NCCG Critics : Faked University Certificates Next Perhaps ...?
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From: MSN NicknameCommunity_Moderator  (Original Message) Sent: 7/27/2006 9:47 PM
I have heard it on the grapevine that some of those critics out there (no names, no pack drill) are now trying to prove that I never graduated from Oxford University and that I forged my own graduation certificates. I should mention that a satanist spread that rumour about a few years ago in a bid to discredit me and never provided one iota of evidence, for indeed such was impossible.
Should such an allegation ever surface, I should point out that I have nearly every single lecture note, essay, test, text book, final exam sheets, laboratory notebook, thesis, college battel, bursary letter, that I ever had when I was in Oxford (because I am somewhat of a squirrel), including my academic robes, diaries, hundreds of photographs (including my receiving my degrees at the Sheldonian Theatre), club documents, etc.. Not only that some of my tutors and lecturers are still alive and at Oxford (though some have retired or moved to other Universities), and of course there are all those who knew me at Oxford, including college and university peers, all of whom can vouchsafe for me. Friends who were with me at College are today newspaper editors (supreme irony), bankers, industrial consultants, university lectuerers, teachers, and the like.
For those of you new to this group and are perhaps somewhat bewildered by this thread, I should just point out that there has been a concerned effort to discredit myself and this ministry in the last few months through various means. Though the whole business has been distasteful and distressing at times (as anyone would feel were they subject to such relentless attack, and for no just cause), as a Christian I do know in whom I am trusting and also know that the truth will prevail and be vindicated, that this ministry will not stop because of a few misguided people (mostly angry atheists and satanists, though my mentioning the latter is usually the occasion to accuse me of 'paranoia' - so be it). So if you are bewildered, this is the reason.
Upon the sound counsel of many good friends, I have decided that I will simply leave this matter be and resume a full focus on the ministry, and eventually remove the bulk of this sub-board. No matter what I say will, in any case, be twisted and used in a negative context. None of them have ever said one positive thing about me which must either mean I am the devil incarnate or they have exceedingly sick minds.
Grace and peace in Yah'shua.

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