NCCG's strange beliefs and behaviors

This is an partial list of some of the stranger examples of NCCG beliefs that were indicated either on its web site or in communication with its members during the year 2006.

9 Giant Computers

There are 9 giant computers available to the Illuminati which will one day be made available to the Antichrist. These computers contain information about all individuals including their bank accounts, police records, academic qualifications, medical histories, and in the cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse victims, it contains information about the way they have been programmed, triggers, key words, and other things. These computers are linked by a complex network of media materials that contain the triggers themselves (source:


  • There is a conspiracy involving the Catholic Church, the PLO, and the Illuminati.
  • The Illuminati is pushing the world toward a one-government, one-religion state (source: 303Art-SufferGrace.html)
  • Millions of people have been scheduled for extermination by the Illuminati due to "standing in their way", and the extermination is already being done covertly (Source as above)
  • The Illuminati posess underground cities, and will retreat to them in the event of a nuclear war.
  • The Illuminati are overlords of the mainstream, "slave" society
  • The Illuminati are "terrified" about the possibility of a small war escalating into a nuclear war because this would end the slave societies that serve them.

Jews ( + Illuminati + the Protocols of the Elders of Zion)

  • The Jewish people are described as "a mostly non-Israelite, non-Hebrew, non-Semitic religious-cultural group that has acquired the status of a 'race'. This claim was made in one of the cult's privage messageboards ( "General" message board, "Terms used by the Jew or Isreal" thread, post #2, author: Christopher C. Warren). This message board is no longer active on the internet.
  • Jews play a major part in the present-day Illuminati (Source as above)
  • The Illuminati and the Jews have fulfilled, or almost fulfilled, the aims of the "Protocols" (believed to reference "the Protocols of the Elders of Zion" publication (Source as above)

Children born to unwed parents are cursed and contain demons

Children born to parents who are not "legitimately married" are cursed and contain demons. The curse lasts for 10 generations, and such decendents cannot join the "Assembly of Yahweh" while the curse is in effect.

The only way such a curse can be removed from an individual is for that person to be spiritually adopted by a spiritual father through "Theophostic" deliverance, like NCCG practices and offers.

September 11 terrorist attacks were due to America's "abominable sins"

The terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001 happened because America had its "protective cover" removed from it by God because of all of America's "abominable sins".

Furthermore, it was a warning to all Christians that they must quit all "Whore Churches" and join NCCG or the future manifestations of NCCG.

This was expressed in writing by Christopher Warren in an essay dated September 14, 2001, and was posted in their public message board on August 15, 2003. It used to be visible in the "nccgcybercommunity" MSN group section labeled "NCCG.ORG Updates".

The Roman Catholic Church is the "Whore of Babylon"

The Roman Catholic Church is the "Whore of Babylon" referenced in Revelations 17 - 18, and the corresponding city related to this is Rome.

Nefilim and UFOs

  • Belief in beings called "NEFILIM", described as hybrid descendants of fallen angels (called "watchers") from pre-Noah's time and human women.
    • A small number of Nefilim escaped the earth using their sophisticated technology and are living on Mars, and are currently visiting the earth as UFOs. Except for the few escapee Nefilim, most of the Nefilim and all of the "watchers" are imprisoned in underground dungeons. Nefilim are also described as "wandering our streets and look like you or I".
    • There are hundreds of Nefilim on the earth today, and at least some of them participate in the torture and killing of people within "satanic covens".
    • At least one NCCG member is stated to have personally encountered one that was "defeated" when he attempted to "destroy" a "client" of NCCG.
  • The "Grey Alien" reported in UFO abductee cases is "a hybrid Watcher-Human sub-species evolved over several thousand years since the Angel Revolt of Genesis 6."
  • There are no space aliens or outer-space based UFOs, just demons who would prefer for people to believe they are aliens. It is likely that Satan is using the concept of aliens and UFOs as part of his end-time deception.

The earth is between 7,000 and 12,000 years old

Warren discounts mainstream scientific rock and soil sample dating as contradictory and therefore inaccurate, claiming that when valid scientific data is considered, the earth is no younger than 7,000 years old and probably no older than 12,000.

Schizophrenia is demonic and can be cured by "Deliverance"

The demon that controls schizophrenia is called "Schizophrenia" or "Double-Mindedness". Schizophrenia is always initially caused by rejection (real or imagined), and the "control demon" for schizophrenia can be passed from parent to child (but is not genetically inherited). Demons can set up false personalities within the person.

Some of the material being presented by NCCG's leader on its web sites regarding this appears to be drawn from the book "Pigs in the Parlor, a practical guide to Deliverance, by Frank and Ida Mae".

Viewpoint presented: civilian deaths in Palestine as Palestine's fault

Christopher C. Warren is known to locate articles on the internet which support his world point of view and duplicate them within his message boards.

He appears to have done this in regard to the ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict.  The article effectively blames the Palestinians for an incident in which Palestinian civilians were killed. The complete message board post has been archived here.

Altered state of consciousness: "The Garden"

"The Garden" is an altered state of consciousness which is likened to being in a spiritual, fourth dimension.
It appears to resemble a highly suggestive or possibly hypnotic state where vivid visualization and suggestion is used. A cult member is told that he or she has to be in a very spiritual frame of mind in order to enter this special state of consciousness, and the ability to enter this state of consciousness referred to as being "able to get into the Garden". Recent, public writings by Warren that mention "The Garden" but do not explain what it is are referring to this. Prophetic revelations and visions can happen while experiencing this altered state of consciousness.

Several people can be in the same "Garden", using communication over the internet as the base for a cooperative kind of suggestive state. "The Garden" is used for a number of purposes within NCCG that appear related to brainwashing. Deities such as "Yahweh" and "The 7 Ruachs of the Elohim" can also be encountered in "The Garden".

Christoper Warren claims to receive visions and revelations directly from God

Christopher Warren bills himself out to NCCG members as being one who receives visions and revelations directly from God, sometimes in the form of dreams which are then later interpreted by him and other core members.

Warren has written down many of these visions and revelations. For the sake of brevity, only one example is shown below:

The following revelation was given to me by Yahweh in the form of a prophetic dream. It lasted for many, many hours and revealed clearly to me one of the most common human conditions and one of Satan's most common weapons against us. I am in awe of the magnitude not only of the deception but also of the bondage that the demonic hosts have devised with which to enslave mankind. This experienced followed a deliverance session I had the day before with a young and dedicated believer. More than that, though, was the fact that it was the same pattern I have seen again and again in so many people, and very typically SRA victims, those suffering from schizophrenia, and a multitide of other conditions.........

The dream began in a very strange world - strange inasmuch as it was 'unnatural' and unhuman. It was dull, vast, lonely, desolate. But it was not devoid of life. Throughout the dream I was with my wife who is also a deliverance minister. She had been working with another client whom I had asked her to take over as I was just being overhelmed by this sense of gloom as I saw the same pattern of darkness surfacing again in a never ending stream of blindness and self-contradiction - I just had to run again and get my mind onto something else. We had both gone to bed very much in the same 'spirit' of despair over the people we had been working with, seeing clearly their problems but unable to reach them no matter how carefully and intricately we explained things to them. For when you are in an illusion you are blind, and the only way a blind person can see is by having their sight restored to them, and the only way their sight can be restored to them is through faith in Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

There I was in my dream in this huge expanse. Behind a very tall metal fence, probably the height of about 10 persons, was this dull looking city consisting of one vast building. It was well guarded and looked like a giant warehouse. Curious as to what it was, I started climbing the fence on the outside to peer in. Naturally in so doing I alerted the guards and they were onto me in no time and yet simultaneously they seemed rather lazy and indifferent, which surprised me. In order not to be taken into custody I lied to them, telling them I wanted to report six men who were trying to get into the compound, but for some reason they were not that interested. These guards were, it would seem, half asleep, perhaps weary from their job, I cannot say. What was important, however, was that in climbing the fence I was able to peer in and 'see' what was going on. It was not a visual understanding I obtained but a conceptual one. This was a place where billions of RECORDS were stored - a vast warehouse of files.

I know where I got the image from too. When I left my wife to minister to my client, I sat down and started reading some Time magazines a brother had brought with him the day before. One article caught my mind particularly, about a Polish woman who had worked hard to liberate her country from the communists and had been an active supporter of the Solidarity movement which had eventually toppled the totaliterian règime. The article, amongst other things, showed a picture showing miles and miles of secret police records in this vast warehouse containing information about citizens which the communist régime had built up to control the Polish people. Similar though far larger amounts of records were found in STASI archives in East Germany too after that régime collapsed.

So here I was in the dream looking at this vast warehouse of records. It was depressing. I spoke with the commandant who did not seem at all perturbed that I had 'seen' what I had done so my lying, generated by fear of being caught, had been unnecessary. His was a very boring job indeed, guarding all these records about the negative things about millions of people. What he communicated to me was that what really mattered was a giant slave city far, far away from the place, and that that was well-guarded, because that is where the people themselves were detained.

Upon awakening and discussing this with my wife I understood that this huge warehouse was a symbol of all the unforgiveness that we hold against others. It is here that we try to hide it away for shame at what we have done. And yet deep down we want the whole system of unforgiveness exposed because it renders our lives dull, monotenous and boring. We try to keep things 'private' here, under demonic prompting, because in keeping all this material secreted away we are serving the demonic agenda. Unforgiveness is a killer. It is disasterous the soul and turns it into a desolate landscape. And it is the one thing that robs us of our salvation. Moreover, it is something that is very commonly done.

The cult encourages some followers to believe that they are receiving visions and revelations directly from God

Using communication over the internet, Warren encouraged and directed what "Yahweh" had told the women. He accepted without question some of the women's determinations, but told them to go back and double check with "Yahweh" regarding determinations which would have been inconvenient for the cult to follow.

Strong emphasis on Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

On several occasions, Warren and NCCG associates were seen to place a heavy emphasis on convincing female recriuts that

(a) Warren and NCCG associates have Multiple Personality Disorder, and
(c) the recruit herself has it.

The various "alters" are given names, and certain alters of NCCG members or Warren can be brought to the forefront to communicate with specific "alters" supposedly within the female recruit.

Emphasis on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and repressed memories

NCCG associates have been seen to indicate that Satanic Ritual Abuse (including torture and rape) by supposed "satanists" is relatively frequent, and memories of this abuse tends to be repressed. "Deliverance sessions" and "Theophostic sessions" as described below can be used to re-discover these memories. In reality, these recovered memories are probably what is known as false recovered memory syndrome*.

* False memories are therapy-induced fantasies masquerading as memories that seem very real to the person being treated.
They often involves accusations and allegations of incest, Satanic Ritual Abuse, or cult involvement.
See for more information about this.

Strong emphasis on "Covens"

Cult members indicate that groups of satanists known as "covens" are the active enemies of NCCG. Supposedly, these covens occasionally launch both spiritual and physical attacks against Warren and NCCG, and engage in the following:
  • surrounding the compound in the woods around the property
  • driving pickup trucks behind the property
  • sacrificing white rabbits around the property
  • follow NCCG members in cars
  • astrally projecting into NCCG members' houses
  • being killed by the power of Jesus (YahWeh) all over the world, including all around the property, and only piles of ashes are left where the bodies had been. After one of these incidents in which many "Swedish sataninsts" are supposed to have died, no missing persons reports were made for that day.
  • see warning-to-the-family-COMPLETE.html for an example of this type of thing.

"Deliverance sessions" with recruits that contribute to a controlling relationship between the "minister" and the recruit

"Deliverance sessions" can be held over the internet or telephone in which the recruit believes that demons are being made to leave the person. Various illnesses and behaviors may be indicated as being related to demonic possession, the appearance of MPD-related "alters", and similar things. The "Deliverance" itself is expected to occur at the end of the session, and the "Deliverance minister" looks like the hero to the recruit (coupled with the spirit of "Yahweh").

Among things noted during these "deliverance sessions" are:

  • an induced simulation or experience of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).
  • an altered state of consciousness called "The Garden" (which was described earlier). "The Garden" appears to resemble a highly suggestive or perhaps even hypnotic state where vivid visualization and suggestion is used. Several people can be in the same "Garden", using communication over the internet as the base for a cooperative kind of suggestive state. "The Garden" is used for a number of purposes within NCCG, only one of which is encountering deities such as "Yahweh".
  • Some of the most dangerously-involved members, including fringe members who are being groomed for core membership, believe that they receive visions and revelations directly from "Yahweh" (God). These visions and revelations may include information about the activities of enemy "satanists", among other things.

Christoper Warren claims to receive prophecies from God, and to predict the future.

There are many, many instances of this throughout Warren's writings. A few examples:

Claims to have prophesied the unification of East and West Germany,  in the Olive Branch section linked as This "prophecy" was made in March of 1989. Readers should note that this was several months before the event actually occurred.

Claims to have prophesied the breaking apart of Yugoslavia, referenced as Olive Branch section "NC&C 267:1-2" This "prophecy" was made in 1990. Readers should note that as early as March 1990, the country was already moving in this direction.

Prophesied that an imminent financial catastrophe was going to strike Norway in November, 1998. This webpage is visible via the "wayback machine" provided by I have saved this page as I found it at, visible at this provided link. Neither the catastrophe nor anything like it actually occurred.

Claims that, "eventually", the United States and Canada will unite into one country.

A discussion of false prophecies and false prophets exists on this page at prophecyindex.html.

Theophostic memory

NCCG practices a form of memory regression they call "theophosticised memory".  It is claimed that things a person cannot normally remember may be remembered this way. Some of the memories retrieved by this method by NCCG associates are suspected of actually being related to "false recovered memory syndrome". Excerpts of Warren detailing his own pre-birth memories follow, as seen in a document named A35:

...when I theophosticised back to my own memories of the womb I was at times able to see a feint glow and occasionally pin pricks of light at certain places. One thing I was immediatrly aware of when I started connecting to womb memories was how accutely aware I was psychically ... I seemed to have an intense awareness of what both my parents were feeling and experiencing. At one point during the experience my mind was just filled with vintage cars which was one of my father's passions when he was alive. Interestingly, I never had a particular like for cars when I came into the world and was growing up for reasons that will be apparent presently. I suppose my father must have been looking at a magazine or was at a show at the time because I saw all these pictures flooding into my mind. I was, however, disconnected emotionally from what he was experiences as a result, as it turns out, of a conscious decision.


As I was theophosticising with my wife, I encountered two traumatic expertiences. The first was experiencing the ungodly sex of my parents. I was intensely aware that it was impure even though it was entirely between them. Interestingly enough, the baby as a psychically-aware being is able to see pictures quite accutely though what he sees is not so much the real physical world but things as they are experienced emotionally. Thus when I experienced my parents in the act of intercourse, I was able to see a picture, but it was distorted rather as an image is distorted in a convex or concave mirror because it was not pure.


My womb memories seemed to have been of two types: the little that I could see with my physical eyes, in which everything was a dark twilight world, and what I could see psychically. Psychically the inside of the womb is a fascinating thing. It's like the inside of an igloo only the walls aren't smooth but made of thousands of tiny spheres like white styrofoam. Around this sphere are various entrances or doors along with other structures which I could not comprehend. 'Things' would come 'in' to ther womb environment. Through one portal 'something' came in which made me recoil with shock. I am not sure if I was aware of exactly what it was then, but using the data I now have, my psychic body was able to inform my brain while theophosticising that this was alcohol. I experienced it like a poison, for that is precisely what it was.

In another theophosticised memory I saw what loked like some etherial substance enter the womb environment and was again led to understand that this was the effect of smoking. My experience of this was definitely demonic because the next thing I was shown in vision was my umbillical cord. The cord, which I was seeing psychically, was transparent and through it was coming this luminous green sludge towards me. It was revolting to look at and it was coming into me. I experienced, first hand, what it is like for an unborn child to interact with poisonous substances (like alcohol and nicotine) and demons passing into my system from my mother! And I was traumatised. Add to this the ungodly sex they were having and you can imagine how I was in shock.


as the result of my experiences in the womb, I did not want to be born into the world, fearing what would await me there afterwards. During the theophostic process I experienced the beginnings of the birth. I could see and feel the contractions in the womb. The walls moved like waves - it was brighter than usual perhaps because of the hospital lights. I could feel the walls of the womb moving me towards birth. I did not complete the theophostic into birth but one thing stands vividly in my mind. I saw, waiting for me, a dragon belching fire. I knew it wanted to kill me and prevent me coming into the world.

Trend of "spiritual adoption" of recruits by the cult leaders: biological parents/family seen to be distanced by recruits

A consistent trend has been noticed for young recruits (18 - 25) to be "spiritually adopted" over the internet by NCCG leadership. Christopher Warren was observed to take the role as the recuits' "Dad", and Jannicke Larsen was "Mom". In all observed cases, the recruits distanced themselves from their biological family/parents as a result of NCCG contact and the new Dad/Mom relationship within the cult.

Ritualistic abandonment of "satanic" biological parents is possible, replacement with cult-assigned ones

As explained earlier, NCCG appears to induce false repressed memory syndrome in some of its recruits. The occurrence of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is one of the things which may be "recalled" during such sessions. In a document that addresses Satanic Ritual Abuse named SRA10, Warren references a particular relationship between a child and biological parents that was supposedly determined to be satanic. He describes a ritual in which a new cult member enters into a "covenant" with an elder NCCG member, specifically to renounce their parents and take the NCCG member to be their "adoptive spiritual parent". Their relationships with their father and mother (relationships are called "soul ties") are symbolically severed, and it progresses further from there.

Excerpts from this document follow:

a father is given certain legalistic rights by Yahweh-God. In addition to being a protector, it is his responsibility to guide his son or daughter into marriage and be her matchmaker. While she is a minor, he has the right, as her head, to enter into agreements for her...


It is the practice in NCCG to assign a spiritual parent to everyone coming into the New Covenant of Yah'shua. The covenants can be lifelong or open-ended (usually the latter), allowing either party to terminate the covenant when they want to. As the fathering side is particularly important, it is essential that the spiritual coverer is a married man with his own family into which the SRA survivor can be adopted. Ideally, he should be an Elder or a Deacon with proven family stability.


During my ministry I have formally adopted two survivors and offered them my covering and protection ... one of my spiritual daughters was actually in a blood-line to me. We were relatives. And whilst we are all related viâ Adam, the closer the line, the stronger the legal rights. ...once she had formally renounced her biological parental ties and given herself to me as my daughter and ward, it became possible to automaticaly dissolve every anti-Torah act that her father and mother had ever performed on her, thus saving a considerable amount of time and distress.


1. Dissolving Satanic Paternal Bonds
In the name of Yah'shua the Messiah and by the power of His blood, I [the SRA survivor] hereby dissolve, nullify, break, destroy and renounce the ungoldly soul-ties that exist between myself and my biological father and mother [give their names], and all satanic surrogate parents [give their names if known...They are no longer my parents. I also expell all demons that they have introduced into me as a result of these evil ties....

2. Adoption by a Spiritual Parent
Before adoption takes place, the nature of the adoption must first be discussed and agreed to...and the renunciation of biological parenthood took place (see #1 above) and we entered into mutual covenants. Here is a suggested joint-prayer for adoption...

3. Exercercising Paternal Rights in Further Deliverance
Once this covenant has been entered into, the father may then dissolve all ungoldly and anti-Torah covenants entered into by the ex-father and ex-mother. This I did with both my adoptive spiritual daughters. Since there are so many possible things that can be done under this umbrella, the following prayer is only one of many:

Dear Father Yahweh-Elohim, I come before You in the Name of Yah'shua the Messiah as the adoptive parent of [SRA survivor] who is now my daughter [or son] with all the rights and privileges given to me by Your Holy Torah.

4. Giving a New Name to an Adopted Child

"The Gathering" and NCCG's compound

Sections of the cult's web site indicate that the cult has been engaging in a "gathering" to NCCG's compound near Arvika, Sweden. The present-day compound near Arvika is supposed to be a pre-apocalyptic compound which will provide, among other things, training in how to do communal living. Later compounds will allow all of the future cult members (whom are expected to number in the thousands) to reside in specific, divinely-hidden locations together, living their lives in obedience to God, as independent from the rest of the world as possible while the destructive, "end-time" prophecies come true. Warren claims that the people living within the later generation compounds will be protected from the catastrophes that will occur during the end-time.

The information about this "gathering" is not easily found for a casual browser of the main website. The bulk of the information is presented in the private, cult-only chatrooms and on a few, non-obvious pages on the website, such as .

Warren claims that NCCG will eventually be comprised of 12 "colonies" which will have cult members living in them communally or semi-communally, and that this later stage of colonization will not be reached within his lifetime. However, the specific "gathering" he is emphasizing at this time is one to Arvika, Sweden.

The compound is called "Kadesh-biyqah", also referred to as "the first Proto-Firstborn Colony" by the cult. It is described by Warren this way:

"Kadesh-biyqah, located in the diaspora of the tribe of Ephraim (10 Tribes of Israel) in Northern Europe, and specifically in Sweden, is the beginning of the work of gathering the Ten Tribes of Israel and the establishment of miniature Patriarchal Christian communities whose purpose is to act as place of refuge from the surrounding culture and a spiritual community whose aim is to prepare disciples of the Lord Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) both for the coming tribulation and for the Millennial Order."

Physically, the NCCG compound is an old school ground that was last in service as a school in the 1960's. Christopher Warren lives at the compound with his wives, children, and a few other people.

At the time of this writing, they have refused to send their children to school despite past orders from the Arvika government to do so. They have been engaging their children in homeschooling using the "School of Tomorrow" (formerly known as Accellerated Christian Education) program. NCCG is attempting to be accepted as an official "homeschool" by the Arvika government.

Demonic physical manifestation, and influence over illnesses and children

Articles written by Warren have been posted in their messageboards and public web site which discuss demonic issues. Just a few of many examples follow:

In a document titled FAQ 04, influenza is discussed as follows:

If wasn't long before I was able to test my theories about infectious diseases. One night I was particularly unwell and nearly totally drained of energy. I started self-deliverance, took authority over the spirit of infirmity, bound it, and cast it out. A vision opened up to me and I saw what looked like a swarm of black flies - a huge cloud of them. I was immediately aware that these were demons associated with influenza.

 In a document named A35,Warren indicates that children can be affected by demons before they are born:

The Bible takes a very different view of unborn children which it regards as fully human. Even Satanists and demons know this which is why they curse their unborn as early as the first month following fertilisation...

In a document named A34, Warren describes other ways in which children can be affected by demons:

Children born out of wedlock, children of incest and other abuses named by Torah, are cursed and demonised, and only adoption by a spiritual father can dissolve these. To be an orphan is a curse and it has never been our Heavenly Father Yahweh's intention that there should ever be orphans, even when parents are killed.

In a document named A36, Warren claims that demons are able to manifest physically:

...demons do not naturally possess the sexual function. They certainly try to imitate it. By stealing the vast amounts of psychic energy released into the lower (first) heaven (astral plane in occultic jargon), they are able to empower themselves with the very function Yahweh denied them. At sundry times they have tried to circunvent the Heavenly Ban against them by, for instance, coming down to earth and posing as "gods". By plundering human psychic energy, they devote considerable time to storing it up in sufficient quantities so as to be able to effect some sort of physical materialisation - or at least an imitation of physicality. Thus they are able to materialise and dematerialise.

Also in A36, Warren claims many other things are directly associated demonic possession:

There are literally billions of demons associated with ungodly sex and they are amongst the toughest to get rid of. Most of them come under the demonic marshall called Bacchus (named for the Greek god of debauchery) whose legions are responsible for all kinds of additions: sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gluttony, rock music, etc.