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Warning To The Family
In March, 2006, The NCCG cult perpetrated a hoax in which Christopher C. Warren portrayed a large, physical "attack" being made against the cult compound. This attack was supposed to have involved many "satanists" physically approaching and surrounding the compound, using pickup trucks as a means of transportation. God is reported to have killed most of the "satanists" involved, leaving only piles of ashes for their bodies. The pickup trucks that would have been left behind by the pulverized satanists are not mentioned. Warren's small children are evidenced as having been participating in the beliefs about the hoax.

Throughout this "attack", Warren continually updated a message board thread within his groups.msn.com/nccgcybercommunity cult web site.

Ini reality, there were NO missing persons reported to the Arvika police department nor the Varmland regional police during the days the "attack" occurred.

There was a follow-up "attack" in May, but it was less dramatic.

The message board thread is included here. I highlighted some areas of the text in order to aid readers in skimming the document.
"NCCG Critics" message board archive
Christopher Warren originally had a message board named "NCCG Critics" within the cult's groups.msn.com/nccgcybercommunity web site. The board eventually came to work against Warren's apparent intentions for this message board.Around the week of August 13, 2006, Warren deleted a number of threads and renamed the message board "Cults and Critics".

The original message board, before this mass deletion and renaming, has been saved here.

Complaints and rejections regarding
NWT newspaper article

Warren complaint #1

Rejection of complaint #1 by authorities

Warren complaint #2:

On June 10, 2006, A local Swedish newspaper named Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (www.nwt.se) published a newspaper article that identified and documented that NCCG was a destructive cult. Christopher Warren began a series of complaints to various press oversight authorities. His written complaints, and a rejection of one of the complaints, is included here.
Article 303 "SufferGrace"


Article 303 "SufferGrace" is a long document, one of hundreds Christopher C. Warren has written and continues to write. It is written in a rambling, somewhat disorderly way that can invoke a hypnotic state in readers.

A few short excepts from this document are included here. The excerpts address women's equality issues and paranoia about the Illuminati.