through hypnosis, enabling the victims to be recaptured and placed back into the cycle of torture should they actually physically escape.

On one occasion I hinted to someone I was IMing on Yahoo telling him I was on my way to the airport to Moscow to assist the escape of an SRA victim in Russia. The coven response was immediate and they had a man monitoring me in a car parked by the roadside. He was there all day because when I returned from town on what was, in fact, a shopping trip, he was still there, and when he saw me returning I could see him angrily cussing. We know our phones are tappened and email read too so there is actually no privacy online - hacking into email and IMs is an easy task which, as one satanist told me once, does not require someone with the 'brains of a rocket-scientist' to do. She was impersonating one of my clients after the covens had tried to persuade me that she was dead - they often rig fake deaths (usually car accidents) to make their people 'disappear' (and even arrange fake funerals). Since she was sympathetic to the plight of my client, she shared some insider secrets - and though a lot of material of this nature coming from covens is premeditated misinformation, there are genuine sympathisers who want to help and be helped. Most are prisoners of satanism against their will. So be aware: online chats are not private.

Within the last 24 hours of preparing this article, emails have been sent to members of our online groups to warn them that we are a 'cult' and to visit their 'NCCG Concern' website which we have linked to our own main group and made some preliminary comments about. To read about this, join NCCG Cyber Community and find the link at 'NCCG Critics'.

It is also important to realise that satanist spin-doctors pose online as being benevolent informers on people like ourselves. They are not amateurs and know now to make themselves credible by actually supporting or contributing to Christian websites that are trying to expose genuine cultic groups. In this way they gain credibility and respect. They even have people purporting to be exposing satanic cults but who circulate information that is already known (and is therefore harmless) about satanism, and sufficient misinformation to get people off the covens' trail.

I am so much reminded of the 'philanthropic' work of a drug baron in Pakistan who started and financed a drug rehabilitation centre in Karachi for the very people his organisation had got addicted in order to gain credibility and respect in the war against drugs as well as to get inside information from the police on their operations against his own drug syndicate. One should never underestimate the cynicism of the enemy. Satanists have heavily infiltrated the universities and academic institutions (they are especially fond of psychiatry), medical profession (where 'accidents' can happen and be carefully covered up - one of our own people was poisoned this way with wrong medication here in Sweden that resulted in his kidneys being destroyed, leading to a premature death), the police (who, when called to investigate satanist crime, can either tip the covens off in advance of an impending raid or dismiss cases as 'lacking sufficient evidence' to prosecute), and other authorities. This gives them a feeling of invincibility and often leads them into rash actions owing to vain confidence. They have infiltrated the local municipality here and use their road workers (for instance) to monitor us when needed. However, Yahweh is greater than all of this and their efforts are ultimately in vain.

NCCG Policy in Smear Campaigns

We believe, first and foremost, in holding the higher moral ground and not responding on the enemy's conditions. He has a large armoury of devices which people need to be aware of, most of which play on gullibility and manipulated conscience. Two things need to be born in mind when the enemy lauches smear campaigns:

    1. The Law of the Land
    If the enemy has been monitoring your telephone conversations, IMs, and emails, or has otherwise broken the law in order to get private information about you (such as snooping in your property, intercepting snail-mail, hacking into computers to read private files, etc.) then he is de facto a criminal. And our policy is not to trust, let alone listen to, a criminal, but expose him. We know that even supposedly 'concerned' people employ private agencies who use criminals for this purpose. That makes them, ipso facto, criminals themselves, by association, as any court of law will tell you. So check out what illegal activities accusers have been involved in, or their sources.We do not have dealings with criminals, period.
    2. The Moral Ground
    We do not need to defend what we know to be right from scripture and refuse to accept the paradigm that you are 'guilty until proved innocent'. That may be the practice in some nations like France but it is not the case in most countries and is certainly not the Biblical one. A man is innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, who is to judge him, and on what grounds?

It is possible to waste a lot of valuable time defending oneself against malicious people. As Christians we are commanded in Scripture to redeem our time. Hostile online groups have been formed against us in the past and we could have wasted lots of time defending ourselves there if we had wanted to. There were so many distortions, lies, false witnesses and fabrications that it became obvious to the honest there that there was little or no integrity amongst the moderators who werre pursuing a hostile agenda (they refused to discuss accusations with us just like the current critics - they also had their spies and moles in our groups so we answered them there as we do today). Even when false reports were demonstrated to be fabrications, they continued to be left posted and uncorrected, which destroyed the credibility of the managers of the hostile groups. We saved these posts for illustrative purposes. The groups simply folded up as people got less and less interested in them. 'Negative' groups, who seek to attack and not to edify, who are proven to be gullible in accepting false witnesses because their whole drive is to attack rather than pull down, tend to be self-defeating. Honest people tend not to be drawn to such groups and so decent Christians should stay away.

In the past when I have asked my critics (who claimed to be Christians) to show me the true way by witnessing of their faith if I was wrong, so that I could repent and change, have almost always refused, demonstrating that the salvation of my soul is not their object, but its destruction. They were actually invited to join our groups and were offered generous posting rights. They never accepted, even when we offered to make the groups public for the purpose. Their agenda was plain for all to see.

Gossip and Tale-Bearing

One of our ministers wrote a short article about tale-bearing or gossipping which is sustained in general by this ministry and which I reproduce here as it still reflects our current policy:

    The relating of the personal secrets of others without their express permission is not permitted. Talebearing dishonours the people in question, creates distrust, and weakens the fellowship. Posts containing personal details of people that they would not wish revealed in public will be censored.
    Leviticus 19:16a, You must not go up and down as a talebearer among your people
    Proverbs 11:13, A talebearer reveals secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit conceals the matter.
    Proverbs 17:9, He that covers a transgression seeks love; but he that repeats a matter separates friends.
    Proverbs 18:8, The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.
    Proverbs 26:20, Where no wood is, there the fire goes out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceases.
    Tale-bearing so very rapidly disintegrates into slander for which there are very serious consequences spiritually. Such can cause long-term or even permanent damage to relationships, precipitating domestic conflict, divorce and aborted romances. This is evil (1 Tit.5:13). Private, domestic relationships and their troubles (and all relationships have troubles) do not concern the public domain or even other concerned Christians (2 Thes.3:11) but the parties themselves and the pastoral counsel that has been appointed. Tale-bearing and slander put stumbling blocks before believers' and unbelievers' feet alike (Lev.19:16).
    This kind of activity is one of the hallmarks of the last days (2 Tim.3:1-3) and must be reproved and corrected by responsible Christians and especially those people in ministerial positions (1 Tim.3:11; Tit.2:1-5; 3 Jn.9-10). What tale-bearers and slanderers actually do is to prevent themselves from inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven (Gal.5:19-21) and actually merits them being cut off (1 Cor.5:11; 6:9-10). Though they may pay lip service to authority they are not infrequently full of contempt for it (Jude 10-11, 14-16).
    If you come into contact with tale-bearers and slanderers, it is your duty to ignore them and break off all contact after warning them that what they are doing is harmful and unchristian. Anybody who repeats private family matters to others, without their consent, in this community will be warned to desist. If they continue they will be thrown out.
    This community has previously (before detailed rules of conduct were established) witnessed such activities as well as their destructive effects. The mistrust and divisiveness which it breeds simply harms the Body of Christ and reduces what is a sacred and holy principle - marriage - into a soap opera for the entertainment of carnal man. We will not tolerate that here. Furthermore, those who take delight in such things, and who regard these things as theatre or entertainment are not welcome here.

In regard to private family life we refuse to comment on principle because it is nobody's concern, and especially not malicious parties. We particularly find it obnoxious when personal intimacies between husbands and wives are published after hacking because this is nothing less than the spirit of adultery. What apsses between husbands and wives in the romantic realm is, as far as we are concerned, their marriage bed, which is holy and sacred. We won't even repond to romantic or sexually explicit material, assuming it is even genuine, because this makes what is holy into pornography. Therefore we rightly view such people as adulterers and pornographers who as far as Yahweh is concerned are under a spiritual death-sentence.

It must be remembered that it is extremely easy to doctor evidence - emails, IMs and even pictures can be changed and digitally altered. We have advanced beyond the crude falsification of pictures (for example) that characterised old-fashioned film (a classic is one is one in which Trotsky has been removed from a picture with Stalin following Lenin's death on a speaking platform in order to boost Stalin's position - Trotsky was later assassinated in Mexico by Stalin's henchmen. It's easy to spot such fakes but nowadays the art is very sophisticated along with forgery in general. Just look how complicated modern banknotes are). So if people come a long claiming to have in their possession private logs and conversations which were hacked, simply dismiss them as criminals and perverts and refuse to see what is offered you privately or what is published online. We will - and I hope you will also - simply refuse to comment on such material.

Throughout my ministry accusations of financial and sexual misconduct have frequently been made, these being the most popular in attempts by the enemy to discredit Christian ministers. I mentioned the imaginary Australian hiker earlier. I have been accused of wife-swapping, pedophilia, bigamy, and other things that I won't even bother mentioning. You can be quite sure that the enemy will try to do so again. Since we know the truth, we have clear consciences, and can categorically state, in Yah'shua's Name, that we have never behaved immorally in the sexual realm and been true to biblical standards. I have never commited fornication or adultery, and never will, as Yahweh is my witness. More than that we refuse to say.

We have had demands made that we audit our church accounts and we would indeed have audits were there any funds to audit. We have no objections to publishing our church bank accounts from time to time. Indeed, the banks publish an årsoppgave or Yearly Statement for taxation purposes which we would be happy to make available to honest parties. We have two accounts in Norway listed under Nye Pakts Kristne Fellesskap (New Covenant Christian Fellowship) and Den Nye Pakt (The New Covenant), both former names of NCCG because the authorities would not allow us to change our name. Occasional donations and loans are made privately which are invariably in the form of small sums. Individual congregations and metropoles are responsible for the auditing of their own accounts as they are autonomous. This is especially so in India who get their own funding. We do not monitor their activities.

It is well known that we spend more than we receive and that we cover most of our costs from our own pocket. And as for allegations of sexual misconduct, quite frankly we have no intention of reponding to such slander. Our home life is private, consistent with biblical practice, and can be attested to by the many who know us and have stayed with us. I make it a rule not to discuss my family life with anyone but close friends because I consider this private, and I frankly couldn't care less if people rail and rant about that. This is the same position maintained by all our ministers and members. We consider marriage sacrosanct and will not open it to public scrutinty to dispell the lies of those with evil-intent. This, incidentally, includes our polygamous families in Kenya and elsewhere who practice a lifestyle a lot of people hate but which is wholly biblical and none of anyone's business. Thus we have an unapologetic policy of not discussing our family life by neither affirming nor denying anything. To protect polygamous families in Africa we do not affirm nor deny the lifestyle they practice where in such countries they could get into trouble after a positive affirmation. (This is not a problem in Kenya but in some countries where Catholic 'morality' prevails - former French, Belgian, Spanish and Portuguese colonies - they have to be circumspect).

We counsel all our people to follow the same policy. It's your moral right to protect your families. Furthermore, it should be clearly understood that nobody is under any obligation to comment on something, or defend yourself, just because someone else says you should. Yah'shua remained silent many times when He was falsely accused. The manipulation of people's consciences such as claiming that a dishonest person always remains silent should be dismissed for what it is: a half-truth. Liars frequently remain silent, it is true, but that does not mean that honest people have an obligation to 'tell all' to simply clear their name. Realistically, there will always be evil people in this world who, if they can't destroy your reputation, will at least try to waste your time and energy by getting you to defend yourself by taking you away from your calling as a minister, family man, or employee. We have higher obligations than to satisfy the insatiable demands of perverse or malicious parties.

May I also remind our people that we owe nothing to those who act dishonestly or illegally. If someone came to me and accused a fellow brother by presenting me hacked material from emails or IM conversations (for example), I would refuse to look at it, because a hacker is, by default, a criminal. You can check MSN and Yahoo Privacy Policy to know the legalities of such things. The Bible says that for a person to be implicated in a crime there must be at least two witnesses who are fellow Israelites (i.e. not just any Tom, Dick or Harry). There are plenty of satanists posing as Christians. They run whole churches, thousands of them, and have done so, in many cases, for many generations. Just because someone calls themselves a 'Christian' or a 'believer' does not make you or I obligated to treat them as fellow Messianic Israelites or to be answerable to them. And to remove the accusation that it is possible to cover up by limiting yourself to your own people, let it be known that we are a part of a Beit Din of Messianics based in the USA consisting of many different Messianic groups worldwide who resolve inter-fellowship disputes and who carefully check the credentials of anyone bringing forth accusations. We frequently consult one another when smear campaigns are launched against our integrity and share information about known criminals and dishonest activists.

The Torah requires that accusers make themselves known and have their credentials and honesty checked. The 'investigator' of groups like 'NCCG Concern' are highly secretive, using the excuse that if they reveal who they are, their lives might be threatened. The excuse is weak and cowardly and totally non-scriptural. Such people always prove to have secret agendas and should be reporved and shunned.

We welcome honest criticism made in a spirit of Christian charity as those who are members of our online Groups know. I allow myself to be criticised and have on more than one occasion retracted and apologised. But I don't allow railing accusation. We are all human and should be as transparent as the safety of our families allows. In the matter of doctrinal belief and practice, we are totally transparent and there are no 'secret practices' as we have been accused of. People may ask what they like in our online groups and expect a straight answer.


NCCG is not liked, as is plain, not usually because of our theology or the personalities of our people, but because we are ministering to the most abused people on this planet, the cast-aways no-one wants to know about - the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. We are disturbing a sinister underground movement which most people would rather not know existed because it is so unbelievably evil. The presence of tens of thousands of violent sadists, many of them in high positions of government and in 'respectable' professions in society (politicians, lawyers, judges, doctors, teachers, etc.), who stoop to the most depraved activities on a constant, daily basis just upsets the proponents of such humanistic and religious doctrines than man is basically 'good'. It disturbs people's conscience too much and upsets their safety zones. They'd rather not know that those who are not fully surrendered to Christ are, in fact, capable of the most inhumane barbarity owing to the carnal nature in all men and women (and, yes, there are women fully involved in the covens).

Funnily enough one of our persecutors from about a decade ago actually likes me a lot since she has got to know me but she has never apologised for persecuting me because I converted so many of her family away from her own tradition. She comes and visits us whenever she wants to and knows we are a happy fellowship and close to Yahweh. But because she loves her traditions more that the truth, she still refers to Yahweh as 'our god' and insists hers is different. She's right, of course, even if her reasons are somewhat immature. She is, I have to say, the exception, though. Most remain entrenched in their bitterness and won't 'agree to disagree' and get on with life. I fell sorry for them.

We're anticipating hacked and faked IM's and emails to be 'published' in the immediate future. When they are, remember how they got them and don't assume they're genuine whatever data they may publish showing IP addresses and the like. Remember, anything can be forged. If people like Joseph Smith can make up an entire history of a nation and theology (with demonic help) called the Book of Mormon, then don't put it past people to make up imaginative conversations using real live people. This also goes for 'recorded' telephone conversations. I remember being shown an audiovisual website recently in which President Bush was making speeches and saying things he never said in real life. The editing was clever and seamless. Using sophisticated computer programs, it is possible to make up imaginary audiovisual conversations by using the word prints taken from from genuine taperecorded conversations. Science has become sophisticated. You can never be sure what is real these days unless you were an eyewitness yourself, and even them some eyewitnesses have agendas and can be untruthful, as we know from those who falsely testified at Yah'shua's trial.

May Yahweh bless you in your pursuit of truth and shalom. We are ourselves moving on to continue with the Kingdom mandate and hope you will join us. Amen.